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Spark on CBC Radio One Nora Young helps you navigate your digital life by connecting you to fresh ideas in surprising ways.

54:39 | Jun 7th

Teaching AI about human comedy. Pairing online security tips with beauty tutorials. Photo swapping marketing stunt crosses Wikipedia line.
ARCHIVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer available for listening.

54:35 | May 4th, 2018

"Artificial Unintelligence" argues that new tech doesn't always mean good tech. 'Golden State Killer' arrest highlights the risks of public DNA databases. Workers in the developing world screen graphic content for Facebook and Google.
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54:09 | Oct 25th

From following GPS directions to not having to memorize anyone's phone number, it's been ages since we've had to remember things! But is that bad for our brains? This week, a look at how the internet has changed the way we know and remember.

54:39 | May 17th

Booker-prize-winning author Ian McEwan talks about AI and his latest book, Machines Like Me. CES restores its 'Innovation Award' to women's pleasure product, The Osé. And are 'smart' prisons necessary for safety, or an invasion of privacy?

54:42 | May 3rd

Ryerson's DMZ breaks the stigma around mental health in startup culture. Kids in Nunavut use role-playing computer games to manage depression. What we can expect from "Wifi 6." And philosopher Mark Kingwell reclaims boredom in his new book, "Wish I W...Show More
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