Big Tech

CIGI / The Logic

Big Tech is a bi-weekly podcast that considers how emerging technologies are reshaping democracy, the economy and society. Co-hosts Taylor Owen and David Skok sit down with leading scholars, policy makers and entrepreneurs, to have in-depth and thoug...Show More

04:26 | Oct 25th

Taylor Owen and David Skok have known each other for many years; their work in democracy and journalism ensures that their paths often cross. Taylor is an academic studying technology’s transformative impact on democracy. David has spent his journali...Show More

46:06 | Dec 5th

Online platforms like Facebook and Google Ads are positioned as superior tools for micro-targeting advertisements. The promise of greater returns on investment and granular control over who will engage with an ad has attracted advertisers. In this ...Show More
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42:43 | Nov 21st

Facebook is establishing a 40-person oversight board to pass rulings on whether or not content should remain on their platform. The board aims to represent all regions of the world, rulings are set to be released in multiple languages and decisions a...Show More

46:12 | Nov 21st

After discovering several small charges to her credit card that totaled upward of US$900, Rana Foroohar figured her card must have been stolen. She quickly realized those micro-transactions were coming from a game her son was playing. Unknowingly, he...Show More