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Taruna Goel (TG)


Learning & Performance Specialist, Vancouver BC Canada My podcast selection tends to favour topics such as learning, technology and human behaviour/behavioural economics. I listen to learn.

Episode Recommendations (33)

write2tg recommended:May 28th

I believe in real values like humanity, community and solidarity. I know COVID is bringing these values to the forefront and change is inevitable. I believe what Sam says; “Good incentives are not a substitute for good citizens.”

I thought this episode was...

💬 A great conversation
🤔 Thought-provoking

Our Better Angels

by Hidden Brain

write2tg recommended:May 25th

I often find myself drawn to the ‘ordinary’ like cherry blossoms in the spring, maple leaves in the fall, the crashing of waves on a hot summer day and the sounds of birds chirping at dusk. Yes, sunsets may be cliched beauty to some, but every sunset reminds me of how small I am in the scheme of thi...Show More

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😲 Fascinating
💡 Educational
💪 Inspirational

Capacity for Wonder and Sunsets

by The Anthropocene Reviewed

write2tg recommended:May 19th

Serendipitous discoveries are the most delightful. Such a feel-good podcast about things we lose and find and how even though it is ‘stuff’, it is the memories and experiences around those things that we long to relive. Back in 2015, I had my own serendipitous discovery: http://tarunagoel.blogspot.c...Show More

I thought this episode was...

🌅 A beautiful story

Case #3 Belt Buckle

by Mystery Show