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Podcast listener 🎧 True crime, rise & fall scenarios, fraud/scams, white collar crime, history, natural disaster & medical mysteries are my jam! 🀘🏼

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hummingbird95 recommended:Jul 2nd

@thanks2015 Check out this podcast episode. This whole podcast is really good with awesome episodes.

I thought this episode was:

πŸ’¬ A great conversation

#130 The Snapchat Thief

by Reply All

hummingbird95 recommended:Jun 17th

Great podcast. It’s 2 podcasts in 1. The first half (7 eps) are about what free porn has done to people and how it’s helped and/or hurt so many lives, both personally and/or medically. The 2nd half is about the porn star August Ames and her committing suicide due to cyberbullying via Twitter.

I thought this episode was:

😲 Fascinating
πŸ’” Heart-breaking
πŸ’› Honest
πŸ’‘ Educational
πŸ€” Thought-provoking
🀯 Unbeliveable
πŸ‘ Well-produced
✍️ Well-written

Coming This Fall

by The Butterfly Effect with Jon Ronson

hummingbird95 recommended:Jun 9th

I thought this episode was:

😲 Fascinating
😱 Horrifying

S1 E6: Stranger Danger

by In the Dark

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