The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos

Mistakenly Seeking Solitude

37:59 | Oct 8th, 2019

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Technology allows us to bank, shop and dine without talking to another human, but what toll is this taking on our happiness? The inventor of the ATM and the Talking Heads singer David Byrne join Dr La...Show More


jennx recommended:Oct 13th

Social connections make people happy - even the mundane conversations at times!

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cabellbellbell recommended:Oct 11th

As someone who generally enjoyed alone time before this pandemic happened, I now can’t appreciate enough having my housemate keep me accompany during those months of lockdown. I think this year we all realized just how important social interaction is to our wellbeing. It is so interesting to learn t...Show More

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jennxOct 13th

@cabellbellbell thanks for the great recommendation! I find myself missing the mundane conversations in lines and in waiting rooms

jhawthorne recommended:Mar 21st

I like the whole concept, and how basic technology is tied into our happiness. It's interesting to think about ATMs and silent train cars connected to our well being

mmMar 23rd

@jhawthorne Tech is definitely part of our happiness and well-being right now!

jhawthorneMar 24th

@mm yeah, not all bad stuff!

serena recommended:Jan 2nd

A great reminder of the importance of micro-interactions with other people (even strangers), like at the cashier in a grocery store (vs self checkout) or a teller at the bank (vs ATMs).

mm recommended:Oct 24th, 2019

Was just talking to @danny about cashier-less retailers after seeing Amazon’s checkout-free physical store. We discussed what these cashier-less retailers are trying to solve and whether it actually creates a better or worse retail experience. This episode answers our questions: Is human interactio...Show More