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Podyssey Picks (Jan 31): Top Community Recommendations

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Here’s this week’s roundup of top podcasts and playlist recommendations from the Podyssey community. Highlights include an explainer on the drama around GameStop stock as well as a special playlist on the power of listening from Michele Cobb, Executive Producer of the Stories of Impact podcast.

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✨ Guest Curator - Michele Cobb, Executive Producer of Stories of Impact (Sponsored) ✨

For this playlist, I wanted to focus on different facets of listening: listening to learn and listening to be entertained. These were all compelling episodes to me, even when the subject matter was challenging, and I hope you find them as powerful as I do.

The Power of Listening

6 episodes

Curated by:mleecobb

🙌 Featured Episode from Stories of Impact

An especially important listen during the time of unrest that stems from much of what is happening on social media. What if we were all better listeners?

The clash between Wall Street and Redditors over GameStop stock explained.

danny recommended:Jan 30th

Great overview of the GameStop soap-opera story from this week. Is it David vs Golliath? Wall Street vs Regular Investors? Is this going to end badly?

Bonus Episode: GameStop Traders Rock the Financial Industry

by After Hours

What is Critical Race Theory and why is it so important? Learn more from one of its creators!

Sponsored episode by Future Hindsight podcast

A young girl killed her stepmother … because her own father convinced her to.

Why do brands have such a hold over us?

lesly recommended:Jan 19th

I found this ep particularly facinating! For the marketing and branding connoisseurs, this is brand evangelism unpacked. Currently and progressively we are seeing a religious following of brands. How do brands become infused with our sense of identity to the point of tribalism and with the ability...Show More

Our Brands, Our Selves

by Hidden Brain

A nun shares what she learned as a pen pal to inmates on death row.

Already fallen off the bandwagon with your 2021 goals? Imperfect action coach Emma Norris teaches you to get back on track.

Sponsored episode by A Girl in Progress podcast

Justin Timberlake opens up about masculinity, his childhood, and his experience with fame.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

1:26:12 | Jan 25th

Can the government just print trillions of dollars to provide relief for Americans?

mijustin recommended:Jan 15th

If you’re curious (or skeptical) about Modern Monetary Theory, this Radiolab episode provides a good overview.

More Money Less Problems

by Radiolab

How to find beauty in the boring.

write2tg recommended:Jan 26th

Have you ever heard of e-bay being described as “zen”? I hadn’t either but now I totally get why!

5: What is Boring? with B. Wurtz

by Constellation Prize

Looking for an escape? We’ve curated a playlist of the best fiction podcasts of all time.

Best Fiction Podcasts

96 podcasts

Curated by:podysseyapp

The experiment where college students were made to act as inmates and guards in a mock prison.

tvidatko recommended:Jan 26th

(almost) everything I thought I knew about Stanford Prison Experiment was wrong 🤯

The Stanford Prison Experiment

by You're Wrong About

She was hired to look after her father’s elderly friend, but she murdered him instead.

Discover the most engrossing episodes of Casefile true crime with our new playlist!

Best Casefile Episodes

13 episodes

Curated by:sofborne

Why is the French word for “ghostwriter” a racial slur?

epekilis recommended:Jan 19th

Turns out that the French word for “ghostwriter” is the equivalent of the “N” word in English (on the basis that the people who did the work do not reap its benefits). A Black copy editor set out to change that word usage. Her journey took her all the way to the official committee that guards the ...Show More

122. Ghostwriter

by The Allusionist

Tempura is a famous part of Japanese cuisine, but it actually originates in Portugal.

benakimbo recommended:Jan 27th

And now I want tempura. "Tasty" is another adjective that could be added for these podcast reviews. Happy that these folks are back with a new season of tasty podcasts.

Japanese tempura, its Portugese origins and how it became high culinary art

by Eat Drink Asia