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Lessons from B.C., as COVID-19 cases climb again

21:31 | Aug 21st

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B.C. recently hit its highest daily COVID-19 case count since the start of the pandemic, but the province isn’t going back into lockdown. The CBC’s Tanya Fletcher on why that is and what lessons that ...Show More


jennx recommended:Aug 25th

Some thoughtful lessons for folks living in BC, Canada

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mm recommended:Aug 23rd

We're experiencing a second wave where I am, but the government is allowing everything to stay open and not rolling back. Some interesting reasons on why.

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mcuAug 24th

@mm Really great episode. Quick but quite informative. Subbed to this podcast because it seems quite interesting! Great reco.

mmAug 24th

@mcu Yea! It’s The Daily of Canada!

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