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If you don’t know Butte Montana, you might have heard it’s one of the biggest toxic messes in the country. But now the “Mining City” is on the verge of sealing a deal that could clean it up once and for all. So how did we get here? What comes after S...Show More
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Richest Hill: Behind The Scenes With Butte Artist BT Livermore

09:34 | May 9th

We're hard at work on episode 4 of Richest Hill , and still covering lots of Superfund news in Butte right now. In the mean time, meet one of the artists who's contributed to this project behind the scenes. BT Livermore,"maker of things and provider ...Show More
Richest Hill Episode 03: First And Last Warning

35:57 | Apr 9th

In August 1917, Frank Little was the victim of a grisly murder in Butte. Little was a labor organizer who came to Butte to unify and radicalize Butte’s miners in their fight against the Anaconda Mining Company for higher wages and safer working condi...Show More
Murder, Frank Little, And Butte's Superfund Cleanup: What's The Connection?

01:23 | Mar 19th

Hey there loyal Richest Hill listeners, Nora Saks here. I wanted to let you know that we’re hard at work on Episode 3. Who was Frank Little? And what could his grisly murder more than a century ago possibly have to do with Butte’s Superfund cleanup? ...Show More
Richest Hill Episode 02: For The Benefit Of Mankind

31:18 | Mar 12th

At first glance, Butte, Montana's mutilated industrial landscape is often written-off as an ecological sacrifice-zone. Dirty, ugly as sin and regrettable, but necessary to supply the country with perhaps the most basic necessity of the Electrical Age...Show More
Richest Hill Episode 01: Butte's Precarious Arrangement

17:43 | Mar 5th

Richest Hill episode 01: Get to know Butte, Montana, one of America's biggest Superfund sites and one of Montana’s most compelling places. Richest Hill is a new podcast about the past, present and future of Butte, America, "The Richest Hill on Earth....Show More
Richest Hill Episode 00: Series Preview

01:53 | Feb 12th

Butte Montana is famous. It was at one time the biggest city between Chicago and San Francisco. It’s in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, and sits at the headwaters of the mighty Columbia River, which flows all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Butte boo...Show More