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aura recommended:Sep 10th

I binged the podcast after listening to this episode. My favorite LOL moment was the Francophile who extols the virtue of learning a second language like French to a Puerto Rican mom at a fancy fundraising event. An interesting look at the misguided efforts of White parents who mean well. Made me co...Show More

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1: The Book of Statuses

by Nice White Parents

aura recommended:Sep 9th

Jon Meacham and team have done a phenomenal job bringing forth the historical context surrounding a speech. This one was extremely moving to learn about the complex relationship the Kennedys had with Black activists like Martin Luther King Jr. and how Senator Robert F. Kennedy poignantly eulogized t...Show More

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Ep 2: RFK, A Eulogy for King

by It Was Said

aura recommended:Nov 6th, 2019

Excellent and useful for parents who want to learn how to approach the conversation of race with kids. Hell, this could be applied for anyone who has good intentions when discussing race! Great line up of experts.

#18 How to Talk to Your Kids About Race

by My American Meltingpot

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