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The Lonely Brain

Fitch Francis

The Lonely Brain is an independent, socially, un-social podcast based out of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The creator, Fitch Francis, brings storytelling, music, and audio effects together in a ground-breaking way that has not been experienced in modern d...Show More
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33:46 | Jun 19th

On December 24th in Lima Peru, flight 508 Exploded above the Amazon rainforest killing 91 of the 92 passengers on board. A 17 year old girl named Juliane Koepcke, still strapped in her seat fell 10,000 feet into the jungle and survived.

24:29 | May 28th

14 year old George Stinney jr was one of the youngest people legally executed in the U.S. March of 1944 Stinney was accused of brutally murdering 2 girls in Alcolu South Carolina. He was sentenced to death by electric chair and was executed within 83...Show More
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24:51 | May 28th

Elmer McCurdy was perhaps one of the last outlaws of the wildwest. He was killed in 1911 and was later found in 1976 hanging by a noose in a funhouse, this is his story.

30:21 | May 28th

On May 18 1927 hell came to Bath Michigan when Andrew Kehoe the school treasurer secretly planted over 500 pounds of explosives inside the school building, killing many of the teachers and children that were inside. It remains the worst school massac...Show More

33:33 | May 27th

In may of 1924 two Rich kids Nathan Leopold jr and Richard Loeb kidnapped and killed a 14 year old boy named Bobby Franks. It was one of the biggest trials of the 20th century... The perfect crime?