It Was Said
It Was Said

Ep 2: RFK, A Eulogy for King

38:38 | Sep 2nd, 2020

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Robert Kennedy learns of the MLK Jr.’s assassination while in route to a campaign event in inner city Indianapolis. He breaks the news to an unsuspecting crowd, delivering a spontaneous and empathetic...Show More


jhawthorne recommended:Sep 7th, 2020

I like the concept of using speeches to tell a wider narrative about historical eras. Hopefully they branch out from the 1960s

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aura recommended:Sep 9th, 2020

Jon Meacham and team have done a phenomenal job bringing forth the historical context surrounding a speech. This one was extremely moving to learn about the complex relationship the Kennedys had with Black activists like Martin Luther King Jr. and how Senator Robert F. Kennedy poignantly eulogized t...Show More

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