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The Number 10 Podcast

Chris Flynn

The Number 10 Podcast chronicles the life and times of British Prime Ministers and important political events that have lead us to where we are now. With regular fortnightly historical episodes, group discussions, topical debates and interviews; y...Show More

32:39 | Aug 4th

Today we talk about the penultimate Stuart monarchy in the UK and what some say is the last successful invasion of the British Isles. If you remember we spent some time talking about Charles II a few episodes back who had become increasingly unpo...Show More

33:41 | Aug 19th

Today we’ve got a bit of a  special episode for those of you kind enough to  post a question to the show about anything really, but most were about what we’ve covered so far. We’ll also be going through what’s coming up next in episodes, as well ...Show More
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09:09 | Aug 11th

Today we’ll be hearing the text of the Invitation to William written by the Immortal Seven that we spoke about last week. On the 30th of June 1688, William of Orange received a letter in the Netherlands from seven Englishmen, asking him to interv...Show More

1:36:40 | Jul 24th

On the eve of her departure, we look back on Theresa May’s achievements, disasters and what her legacy is going to be. A hard working MP and Home Secretary who was responsible for the vans telling illegal immigrants to go home and the woman who faile...Show More

27:17 | Jul 21st

Today we talk about probably the greatest English diarist of all time, Samuel Pepys. He’s probably one of the greatest witnesses to the second half of the 17th century. Not only was he present, but actively involved, experiencing first-hand the e...Show More

21:44 | Jul 14th

Now you’d think, with assassination attempts, and parliament trying to limit your ability to sit on the throne, James was going to come into a pretty bad time of it. That, bizarrely, was not the case. It was a pretty incredible thing that James wa...Show More

01:39 | Jul 7th

This week we’ll be doing a group chat in one of our new segments called “This House Believes” or THB for short. We’ll be talking about unions and whether they are a force for good or bad in regards to the economy and society. Starting around 1824,...Show More

21:27 | Jun 30th

Last time we went on a whirlwind journey through the 16th and 17th century and looked at the rising religious tensions between the Protestant majority and the non-conformist and Catholic minorities. We saw monarchs abusing their power  in regards to ...Show More

05:57 | Jun 23rd

A reading of the important weights and measures memo from the 14th century. Photo behind player is of the Royal Observartory display of standard measurements in the 19th century and is courtesy of Zlatko Krastev, November 2005 ; Автор: Златко Кръс...Show More

21:11 | Jun 16th

A look back over the 16th and 17th Century in the run up to our first Prime Minister, Sir Robert Walpole.

11:57 | Jun 9th

Did you know 14 of the last 23 Prime Ministers were not elected into power? That one Premier died after falling off a chair? One supposedly created Mr Whippy Ice Cream! In this episode we look through the interesting statistics and facts of the Prime...Show More