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1:51:13 | Feb 25th

Today's Show: The Coronavirus is spreading across Europe into other countries like Iran (where there have been 16 deaths) and it is greatly affecting the stock market. Are you concerned about it becom...Show More

33:58 | Feb 25th

Big Papi is holding an estate sale with his wife this weekend and one of the items up for sale is their asparagus rug! VB thinks that is an odd thing to have in your house...we ask you what the odd it...Show More
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10:01 | Feb 25th

Today's Flash of Lightning features the story of what Mrs. Dash is going to be calling their product moving forward. Hear more here!

18:57 | Feb 25th

An incident occurred in East Boston where a mother and daughter were attacked for not speaking English. Incident aside, should English be adopted as the official language of America? What are your tho...Show More

32:57 | Feb 25th

The stock market took a dive this week all thanks to the Coronavirus spreading across the globe and infecting people and thus affecting business and production. Iran is now heavily affected by the Cor...Show More
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