More Money Less Problems

28:13 | Jan 15th

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Back in March 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic was just beginning and the shelter-in-place orders brought the economy to a screeching halt, a quirky-but-clever idea to save the economy made its way up...Show More


mijustin recommended:Jan 15th

If you’re curious (or skeptical) about Modern Monetary Theory, this Radiolab episode provides a good overview.

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dannyJan 16th

@mijustin fascinating, front burner did a similar episode but from a Canadian perspective. one thing I think both didn't mention (but I'm no economist) is that I think the rules for USD is different than every other currency, b/c for better or worse it's the global trading currency.

mijustinJan 22nd

@danny definitely. I'll need to check out that Frontburner episode!

dannyJan 22nd

@mijustin btw, this is a bit off topic, but this is one of my favourite episodes on how the USD become the default currency for the world: More

danny recommended:Jan 16th

I thought this episode was:

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