Asian Tech Leaders

Justin Pang

Learn from the most successful Asian leaders and how to apply their lessons to your life. Join host Justin Pang as he uncovers the inspiring stories from Asian leaders in technology.
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Emma Yang - Founder of Timeless

34:11 | Jun 21st

Emma Yang is the fifteen-year-old Founder of Timeless, a mobile app that helps Alzheimer’s patients stay engaged and connected to loved ones. In September 2017, Timeless was selected as the winner of the MIT Solve Brain Health Challenge and designate...Show More
Jimmy Chen - CEO and Founder of Propel

40:23 | Jun 14th

Jimmy Chen is the CEO and founder of Propel, a software company that aims to make America’s safety net more user friendly. Prior to Propel, Jimmy graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Symbolic Systems, and worked as a Product Manager at...Show More
Sobhan Etemadi - CEO and Founder of Sobie Systems

43:31 | Jun 6th

Sobhan Etemadi is the CEO and Founder of Sobie Systems, a Canadian-based startup that builds smart-product solutions using advanced sensor technologies for monitoring of residential HVAC systems. Sobie Systems’ current product, Everest, monitors the ...Show More
Xiao Wang - CEO of Boundless

44:13 | May 16th

Xiao Wang is the co-founder and CEO of Boundless, helping families navigate the complex legal immigration system more confidently, rapidly, and affordably than ever before. Prior to Boundless, he held leadership roles at Amazon Go, Providence Equity,...Show More
Karen Hao - Artificial Intelligence Reporter at MIT Technology Review

45:47 | Apr 12th

Karen Hao is the artificial intelligence reporter for MIT Technology Review. In particular she covers the ethics and social impact of the technology as well as its applications for social good. She also writes the AI newsletter, the Algorithm, which ...Show More
Eva Wong - Co-founder and COO of Borrowell

27:36 | Apr 3rd

Eva Wong is Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Borrowell, a Canadian fintech company that helps consumers make great decisions about credit. Eva's career has spanned both the private and not-for-profit sectors, including leadership roles at T...Show More
Tiffany Pham - CEO of Mogul

31:36 | Mar 11th

Tiffany Pham is CEO of Mogul, a global platform enabling women worldwide to reach their goals and realize their full potential. A coder, Tiffany developed the first version of Mogul, now reaching across 196 countries and 30,470 cities. She is the bes...Show More