This Is Uncomfortable

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This is a show about life and how money messes with it. Each week, Reema Khrais digs in with stories about the unanticipated ways money affects relationships, shapes identities and often defines what it means to be an adult. Presented by Marketplace....Show More


23:17 | Apr 3rd

There are a lot of couples stuck at home right now. Some of them are out of work or dealing with canceled plans. Today, we’ll hear from two couples trying to figure out what their future will look lik...Show More

19:06 | Mar 27th

As states across the country close all non-essential businesses, people are rethinking what it means to do the right thing. Today we hear listeners’ stories of pay cuts, layoffs and telling employers ...Show More
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25:48 | Mar 5th

When WeWork acquired her company, she got executive training, fancy corporate retreats and a dope Patagonia jacket. It was almost enough to make her forget everything she lost. This week: Why we’re so...Show More

26:37 | Feb 27th

Sam Sanders, host of NPR’s “It’s Been A Minute” and Marketplace product specialist Sarah Menendez are here give advice on salary sharing, expensive olive oil, and bridesmaid duties in the latest insta...Show More

23:32 | Feb 21st

When a shady business partner leaves a newly married couple on the hook for over $300,000, it tests the limits of “for better or worse.” For even more “This Is Uncomfortable,” sign up for our new week...Show More
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