The Living Room

28:18 | Apr 9th, 2015

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We're thrilled to present a piece from one of our favorite podcasts, Love + Radio (Nick van der Kolk and Brendan Baker).  Producer Briana Breen brings us the story: Diane’s new neighbors across the wa...Show More

AUDIO REMOVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer publicly available.

juju recommended:Aug 3rd, 2017

Greatest Radiolab episode of all time. Period.

lebresco recommended:Dec 30th, 2019

This is one of my favorite podcast single episodes. Truly moving.

ashleyanderson recommended:Aug 6th, 2019

So intense. But sooooo good.

write2tg recommended:May 13th

A beautiful episode that reflects how deeply we are interconnected as humans even when we don’t know each other. The words, the emotions, the reflection - it will move you like nothing else would.

dannyMay 13th

@write2tg 💯. Btw, I know you talked you to Mel about this but have you seen the short film they made about this episode:

write2tgMay 13th

@danny Ah! Thanks for sharing! Will check it out.

kaveinthran recommended:May 17th

This breaks my heart alot, an alltime favourite of mine

I thought this episode was:

💔 Heart-breaking