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In the 1980s, racing prodigy Randy Lanier shot to stardom at the Indy 500—and funded his racing through a secret double life as one of the biggest pot kingpins in American history. Now, after nearly 30 years in prison, this tale of weed, speed and th...Show More

30:30 | Jul 16th, 2019

By the early-1980s, Randy Lanier is a star on the rise with his racing team, Blue Thunder. But amid the booming drug trade in Lanier’s home of South Florida, his growing celebrity hides an equally rem...Show More

cesarm recommended:

If you are a fan of the “Cocaine Cowboys” or Netflix show Narcos this is an essential companion piece. It is also a nice reflection on how w...Show More

34:04 | Jul 16th, 2019

A teenager of the ‘70s, growing up near Miami with peace, love, and plenty of pot, Lanier first discovers a dime-bag-sized entrepreneurial streak—then the riches in store for Florida’s daring drug smu...Show More
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31:05 | Jul 16th, 2019

As feds aggressively target South Florida drug syndicates, Lanier’s audacious racing and drug-smuggling careers both come to a head. How long can Lanier continue tempting fate, on the track and off it...Show More

35:54 | Jul 16th, 2019

Florida’s pot business falls apart, and for Lanier everything comes crashing down. He’s arrested, and ultimately given a “natural death sentence” for drug smuggling: Lanier will go to prison in handcu...Show More

36:09 | Jul 16th, 2019

Lanier ultimately seeks rehabilitation behind bars, inspired by what his reimagined life could be. Outside, pot goes through its own rebranding, and Florida’s path to legal weed takes shape.Learn more...Show More
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