Blocked Party

Stefan Heck & John Cullen

Twitter Genius/Idiot Stefan Heck and comedian John Cullen invite guests on the program to talk about the who and the how of getting blocked on social media. From celebrities to jilted ex-lovers, every block has a story and we’re here to get to the bo...Show More

1:17:44 | Feb 3rd

It's BP's Sweeps Month and Taylor Lorenz (New York Times) takes the beautiful lob pass we've thrown at her and dunks on one of Blocked Party's favorite targets, Lin-Manuel Miranda. We celebrate Taylor...Show More

1:19:48 | Jan 27th

Derek Estevez-Olsen (TruthPoint) joins us in studio for one of the best reaction moments in show history, as the #FunkoPopChallenge gets taken to an all-new level when John opens his Funko gift from S...Show More
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1:15:49 | Jan 20th

Christine Bortolin (improviser) returns for an episode that gets wild right out of the gate, as talk of the #FunkoPopChallenge goes sideways. John opens his first Funko Pop from a listener (and Christ...Show More

1:14:40 | Jan 13th

Gavin Matts (comedian) returns to deliver a double dose of D'Elia, though his block is a little more innocuous than Olivia Stadler's, as he tells Chris that another comedian is better than him. That's...Show More

1:20:52 | Jan 6th

Ellen Cushing (The Atlantic) sparks the wrath of one of the worst online fanbases despite being a massive Taylor Swift fan herself, as the fans show Ellen no mercy for a fairly innocent Swift take, an...Show More
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