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They Kiss at the End Podcast

They Kiss At The End

Jenn and Mallory break down your favorite romantic comedies...and a few you may have never seen. Do our leads walk through Central Park in the Fall? Do their kisses sweep us off our feet? How exactly does a journalist afford such a nice apartment? Yo...Show More

1:24:25 | Jul 2nd

In our musical finale, Jenn and Mallory are going out with a bang! We discuss the problematic anti-feminist classic, Grease, which still has amazing musical numbers. Since this is the end, we’re reviewing some of our fans favorite rom com kisses. Tha...Show More

1:23:18 | Jun 4th

We are butt crazy in love with Clueless. Jenn thoroughly discusses the comparisons of Jane Austen’s Emma and Mallory loves the 90’s nostalgia and lingo. This classic rom com still holds up and is always worth a rewatch.
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1:20:16 | Jun 18th

Hilary Duff is our Queen and Mallory’s already over Chad Michael Murray. Prepare yourself for multiple Gilmore Girls references and Jenn makes an absurd amount of rom com deep cuts. Also, we love Ducky and understand that he has nothing to do with th...Show More

1:01:27 | May 21st

Our love for Emma Stone knows no bounds and Penn Badgley’s arm look excellent in Easy A. This movie is more comedy than romance but we’re still here for it. Please enjoy.

1:13:23 | May 8th

This movie is incredibly important and our episode is too. Secrets, lies and ferris wheel kisses. Mallory sobs. Jenn has a TED talk. And we finally figure out how to describe Angus’s fur color with probably the most ironic fast food to movie comparis...Show More

1:15:37 | Apr 23rd

Jenn and Mallory brought in a special guest for a special episode, Jordyn! With a story stronger than Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows and Bill Pullman’s perfect hair, While You Were Sleeping is a wonderful vehicle to appreciate Sandra Bullock. This movie ...Show More

1:08:59 | Apr 9th

One podcast. Two friends. 27 Dresses. Jenn and Mallory gush on their love of James Marsden, who is pretty much perfect. Please listen. K thanks bye.

1:00:36 | Mar 26th

Have you ever wanted your romance novel to come to life… but with Michael Douglas? Follow along as Jenn and Mallory discuss how great Kathleen Turner is and why Danny DeVito deserves an Oscar for this adventure rom com classic. They also attempt to a...Show More

1:09:08 | Mar 12th

Ladies, have you ever wondered why a guy never called you back? Well, it’s probably because he’s just not that into you. Hence our new episode. Jenn and Mallory talk about bad dates, how horrible ScarJo is in this movie, and how much we ship Justin L...Show More

1:12:36 | Feb 26th

Hey y’all, Jenn and Mallory return to their southern roots to discuss one of their favs, Sweet Home Alabama. They discuss Reese Witherspoon’s cute boy dilemma - Patrick Dempsey in a turtleneck vs. the hottest guy in Alabama. Who will win, who do we s...Show More

1:04:38 | Feb 12th

Join us for our latest episode as we discuss the 2018 Netflix romcom, Set It Up starring Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs and their young, white assistants who help them fall in love. It’s a modern take on romcoms…. Or is it? Find out here!

1:05:40 | Jan 31st

Kate Hudson makes Matthew McConaughey wish he was dead...and we stan! Jenn and Mallory watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days so listen in as they discuss love ferns, smiling while kissing, and that infamous gold dress we all wanted to wear to prom.

1:05:01 | Jan 15th

Listen in as we discuss the ‘97 flick, “Fools Rush In” starring Matthew Perry and Selma Hayek. Jenn & Mallory bond over The Muppets, how perfect Selma Hayek is and how we’d improve this movie.

1:02:09 | Jan 1st

“My Best Friend’s Wedding” is the star of our 2nd episode ever! Will Julia Roberts learn a lesson or will she obsessively follow a guy she’s not really even interested in until he’s with someone else? Will Cameron Diaz ever be jello? We’ll talk about...Show More

48:22 | Jan 1st

Join Internet friends Jenn (of The Time Travel Trio Podcast) and Mallory (of Whats Up Movie Surfers Podcast) as they begin their journey into the rom com world, of which they both have a deep love. We’ll begin with one of the best rom com movies of a...Show More