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It’s a cruel sociological experiment. Lock up a 13-year-old boy for a murder that he swore he didn’t commit. Release him as a 30-year-old man. Then, give him $25 million. New from WBEZ Chicago, Motive is a true crime podcast hosted by Pulitzer Prize-...Show More

31:20 | Nov 22nd, 2019

The big question is ... why?For photos, video, court documents and more visit the Motive page at the Chicago Sun-Times.

33:19 | Nov 15th, 2019

Now a multi-millionaire, T.J. could have done anything. But he called himself Batman and started a violent gang war.
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31:20 | Nov 8th, 2019

T.J. gets angry watching a heavyweight match between two persuasive Chicago lawyers. One side claims the police framed T.J. for a murder. The other side claims that T.J. is a murderer. 

24:16 | Nov 1st, 2019

In prison, T.J. becomes a part of the gang hierarchy and dives deep into religion. Not long after inmate number K51114 is released, cracks start to appear.   For photos, video, court documents and mo...Show More

27:31 | Oct 25th, 2019

Brian Nelson was the leader of T.J.'s gang: The Simon City Royals. Nelson spent almost thirty harrowing years in prison. What was left when he came out?For photos, video, court documents and more, vis...Show More
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