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Mathew Sweezey

Winner of the 2019 Hermes Platinum Award for best Podcast Mini-Series** This nine part mini-series looking into the failure of marketing and what brands must do about it. This podcast was made for rebellious marketers and brands looking for new ideas...Show More

22:25 | Apr 30th

Marketing isn't failing, it has failed. In this episode I'll show you the raw data and why even after the world spends $1 Trillion dollars per year on marketing it fails 99% of the time. This is where the journey begins.

23:39 | Apr 30th

The world entered a new media era on June 24th 2009, we left the limited media era where our idea of marketing was created, and entered the infinite media era. This is one of the biggest shifts in the history of the world, and its affect will far sur...Show More

23:29 | Apr 30th

Marketing is not too big to fail; it’s just the right size. In this episode we'll look at the long standing ideas that we believe to be marketing truth, to see why in our new world they have become fiction.

20:51 | Apr 30th

In the new era Context replaces Attention as the key to marketing. In this episode we'll go deep on the idea of context, what it is, and how it is your only hope in reaching the post AI consumer.

19:46 | Apr 30th

In this episode we explore how Tesla created the biggest marketing win in history, and the new business model that allowed them to achieve such monumental success. It's not more marketing, rather a totally new idea of marketing that we all must embra...Show More

23:47 | Apr 30th

Breaking through in the Infinite era requires more than just a new idea of marketing, it the brand to find a way to stay in their audiences lives in new ways. Purpose is that way, and opens the brand up to a wide new world of possibilities.

21:28 | Apr 30th

The new era has created a new consumer mandate. This episode looks at the difference between B2B, B2C, Millennials, and Baby boomers to see there really isn't much of a difference at all. All consumers are changed.

26:12 | Apr 30th

The infinite era has changed all things, including the way we get our work done. Agile is the new production method we must use to accomplish the numerous new marketing roles, while achieving better outcomes.

30:08 | Apr 30th

The future isn't very far away, and in the final episode we look forward to see how different our near term and long term futures will be as a result of the new media environment.