On a Mission

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Eight stories, one mission to outer space. Follow the drama and hear voices from the InSight mission as it flies to Mars.

0:00 | Nov 26th

Every year, intrepid Antarctica explorers hunt for space rocks that have fallen to Earth.

0:00 | Nov 19th

What’s in a name? Whether you call it a planet or an asteroid, missions that explore small worlds are always exciting.
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0:00 | Nov 12th

Asteroids, ho! Pioneering space miners dream of Psyche, the largest metal asteroid in the solar system.

0:00 | Oct 29th

Unlike the dinosaurs, we have a space program. There are many ways we could steer an asteroid off its path towards Earth.

0:00 | Oct 22nd

If a big asteroid is heading our way, how does NASA prepare for the oncoming disaster?
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