Asian Tech Leaders

Justin Pang

Learn from the most successful Asian leaders and how to apply their lessons to your life. Join host Justin Pang as he uncovers the inspiring stories from Asian leaders in technology.

40:02 | Aug 1st

Paul Huynh was a Google executive for 11 years where he incubated, launched and led new sales and operations teams for products like YouTube, Google Display Network, DoubleClick Buy Side Platforms and DoubleClick Ad Exchange. He started his Google ca...Show More

31:13 | Jul 19th

Rain Takahashi is the CEO and Founder of JAUNTIN', an A.I.-backed on-demand insurance platform that makes obtaining insurance quick and easy.
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34:11 | Jun 21st

Emma Yang is the fifteen-year-old Founder of Timeless, a mobile app that helps Alzheimer’s patients stay engaged and connected to loved ones. In September 2017, Timeless was selected as the winner of the MIT Solve Brain Health Challenge and designate...Show More

40:23 | Jun 14th

Jimmy Chen is the CEO and founder of Propel, a software company that aims to make America’s safety net more user friendly. Prior to Propel, Jimmy graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Symbolic Systems, and worked as a Product Manager at...Show More

43:31 | Jun 6th

Sobhan Etemadi is the CEO and Founder of Sobie Systems, a Canadian-based startup that builds smart-product solutions using advanced sensor technologies for monitoring of residential HVAC systems. Sobie Systems’ current product, Everest, monitors the ...Show More
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