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It’s Been A Year

43:57 | Mar 11th

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Jim and Katherine look back on a year of this pandemic podcast to what we’ve learned, what we haven’t, and what we can look forward to. (Also, Jim talks with Anthony Fauci!) Support this show and all ...Show More


mm recommended:Mar 15th

Oh what a year it's been! (or lack thereof)

I thought this episode was:

😏 Validating

danny recommended:Mar 13th

Great convo looking back at this year.

I thought this episode was:

💬 A great conversation

olofl recommended:Mar 11th

Great retrospective from a great podcast.

mmMar 11th

@olofl I can’t believe it’s been a year and this pod is still going 😱 🙈

oloflMar 11th

@mm Agree 😨 still find it a great companion though. Feel a sense of belonging when listening to it, maybe weird .. 🙃

mmMar 11th

@olofl That’s what pods are for!!!

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