Pleasure Studies


Indie icon Feist knows a thing or two about love, loss, and everything in between. Through in-depth interviews with a time travel researcher, a Dreamer and activist, a transgender triathlete, an FBI undercover operative, a monogamous couple in adult ...Show More

25:02 | Dec 10th

Whether internal or outward, the circumstances we’re thrust into invariably shape who we become, and the mark we make on the world. Here are the stories of three people who’ve adapted to exceptionally harsh environments by tapping into untold reserve...Show More

18:02 | Aug 28th

In life and in art, self-reinvention can let us escape expectation and realize our purpose in an otherwise unattainable way. And yet there’s also a danger in drifting too far from the confines of reality. A layered meditation on the fluidity of ident...Show More
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26:15 | Aug 20th

No matter what form it takes, abuse leaves us indelibly altered, often consumed by an emotional confusion that feels impossible to untangle. In this episode, we hear from three people with firsthand experience of abuse, each speaking from a profoundl...Show More

18:00 | Aug 13th

Though it’s invisible and formless, the wind is one of the most formidable forces in the universe. In this episode, three guests reflect on their life-changing experience with the wind, inviting a new sense of awe for the natural world. A professiona...Show More

13:23 | Aug 5th

Why do some years of our lives seem to pass by in a flash, when the smallest of moments can feel infinitely frozen? In “Century,” two voices offer their radically different perspectives on the sensation of time: Centenarian Margaret Shein shares that...Show More

20:44 | Jul 29th

Is monogamy really so tied to stability—or can a more open approach lead to stronger and deeper relationships? As social psychologist Lucia O’Sullivan shares findings from decades of intimacy research, two couples shed light on their unconventional p...Show More

14:38 | Jul 22nd

What does it mean to stay "young"? What does it mean to become "old" before your time? Is age chronological, or is it a state of mind? Is aging inevitable? Or is it a conscious choice, one informed by our sense of what’s possible and by the premium w...Show More

21:05 | Jul 15th

When the outside world is at odds with our very humanity, everyday life is an endless threat, one that requires constant self-protection. In “I’m Not Running Away,” we meet three people who spent much of their lives hiding their truth, then confronte...Show More

22:16 | Jul 8th

How do we regain hope when our dreams end in ruin? In “Lost Dreams,” we hear the stories of three people who followed their deepest passion and endured devastation: Perdita Felicien, a world-champion hurdler who was favored to win gold at the 2004 Ol...Show More

01:49 | Jun 19th

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