The Catch and Kill Podcast with Ronan Farrow

Episode 7: The Editors

48:50 | Jan 29th

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At a precarious moment for the free press—as journalists face rhetoric about “fake news,” hostility toward reporters at political rallies, and efforts by powerful interests to suppress and manipulate ...Show More


jnk recommended:Feb 28th

I really hope people hear this episode and think about news stories they may have read about the numbers of copy editors and other editors laid off, year after year. These are the people who make the news happen, and we are all worse off when we lose editors who might say, "What do you do when a wom...Show More

dannyFeb 28th

@jnkay just tagging @mm to this comment. She's worked at newspapers and would appreciate the comment.

mmFeb 28th

Great editors are the best <3

danny recommended:Feb 2nd

❤️'ed this. There are the main heroes it takes to tell this story but this episode tell the stories of the others: a lawyer, the fact-checkers, the editors. People doing job with courage and played a role in trying to take down Weinstein.

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