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When the stakes are life and death, you'd be surprised at the lengths you’d go to survive. Pain, hunger, and fear can seem like paralyzing obstacles, but in the face of real danger, they’re actually what keeps us alive. ​Every week, we'll follow a di...Show More

45:35 | Jun 17th

After his diagnosis in 1979, accomplished jockey Bob Champion went through multiple rounds of chemotherapy, but his cancer still hadn’t been eradicated. He then had to make a devastating decision: undergo a quick radiation treatment, and lose the lun...Show More

47:55 | Jun 10th

As she climbed through the wreckage of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Alabama, Carolyn was relieved that she and her siblings had all survived. But four of her friends hadn't been so lucky.Parcasters - This week on Assassinations we cover an assas...Show More
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45:41 | Jun 3rd

A church is meant to be a place of peace, comfort, and community. But when a bomb exploded at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963, the house of worship turned into a house of horrors for 14-year-old Carolyn Maull.Sponsors!Da...Show More

49:59 | May 27th

While the Galeras Volcano was still spewing ash on the afternoon of January 14, 1993, two brave researchers defied all common sense and ventured inside the volcanic crater to rescue their trapped colleagues. Their risky move would lead to the surviva...Show More

42:37 | May 20th

Before their research expedition on January 14, 1993, Dr. Stanley Williams told his team of scientists that the Galeras Volcano was ‘tranquilo.” But the seismographs were telling a different story. Parcasters - Did you know that the Parliament of Vic...Show More

43:43 | May 13th

After crashing their plane in February 1963, they remained trapped for five weeks in the Yukon forest. The pilot, Ralph Flores, ventured out to find help, while Helen Klaben stayed behind at the crash site, left alone to face her greatest fear: the d...Show More

45:42 | May 6th

In 1963, an adventurous 21-year-old chartered a cheap private flight from Alaska to San Francisco. Shortly after takeoff, the plane tumbled down into the frozen Yukon Forest. To survive, Helen Klaban would have to weather the subzero temperatures and...Show More

43:35 | Apr 29th

After narrowly surviving shipwrecks aboard the Olympic and the Titanic, in 1916 Violet Jessop immediately got back to work on the third of the White Star Line's Olympic-class cruisers: the HMHS Britannic. She hoped the third try would be the charm. U...Show More

41:16 | Apr 22nd

As passengers of Southampton embarked for the RMS Titanic's maiden voyage in 1912, a crew member commented to a traveler, "God himself could not sink this ship." But a young stewardess named Violet Jessop wasn't so sure. She'd already survived a ship...Show More

51:54 | Apr 15th

After it devastated the suburbs of Oklahoma County in 1999, tornado A9 continued to wreak havoc across southern Oklahoma City. Meteorologists' worst fears were realized as the massive cyclone inched closer and closer to the downtown area. Parcasters ...Show More

45:20 | Apr 8th

On May 3rd, 1999, the people of southern Oklahoma County would brace themselves and pray, as they were about to have to try and survive the onslaught of the most powerful tornado in recorded history.Sponsors!Daily Harvest - Go to an...Show More

50:46 | Apr 1st

After climbing through the high-voltage fence surrounding Camp 14 in January of 2005, Shin Dong-hyuk was only halfway to freedom. He still had to find his way out of North Korea with no map,  no money, and no experience living in the outside world.Pa...Show More

45:17 | Mar 24th

Born inside of North Korea's Kaechon internment camp, where political prisoners and their descendants are sentenced to lives of starvation, torture, and hard labor; Shin faced a brutal life in confinement with no possibility of release. In 2005, he s...Show More

01:34 | Mar 11th

Look through the eyes of the world’s most resilient survivors; people trapped on sinking ships, captured in death camps, alone in the arctic wilderness. We’re with them every breath, as their self-preservation instincts are pushed to the limit. Survi...Show More