Asian Tech Leaders

Justin Pang

Learn from the most successful Asian leaders and how to apply their lessons to your life. Join host Justin Pang as he uncovers the inspiring stories from Asian leaders in technology.

36:39 | Jan 28th

Hanmin Yang is the CEO and Founder of Alike - a dating app for the modern North American Asian that celebrates our identity, culture and story as told by us.  On this episode of Asian Tech Leaders, I ...Show More

45:54 | Dec 22nd, 2019

Mikael Cho is the Co-Founder and CEO of Unsplash, a crowd-sourced photo service platform with over 300 million users and over 1 million free high-resolution photos.  Founded in 2013 as a humble Tumblr...Show More
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48:49 | Dec 6th, 2019

Meagan Pi is a Google VP who works on the cutting edge of disruptive technologies. She’s an advocate for women empowerment (striving to be a role model for women of color, and people from diverse back...Show More

43:35 | Nov 14th, 2019

Donna Litt is the Co-founder and COO at Kiite, a B2B AI platform that serves as an intelligent sales coach. Before Kiite, Litt co-founded TribeHR, which was acquired by NetSuite in 2013. On this episo...Show More

40:02 | Aug 1st, 2019

Paul Huynh was a Google executive for 11 years where he incubated, launched and led new sales and operations teams for products like YouTube, Google Display Network, DoubleClick Buy Side Platforms and...Show More
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