Inappropriate Questions

Inappropriate Questions

People are curious, and that's great. But there are some questions you just shouldn't ask—or at least not like that. Elena "#millennial" Hudgins Lyle and Harvinder "just a dad" Wadhwa break these questions down with guests who get asked them.
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Bonus Episode 2: Asked and Answered

15:19 | Mar 19th

Elena and Harv sit down with Rymn, Harv’s daughter, to answer your questions! Learn about their favourite podcasts, potential questions for Season 2, and what millennial slang Harv thinks he understands. Thank you for listening to Season 1 of Inap...Show More
Episode 6: "Why don't you have kids?"

27:43 | Mar 12th

People are curious about the choice to be childfree. Harv and Elena discuss it with Meghan Daum, editor of Selfish, Shallow, and Self-Absorbed: Sixteen Writers on the Decision Not to Have Kids. Sociologists Dr. Amy Blackstone and Dr. Kimya Dennis sha...Show More
Episode 5: "Why do/don't you wear a headscarf?"

28:27 | Mar 5th

Some Muslim women cover their heads and some don’t—either way, they get asked questions. Elena and Harv speak to writer and entrepreneur Mariam Nouser about her experiences wearing and not wearing a hijab. Journalist Amira Elghawaby tells us why she ...Show More
Bonus Episode 1: "How did we get here?"

17:29 | Feb 26th

You’ve met the hosts, you’ve met the guests, but what about the producers? Harv interviews the Inappropriate Questions team about their not-so-inappropriate origins. Hear how the project started, how Harv ascended to stardom, and some of our favourit...Show More
Episode 4: "Why don't you drink?"

41:35 | Feb 19th

Harv doesn’t drink alcohol, and he doesn’t have a problem with people asking him why. He and Elena speak to numerous guests to find out whether or not they think “Why don’t you drink?” is an inappropriate question. Along the way, there’s a lot to unp...Show More
Episode 3: "Can you have sex?"

28:49 | Feb 12th

People are curious about sex. They can be really curious about people with physical disabilities’ sex lives. Disability After Dark host Andrew Gurza joins Elena and Harv to talk sex and disability. Elena also calls up educator and paracanoe champion ...Show More
Episode 1: "Have you had the surgery?"

31:04 | Feb 5th

Transgender folks can get asked invasive questions about their bodies. Harv and Elena speak to student activist Robert Molloy. Also featuring trans youth mentor Danielle Araya from The 519. For more on our guests and to find our webcomic by JJ Doo...Show More
Episode 2: "What are you?"

24:22 | Feb 5th

Asking a mixed-race person about their background can get problematic. Elena and Harv welcome Rema Tavares, who founded Mixed in Canada. Also featuring educator Charlotte Henay. For more on our guests and to find our webcomic by Sara Lee, visit iq...Show More
Episode 0: Trailer

02:29 | Jan 22nd

People are curious and that's great. But there are some questions you just shouldn't ask—or at least not like that. Introducing Inappropriate Questions, hosted by Elena Hudgins Lyle and Harvinder Wadhwa.