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My History Can Beat Up Your Politics

Bruce Carlson

Since 2006, bringing historical context to the politics of today. TV pundits discuss politics in a vacuum. Cable news tells you everything is 'breaking news' but in most cases, events have long roots in history. In this podcast, we smash and bash th...Show More
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The Flag on the Moon - A Story of Politics

30:45 | Jul 14th

"If we can put a man on the Moon, we can.."  So went myriad complaints about spending at home during the Gemini and Apollo Missions, up to Apollo 11 and after.  In this episode we look at the Moon Landing and its politics.  Including a seemingly apol...Show More
The Ark of Commerce Part IV: Make It Stop

1:12:46 | Jul 7th

In our fourth of a series on American commerce, a look at three instances of when U.S. commerce was stopped, for a variety of reasons.  The embargo of 1807 is an important part of the Presidency of Thomas Jefferson, not often examined in detailed com...Show More
Stop Talking About Momentum: The Race for President 1984

1:15:26 | Jun 9th

It wasn't supposed to be a race.  Gary Hart, Walter Mondale, Jesse Jackson, John Glenn battle to take on Ronald Reagan in 1984.  As do some other candidates.  We look at the race that year and mine it for any insights into 2020 and American politics ...Show More
Presidential Scandals: Watergate, Whiskey Ring and Others

56:09 | May 26th

All about Presidential Scandals.  From how Watergate may have seemed like in 1972 on Election night, to Grant and Carter's troublesome friends, to the Iran Contra story, we look at White House mess-ups and election impact.    Though recorded in 2012,...Show More
How to Rank The Presidents, with Susan Swain and Brian Lamb of C-SPAN

34:20 | May 24th

With C-SPAN's Susan Swain and Brain Lamb we talk Theodore Roosevelt and LBJ.  And we discuss their book The Presidents, and the unique ranking system they use to assess and order America's POTUSes.  e also talk abut some of the historians who helped ...Show More
The Ark of Commerce, Part III: Loco

1:41:57 | Apr 20th

A mysterious crash.  A strange contraption.  A fateful race, an outbreak of violent activity and a crafty watch-seller.  A look at the railroad history of America and the changes the railroad brought.
Surprising Facts About Accidental Presidents - Interview w Jared Cohen

51:34 | Apr 8th

Surprising facts about the presidencies of John Tyler, JFK, LBJ, Chester Arthur and Millard Fillmore from Jared Cohen, author of Accidental Presidents, Eight Men Who Changed America. From Tyler's Grandkids, Arthur's Secret Correspondent and Adviser, ...Show More
The Ark of Commerce, Part II: Two If By Sea

1:35:59 | Mar 10th

A unique boat is built to overcome a powerful challenge in interstate water commerce.  a revolution is fed by fish.  A writer turns commerce into words.   A well known Revolutionary figure finds an agreeable industry, while young workers take a stand...Show More
The Ark of Commerce - Part I: Crash Party

1:32:59 | Feb 21st

In this look at American commercial history we discuss the Black Thursday Stock market crash, the early career of Thomas Edison, how a popular game evolved from a anticorporate activist, and how Wall Street was once in Philadelphia, so to speak.
28 Minutes

11:58 | Feb 15th

Carter Ford '76, and the Presidential debate snafu that lead to an unplanned moment of silence.
Thomas Paine, Common Sense and The American Mind

36:20 | Feb 7th

A look at one of America's earliest blockbusters, the little book that changed American minds: Common Sense, its author Thomas Paine, the impact it had at the time and what it might mean today. We also examine the creative differences Paine had with ...Show More
Many Candidates

27:01 | Feb 2nd

With so many candidates already announced for 2020, it's worthwhile looking at other elections with lots of candidates, starting with 1988.
I Am James Buchanan

1:19:13 | Jan 22nd

He's the President that is on the bottom of most lists.  But why?  And is it fair?  What did he think about his place in history?  We talk about POTUS 15 and look at the events of the run-up to the American Civil War, and we hear from Buchanan, and g...Show More
The Case That Defined Abraham Lincoln

22:57 | Jan 17th

Lincoln had many successes in the courtroom prior to becoming President.  But it was his failure to win the Todd Estate case, for his own family, that defined his anti-slavery views.  Bruce goes back to his interview with Sidney Blumenthal, author of...Show More
The Shays Rebellion and Its Implications

1:16:26 | Jan 5th

The history behind a rebellion against a state of the new United States, why it happened, its impact on our Constitution, and what it means today.  From a 2014 cast, but it's been a while.  Our sponsor is Warby Parker - excellent glasses (wearing ...Show More
Curtis LeMay, Warrior, Candidate - with Alex Hastie of Ohio v. The World Podcast

1:09:48 | Dec 28th, 2018

Bruce is interviewed on Ohio v. The World Podcast, which is the creation of MHCBUYP fan Alex Hastie.  The subject is Curtis LeMay.  Politically we know him as George Wallace's reluctant running mate in 1968.  But there was much more to him, as Bruce ...Show More
The Craziest Speaker of The House Election, Indian Removal Petitions and Other Thoughts

33:26 | Dec 25th, 2018

A few questions, some from an older cast that now bears repeating in the wake of a new speaker election, and others from the premium channel now elevated.  Was Andrew Jackson's Indian Removal allowed to happen by a quiet public, or was thee resistanc...Show More
Nixon in Full

1:29:39 | Dec 13th, 2018

A look at the life and career of Richard Nixon, from childhood to Presidency, originally aired in 2014 as 'Get Your Nixon On' This title feels more descriptive.  I don't know whether time has changed this cast, or if this cast has more meaning now, o...Show More
George H.W. Bush, 03 30 81

28:51 | Dec 2nd, 2018

Bruce takes a look at one day in the life and career of President George H.W. Bush - not in his presidency but in his vice-presidency.  That day revealed his leadership style and set future precedents, perhaps.  March 30, 1981 the day of the attempte...Show More
Presidents After Midterms with Matt K. Lewis

34:31 | Nov 20th, 2018

Bruce and Daily Beast/CNN correspondent Matt K. Lewis talk about midterms, and Presidents post midterms.  Bruce tells a story about Lincoln that he told 11 years ago. (more information on that story in the premium podcast).
David Priess on the Realities of Impeachment and the History of Presidential Removal

53:28 | Nov 14th, 2018

We are joined today by David Priess, former CIA intelligence officer and author about his new book on the history and the realities of impeachment, what people think it is, and what has really happened in history.  He is the author of How To Get Rid ...Show More
David Priess on the Realities of Impeachment and the History of Presidential Removal

0:00 | Nov 14th, 2018

We are joined today by David Priess, former CIA intelligence officer and author about his new book on the history and the realities of impeachment, what people think it is, and what has really happened in history.  He is the author of How To Get Rid ...Show More
Introducing: The City

05:53 | Nov 5th, 2018

The City tells true stories of how power works in urban America. Season 1 begins in Chicago, 1990. After years of disinvestment, highways are rebuilt, old buildings demolished, and new skyscrapers erected. All that rubble has to go somewhere, and it...Show More
Posse Comitatus and Billy The Kid

36:14 | Nov 4th, 2018

A law that may have given Billy The Kid a few more months of life, long enough to build a legend is still a part of today's politics.  The rich history of the Posse Comitatus law that separated military from law enforcement and forbids, in some cases...Show More
Valley Forge Myth and Reality - Interview with Bob Drury and Tom Clavin, Authors of Valley Forge

56:25 | Oct 21st, 2018

Separating truth from lore about what is perhaps the most important moment of American Independence, along with authors Bob Drury and Tom Clavin.  A very different Valley Forge emerges than the one in the textbooks.  Politics, not the British nor the...Show More
About That Court-Packing Idea. SCOTUS Discussion Part II w/ Chris Novembrino

44:06 | Oct 16th, 2018

With some fringe talk about adding members to the court, a look FDR's court-packing scheme of 1937, why it failed and why it is a cautionary tale of a defeat of a powerful political figure.  However, the story also has unique qualities and may not be...Show More
SCOTUS Discussion Kavanaugh, Abe Fortas, Nixon and LBJ - w Chris Novembrino Part I

45:45 | Oct 11th, 2018

The Kavanaugh nomination and a bit of Supreme Court nomination history.  A discussion and at times debate with Chris Novembrino of Don't Worry About the Government podcast.  This one does get a bit opinionated.
Introducing: Legal Wars

03:25 | Oct 9th, 2018

The courtroom can be a battlefield over money, people’s rights, and even their lives. For some cases, the consequences can affect us long after the verdict is read. Based on extensive interviews and court transcripts, Wondery’s new podcast LEGAL W...Show More
A Deep Dive into The Emancipation Proclamation and The Causes Behind the Civil War - Listener Questions

1:03:47 | Oct 7th, 2018

What was the true function of the Proclamation and the context surrounding it?  How did people react at this time?  Was slavery the true cause of the Civil War, and should North and South fit into liberal and conservative boxes.  Could Congress pick ...Show More
Sedition, Presidents and the Press

1:36:33 | Sep 23rd, 2018

From John Adams and the Alien Sedition Act, Lincoln's rage and FDR's giggling sidekicks, from JFK's light warnings to Trump and the press as the people's enemy, we look at the relationship between President and the Press.  Plus we are joined by Chris...Show More
Republic vs. Democracy: Radical Revolution - The Pennsylvania Radicals and the State Constitution of 1776

56:27 | Sep 8th, 2018

The Pennsylvania State Constitution of 1776, born in the fever of the signing of the Declaration and the radicalization of the city of Philadelphia expanded the rights of many but turned off a great many of those who had fought for independence. ...Show More
Twenty-Fifth Amendment: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the 25th Amendment, But Were Afraid to Ask.

54:57 | Sep 6th, 2018

Chester Arthur's dilemma.  Woodrow Wilson's secret.  Robert Kennedy's concern.  The Framers of the Constitution and the unnerving though of a disabled President.  A look at the history of Presidential Succession, from the Constitutional Convention to...Show More
Midterms: They Don't Always Work Out Badly for Presidents (But Mostly They Do)

1:19:43 | Aug 6th, 2018

In the past 100 years, over 80% of the first term midterms went badly for Presidents, and their party lost seats.   But in a few cases they did not.  And a few times when they did, the result was very little real change or even a kind of win.   A l...Show More
Statue Removal: National Valhalla: Statues, Confederates, Slaveowners, Washington, Trump, Memory and Time

58:19 | Aug 3rd, 2018

From the early attempts to depict Washington, to the first Congressional attempts to block Confederate statues, to today's debate.  In this episode Bruce examines the history behind statues in America, and Bruce looks at every debating point and angl...Show More
Impeachment: The Mystery of Impeachment - How it Works, What Happened in 1868 and More

1:18:43 | Aug 2nd, 2018

We look at the  Chase, Clinton and Johnson precedents for attempted impeachment, we attempt to answer questions about this oft-discussed, rarely used, and perhaps, poorly understood Constitutional function. Why is impeachment so rarely used?  Why ...Show More
Presidential Scandal: Watergate, Whitewater, and The Rich Texture of Presidential Scandal w/ Leon Neyfakh of The 'Slow Burn' Podcast

40:08 | Aug 1st, 2018

With Leon Neyfakh of The 'Slow Burn' Podcast, now in its Season 2,  (make sure to subscribe) we take a look at Presidential scandals and investigations including Watergate, Whitewater, the Travel Office snafu during the Clinton administration and oth...Show More
Rules of Political Debate: Godwin's Law is Not a Law

25:15 | Jul 30th, 2018

Godwin's Law is Not a Law.  And yet, it probably should be followed in most cases.  (re-do of past episode that contained an error).  The surprising history of the rule that one should not discuss Nazis in debates, and the person who is not a scient...Show More
War: 1983 and How Close We Came to Nuclear War w/ Marc Ambinder

1:05:05 | Jul 29th, 2018

Examining the moment in 1983 when nuclear war was possible with new research and stories from the Soviet side.  How close did we come to war?  And could that war have been accidental?  w/ White House Correspondent for National Journal and Political E...Show More
RFK Anniversary: Chris Matthews on Bobby Kennedy and the Missing Element in Today's Politics

30:23 | Jul 28th, 2018

Chris Matthews of Hardball joins the program!! He has just finished his book Bobby Kennedy - A Raging Spirit.  Chris talks about RFK and how his history and childhood, and his relationship with Joe Kennedy Senior that informed his own politics. Those...Show More
Tariffs: Smoot - The Man Behind the Tariff

50:42 | Jul 28th, 2018

You may know his tariff, but not him.  A look at the man behind the Smoot-Hawley Tariff.  Reed Smoot, Senator from Utah.  His history, his politics, his views on tariffs.  His battles for a mix of conservative issues and progressive stands.  And his ...Show More
Economy and Jobs: Dark Side of Booms Part 2: Wild Times in the North Dakota Bakken Fields w/ Maya Rao

48:47 | Jul 22nd, 2018

All about the Bakken oil region of North Dakota and the recent boom.  Fast money and fast growth in a state that had peaked in the 1930's High volume trucking on unsuited roads, High wages matched by high rents and local price inflation, hungry outsi...Show More
Gerrymandering: Gerry and His "Mander" (from 2013, with an Update on Gerrymandering Supreme Court case)

57:21 | Jul 18th, 2018

Elbridge Gerry lent his name to a tricky political maneuver.  Not that he wanted to, or perhaps, deserved it.  With gerrymandering of congressional districts and state legislative districts on the agenda of the Supreme Court, Bruce discusses the cour...Show More
Russia: Everything You Know About The Russian Revolution is Wrong - Russian Journalist Mikhail Zygar on 1917, History, Putin, Democracy and More

42:09 | Jul 18th, 2018

Everything you know about the Russian Revolution is wrong, and understanding that is the key to understanding today's Russia as well.  A very interesting conversation with Mikhail Zygar, Editor in Chief of the TV Dozhd and the Author of All the Kreml...Show More
Good Economic Times: The Dark Side of Booms: The 1920s

43:51 | Jul 17th, 2018

Are economic good times always good? A look at the 1920's and the other side of booming economic times.  This episode was recorded in 2014.
Soccer and Repression: 1978 and the World Cup in Argentina

45:40 | Jul 8th, 2018

The story of the 1978 World Cup, a cautionary tale about democracy.  The world spotlight on the junta that controlled Argentina that year helped focus some attention on the plight of the victims of a vicious dictatorship, but locally, may have enhanc...Show More
Democracy: The Life, and Hopefully Not Death, of Democracy - A Conversation w/ Dr. Paul Cartledge

1:07:01 | Jun 25th, 2018

We speak often of Democracy, but do we really know what it is?  We point to Athens as an example.  But what was Greek Democracy really like?  A conversation with Dr. Paul Cartledge, A.G. Leventis Senior Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge,...Show More
Trump and History: Take Trump. Add Historical Context. Rinse and Repeat.

37:49 | Jun 17th, 2018

What can history add to understanding the unconventional Presidency of Donald Trump?  What about his tweeting, that portrait of Andrew Jackson in the White House and the comparisons?  What are his reelection chances as of now, and how does the midter...Show More
Tariffs: Taft Walks Away - The Payne-Aldrich Tariff of 1909

29:38 | Jun 10th, 2018

Taft fails in trying to lower tariffs, setting up his successor to do it.  In frustration, he walks away from the White House.  Meanwhile, his opponent, William Jennings Bryan, destroys the tariff in several populist arguments.  A look at Payne-Aldri...Show More
Generations and Politics: I Was Born in 1869: A Look at a Generation

39:24 | Jun 6th, 2018

A generation defined by a technology that shook off the yoke of their parent's Civil War and took on the world, and took over the country by the turn of the century. This cast, which was previously recorded.  It is as he reveals, Bruce's own favorite...Show More
Woodrow Wilson Has No Friends: Wilson, His Politics and His Image Today with Patricia O'Toole

49:55 | Jun 3rd, 2018

Or so it seems these days.  Liberals, conservatives, anti-globalists, Fed haters, socialists, libertarians all have a bone to pick with him.  how much criticism does he deserve?   We speak with Patricia O'Toole, the author of 'The Moralist - Woodrow ...Show More
Infrastructure: The Bad Side and Good Side of Infrastructure - Robert Moses and Other Tales with Greg Young of the Bowery Boys NYC Podcast

46:59 | May 31st, 2018

Is infrastructure always good?  We talk with Greg Young of the Very Popular "Bowery Boys NYC" podcast, about infrastructure.  In particular the story of Robert Moses and his career reforming New York's infrastructure.  Until he met his match.  We als...Show More
Elvis Meets Nixon - The Insider Story

27:47 | May 15th, 2018

It was a strange series of event that lead to the King of Rock and Roll and President Nixon to meet at the White House.  A look at a frenetic day at the Nixon White House and the reasons behind the meeting.
US Intelligence Services: The Secret Intelligence of All The President's Men: Interview with David Priess on CIA Briefings, History, Trump, Mueller and More

49:05 | May 14th, 2018

We speak once again to David Priess, former CIA Briefer and the author of The President's Book of Secrets.  While last time we spoke mostly about Presidents and intelligence, this time we get into the other people who use intelligence and how they su...Show More
Hungover at the Gettysburg Address, Fun with County Election Results, a 13th Reagan We Didn't Discuss? And More..

53:00 | May 13th, 2018

Counties and the role they play in the election.  How they are over hyped in some memes but yet can provide some purpose as well.   Also in this hodge-podcast we look at John Hay, Lincoln's Secretary and later McKinley's Secretary of State.  What if ...Show More
Rigged Elections: That Time the DNC Rigged a Nomination

41:10 | Apr 26th, 2018

A look at 1944 and how intrigue, manipulation, misrepresentation, a few martinis, a song, an axe and a finger in the page of a book changed the history of the Presidency.
Saturday Night Nixon: The Firing That Sealed Watergate

28:29 | Apr 17th, 2018

The Saturday Night Massacre was the name given to the triple firing of a special prosecutor investigating President Nixon, the AG and the deputy AG on the same night in 1973. After the firing of the FBI Director by President Trump, all eyes are looki...Show More
Etiquette and Social Media: Where are Our Manners? Social Etiquette from Ben Franklin to Dale Carnegie to Today, w Jessica Weisberg

46:23 | Apr 9th, 2018

Jessica Weisberg has traced Ben Franklin's early advice-writing, read the "Lord Chesterfield" letters that early Americans read to learn how to act, attended Dale Carnegie workshops and spoke with Miss Manners all in a quest to track down why America...Show More
America and Rome: w/ Mike Duncan

45:59 | Apr 1st, 2018

Populism, Corruption, Citizenship and Immigration.  Rome struggled with these issues in its Republic phase.  Bruce is joined by Mike Duncan, host of The History of Rome Podcast, to talk about the pre-fall of the Roman Republic, period of 146 to 78 BC...Show More
Movies and Politics: Writing History With Lightning: The Controversial Mix of Movies and Politics and History

46:08 | Apr 1st, 2018

from D.W. Griffith to today, we look at the controversial use of movies and film in politics.  And how using video instead of argument may be popular, but it has its flaws.  We also look at some recent projects, Lincoln, Boardwalk Empire, Game Change...Show More
Political Alignments: Archie and Meathead America - w/ Chris Novembrino

1:10:57 | Mar 21st, 2018

We are joined by Chris Novembrino of The All in the Family Podcast and also Don't Worry About the Government Podcast.  We discuss All in the Family and Roseanne Barr, the political situation in 2018, the Mueller investigation, Congress, Tariffs, Debt...Show More
Searching for Eisenhower: Ike on War, Civil Rights, Big Government and Political Moderation (with William Hitchcock)

48:26 | Mar 19th, 2018

We discuss all things Ike with William Hitchcock - author of "The Age of Eisenhower."  We talk about how President Eisenhower was a surprisingly good politician, how he navigated Civil Rights, Social Security and other domestic programs, how he dealt...Show More
Presidential Power: Democracy's Diet? The Two-Term Presidential Limit of the 22nd Amendment

40:59 | Feb 27th, 2018

With the leader of China erasing that country's 2 term limit, we are taking a look back at the 2 term presidential limit in the United States, how recent it is and whether it's a good thing.  This episode is from 2012.   BTW - As you listen this w...Show More
U.S.-Mexico Relations w/ Bob Crawford and Ben Sawyer of "The Road to Now " Podcast Live in Mexico

1:00:25 | Feb 24th, 2018

The Mexican War, current U.S. politics, Mexican history are all topics Bruce joins Bob Crawford of the Avett Brothers and Dr. Benjamin Sawyer of Middle Tennessee State University, hosts of the Road to Now Podcast in Mexico where they discuss Mexico r...Show More
Investigating the Executive Branch: The Trial of Thomas Jefferson, Governor

32:13 | Feb 21st, 2018

"Public offices are, what they should be, burdens to those appointed to them which it would be wrong to decline, though foreseen to bring with them intense labor and great private loss." So wrote a newly elected governor Jefferson to a friend.  We t...Show More
Economy and Jobs: Debunking "The Good Old Days" Argument with Gregg Easterbrook

31:53 | Feb 19th, 2018

Was the past better? Were the "Good Old Days" really all they are chalked up to be?   Gregg Easterbrook, author of It's Better Than it Looks: Reasons for Optimism in an Age of Fear, has a bold argument.  Things are better now then they have ever bee...Show More
The Spanish Flu of 1918 and Its Aftermath - Conversation with Laura Spinney

35:06 | Feb 14th, 2018

The flu season is bad this year, but it's nowhere near as bad as 100 years ago. A replay of this episode where we speak with Laura Spinney, science journalist and author of "Pale Rider: The Spanish Flu of 1918 and How It Changed the World" and disc...Show More
A Bit About Government Shutdowns and Show Update

17:02 | Jan 28th, 2018

In 1981, the government was shut off - that's what they called it then.  But just for a day.  We discuss how new the concept of sending federal workers home is, and when and how it started.  Plus a show update and some of the other podcasts I've appe...Show More
Where's Reagan? Reagan in Our Politics Today - The Final of the Dozen Ronald Reagans Series - Episode Twelve

1:09:53 | Jan 22nd, 2018

Where does Reagan fit into politics today?  Would he fit in the modern GOP?  Or somewhere else.  Can you compare and contrast Reagan and Trump in any meaningful way?  How was his Presidency?  How do his accomplishment stack up and what can future pol...Show More
Did Reagan Win the Cold War? A Dozen Ronald Reagans - Episode Eleven

1:47:22 | Jan 21st, 2018

Did Gorbachev?  Did anyone?  Starting with the Reykjavik Summit of 1986 and a fly on the wall view of the events there, we look at the pro-Reagan and anti-Reagan arguments regarding his role in the ending of the Cold War, and try to capture everythin...Show More
Year of the Missile: Reagan's First Term Cold War Steps - A Dozen Ronald Reagans, Part 10

1:00:04 | Jan 20th, 2018

It's 1983 and the world is scared. In answering the question of Reagan's credit for "winning the Cold War." it's necessary to break up the first-term pre-Gorbachev moves from the second-term moves.  We do that in this episode.  Remember to ta...Show More
Healthcare: Doctor Nixon, President Nixon on Healthcare

15:08 | Jan 17th, 2018

The views of the 37th President on healthcare, his reaction to Clinton's healthcare plan and his own 1974 healthcare plan. Also: Nixon on Ike and Reagan.
Presidential Final Years: Interview with Greg Barker, Director of The Final Year

23:03 | Jan 14th, 2018

We speak with Greg Barker the director of THE FINAL YEAR, a documentary about the final year of Barack Obama's Presidency, and look at the final years of other Presidents. Next week, Episode 10 of A Dozen Ronald Reagans - a new episode.
Shockwave 1981 - A Dozen Ronald Reagans Part Nine

41:20 | Jan 11th, 2018

An Election Changes Everything...A Secretary of State Loses Favor with the White House...A President Defies Norms...Secretaries Make Shocking Statements...Springsteen is Angry  -A tremendous upheaval in politics occurred with a new President influenc...Show More
White House on Fire: Iran Contra - A Dozen Ronald Reagans Part 8 -REPLAY

44:40 | Jan 9th, 2018

In the eight part of our series on the Presidency of Ronald Reagan, we look at the scandal that engulfed his administration, and management style mistakes that may have led to it.  In the course of doing this we peel back a few layers, including the ...Show More
Reformation: Tax Reform , Immigration, S&Ls - A Dozen Ronald Reagans - Part Seven

46:07 | Jan 6th, 2018

Reagan is not often seen as a reformer but in many cases, there were massive shifts on domestic policy in the 1980s and not all of them were to the standard political right. Strange bedfellows Bill Bradley and Ronald Reagan work together to achieve s...Show More
Hands Across America:: A Dozen Ronald Reagans Part Six - REPLAY

42:40 | Jan 4th, 2018

Homelessness, education, healthcare and other domestic issues under constant evaluation during the time of the Reagan Presidency. We look at the personal Ronald Reagan and the contention of critics that his policies didn't match the person. We look a...Show More
Nazis and Politics: Skokie and Speech

33:25 | Jan 2nd, 2018

In the wake of the events of Charlottesville, a look at the Neo Nazi rally in Skokie, IL in 1977 and the resulting Supreme Court Case and the ACLU's role.  In recent days Skokie has been brought up; and a look at the history of events is useful.   W...Show More
That "Other Part" of The Declaration of Independence: The Grievances and What They Say About Executive Power, Immigration, and Other Issues

30:00 | Jan 1st, 2018

We know about the first half of the Declaration of Independence and life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But the Declaration also contains a listing of facts submitted to a "candid world" detailing what was wrong in the American colonies. The ...Show More
Witches' Brew: Central America, Lebanon, Poland - A Dozen Ronald Reagans: Part Four

1:25:59 | Dec 31st, 2017

James Baker called Reagan's foreign policy "a witches brew." In one country, a longshot try for peace. In others, alliances with warmakers. Reagan's policy towards seven nations - El Salvador, Lebanon, Poland, Nicaragua, China, Grenada and Guatemal...Show More
Rubik's Cube: Two Reagan Mysteries Solved - A Dozen Ronald Reagans: Part Three -

1:04:01 | Dec 29th, 2017

We seek to solve two puzzles: How did Reagan the Truman booster become Reagan the Goldwater acolyte? And when he entered politics, became GOP nominee and President, what were the economic results of his Presidency? Over 30 Bonus Episodes ...Show More
A Taxing Second Year - A Dozen Ronald Reagans Part Two

49:57 | Dec 26th, 2017

1982 doesn't go as well for Ronald Reagan as 1981 did.  Recession hits, a recession that challenges cuts of the previous year.  Compromises, new taxes, the reality of deficits hit hard.  David Stockman, the chief budget czar of Reaganomics is blocked...Show More
Rawhide is OK - First of Our Series on a 'Dozen Ronald Reagans' -REPLAY

57:22 | Dec 23rd, 2017

Replay from 2016 First in our series on Ronald Reagan that will have twelve episodes. The Presidency we discuss almost didn't happen. A look at the attempt on Reagan's life, his first year and why the shooting was not an unimportant incident of his...Show More
Charles I, Monarchy and Mobs, 1640's Fake News and War on Christmas w/ Leanda de Lisle, Author of The White King

44:33 | Dec 17th, 2017

Charles I of England was executed after losing the English Civil War to Oliver Cromwell and the Parliamentary Forces. We take a look at his struggle with author Leanda de Lisle.  In her book, The White King, she portrays the late king as a defender o...Show More
Star-Spangled Banner History and Special Fundraiser Episode

10:56 | Dec 6th, 2017

A bit of history about America's national anthem, and a special offer for the Premium Extra podcast - extra archive episodes for membership levels.
Lincoln Faces a Blue Tsunami: The 1862 Midterm

35:06 | Nov 21st, 2017

A look at Lincoln's first midterm, and the troubles he faced in trying to hold on to Congress in the midst of a war and an energized base in the opponent's party.
William McKinley Got Us Here: Interview with Robert W. Merry about POTUS 25, American Expansion, Income Taxes, Presidents and Press and More

43:02 | Nov 15th, 2017

He's more than the President that was shot in office, more than just the guy before Teddy Roosevelt.  William McKinley set in motion the America that we have now.  His views on expansion, free trade, taxes, and money set up modern America.  We speak ...Show More
Now on the Premium Podcast: History of a History - a Look at Ken Burns's "The Civil War" (Preview.) - PLUS an Interview with Chris Novembrino of DWATG Podcast about Donna Brazile and DNC

44:03 | Nov 13th, 2017

A preview of the Premium Podcast episode on Ken Burns's Civil War, where we analyze the 1990 series amid today's events.  For more, subscribe to the Premium podcast at   Also, an interview with Chris N...Show More
Bruce Takes Twenty Questions on History and Politics

1:02:47 | Nov 9th, 2017

Early colonial income tax, Pardons, Third parties.    Herbert Hoover.  The Grand Old Democratic Party?  Mexico's contribution to WW2.  The ERA, DNC primary rigging.  A little alt his where Ford becomes VP under Reagan...Bruce takes questions and offe...Show More
President by Accident: Truman, Atomic Warfare, Russians and Trump w/ A.J. Baime

47:19 | Oct 17th, 2017

In a day everything changed and a new President inhabited the chair in the White House.  The country and the world were anxious.  Russia and Asia Pacific were frightening foreign policy issues.  We are speaking of 1945, but as A.J. Baime, author of T...Show More
The Spanish Flu of 1918 and Its Aftermath - Conversation with Laura Spinney

35:06 | Sep 12th, 2017

We speak with Laura Spinney, science journalist and author of "Pale Rider: The Spanish Flu of 1918 and How It Changed the World" and discuss the dreadful disease that claimed 50-100 million lives, more than the Great War that preceded it.  The so-cal...Show More
Patrick Henry, Underrated Founder - Interview with Jon Kukla

45:38 | Sep 5th, 2017

He was essential to the colonial resistance to the Stamp Act.  He was the bulwark of the American Revolution in Virginia. and supported Washington when others did not.  Yet for many Americans, Patrick Henry is known for making one speech and utterin...Show More
The Split on The Left of Politics and Why it Matters, w/ Chris Novembrino

1:09:45 | Aug 22nd, 2017

While so much attention is focused on splits in the GOP, there is a gaping split on the left that while, perhaps not large, is important to understanding both what happened in 2016 and the politics of 2017 and moving forward.  Special guest Chris Nov...Show More
Elvis Presley and America

54:05 | Aug 15th, 2017

On the 40th Anniversary of the rock star's death, We talk to Bob Crawford and Dr. Ben Sawyer of The Road to Now Podcast about Elvis Presley, American life, rock and roll, drugs, the 'Shut Up and Sing' debate and many other things. Music (theme www...Show More
Avoiding War Between the U.S. and China: Interview with Dr. Graham Allison of Harvard Kennedy School

40:07 | Aug 9th, 2017

We discuss the "Thucydides's Trap" n this cast with Dr. Graham Allison, who has advised Defense Secretaries from the Reagan to the Obama Administrations. He is the author of Destined for War: America, China, and Thucydides's Trap. Dating back to At...Show More
Written Out of History? Robert Yates, Luther Martin, Mercy Otis Warren

44:04 | Aug 1st, 2017

James Otis, Robert Yates and Mercy Otis Warren are not names that roll off the tongue, but they did make important contributions to Constitutional debate. Senator Michael Lee's recent book Written Out of History details Founders he says have been 'w...Show More
Charleston 1860 and Secession: Interview with Paul Starobin

45:15 | Jul 22nd, 2017

Polarized politics, fear, a media with intent to inflame and make its owners famous, no budging on either side, confidence and even mania - that's the combo that author Paul Starobin of the Atlantic and the New Republic describes as the factors that ...Show More
Now on the Premium Podcast: Ford's Short and Difficult Tenure as VP, Plus Carlson Interview with DWATG Podcast

21:59 | Jul 5th, 2017

Ford became the first Vice President to be appointed as a result of the 25th amendment, and his eight month long tenure as VP occurred during the Watergate scandal.  A preview of the episode on the Premium cast, available at www.myistorycanbeatupyour...Show More
Interview with Kevin Lacz, Decorated Navy SEAL and Star of "American Sniper"

43:18 | Jun 23rd, 2017

In this episode, I interview decorated Navy SEAL and "American Sniper" Star Kevin Lacz. He is he author of THE LAST PUNISHER, A Seal Team Three Sniper's True Account of the Battle of Ramadi.  He served with Chris Kyle, the subject of the movie Americ...Show More
Listener Questions June 2017 - The Unknown Noble, British History, Veeps, States from States and Textualism

33:15 | Jun 21st, 2017

A French nobleman whose face adorns Congress never knew America.  But it's OK, most Americans don't know him.  We talk about Simon de Montfort.  We also talk about making new states, and textualism and Joe Biden.  Bruce settles a score and takes a we...Show More
Interview with Sidney Blumenthal - Putting Lincoln in a Political Context, Stephen Douglas, Jefferson Davis, The Whigs and More

50:41 | Jun 15th, 2017

We are joined by the author of Wrestling With His Angel: The Political Life of Abraham Lincoln  Vol II, Sidney Blumenthal.  In this cast, he talks about Lincoln in the 1850's, as he emerges as a small-time lawyer to being 'woke' by the passage of the...Show More
Dueling -The Bad Side and The Secret Good Side to a Tragic American Practice - PLUS a Call to Fill Out the MHCBUYP Survey

23:21 | Jun 3rd, 2017

The Two Hamiltons, and other Americans lost to the practice of dueling.  We explain what dueling is and what dueling is not and explore the issues around a practice that was common, if somewhat illicit in the time of the founding of America.
You Don't Know About Franklin Pierce

56:42 | May 28th, 2017

The 14th President is among the most unknown, as he was when he won in a surprising election.  Yet he started with great promise.  Youthful, regal in manner and style, with celebrity friends, many thought his Presidency was a renewal for the country....Show More
Lincoln Over Easy: The Creation of a President's Image

31:33 | May 20th, 2017

How does history create a Presidential image?  We try to answer this with a look at how Lincoln became an image.  Not only were historians involved but the family, a sculptor, some oddballs and some really good Lincoln friends.
Explaining Brexit and The U.K Election to Americans – Conversation with Stephen Byrne of WhatAmPolitics Podcast

45:08 | May 16th, 2017

In this episode, we go ‘across the pond’ and think about politics, with our special guest Stephen Byrne from WhatAmPolitics Podcast, a listener to the program and someone that Bruce has spoken to whenever UK events happen. We discuss: Why is Britain ...Show More
JFK at 100 – Searching for The True Kennedy (Interview with Thomas Oliphant)

56:00 | May 9th, 2017

Will the real JFK please stand up.   What image should we have today of the 35th President.  Our interview with author and Boston Globe reporter Thomas Oliphant, about his book Road to Camelot Inside JFKs Five Year Campaign.  We talk about how we sho...Show More
Shockwave – A President Upends Politics in 1981 - Part Nine, A Dozen Ronald Reagans

41:20 | May 2nd, 2017

A tremendous upheaval in politics occurred with a new President influenced by new media and speaking new political language, with a willingness to bend the rules.  The upending culminates in a radical foreign policy no one expected and few, at that t...Show More
Bringing Texty Back? Gorsuch, Scalia, Hugo Black and the Words of Law

1:03:14 | Apr 13th, 2017

The textualism of conservative Justice Scalia and liberal Justice Hugo Black is contrasted and compared as we anticipate the arrival of Neil Gorsuch to the Court.  Gorsuch is a committed textualist.  What does that mean?  We look at that, we look at ...Show More
The President’s Book of Secrets: Interview with David Priess

47:32 | Apr 2nd, 2017

Presidents and Intelligence, from Kennedy to Trump.  With a particular focus on the PDB or the Presidents Daily Briefing with Dr. David Priess, the Author of The President’s Book of Secrets. We discuss: Tension Presidents and The CIA, In History and ...Show More
All Politics is Social - and Other Observations About The New Politics of 2017

41:13 | Mar 27th, 2017

It’s a crazy time, but Bruce’s Fourteen Points about Politics in 2017 seeks to provide some clarity on what’s going on and where both parties stand.  The points include going Back to the Past, Clarity on Reelections and Midterms, About Town Halls, Th...Show More
Butterfield: Nixon’s Watergate Frenemy

22:27 | Mar 18th, 2017

Alexander Butterfield, Nixon’s deputy COS who revealed the existence of the taping system in the White House, gets only a small mention in Watergate history but he has a lot to contribute to the understanding of it.   He recently spoke to Bob Woodwar...Show More
Labor Unions in Five Angles

37:13 | Mar 16th, 2017

A look at labor unions from their historical beginnings and their height in the 30s to 60s to today.
The Dark Side of Rights

36:18 | Mar 12th, 2017

It's always assumed that rights are a good, but as Bruce discusses in this cast, a replay of one of the most popular My History Can Beat Up Your Politics casts, this is not always the even trade off it appears.  Rights complicate democracy and the po...Show More
Four Stories of #Resistance

36:48 | Mar 11th, 2017

Looking at the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Freedom Summer, Mothers of the Disappeared and the American Revolution, we look at change, from despair to anger to moderation.  These stories are used to answer the question – What does political change take?  ...Show More
That Time When a Presidential Candidate Actually Was Bugged

19:39 | Mar 4th, 2017

…and probably for a good reason. 1968 and an announcement of a bombing halt over Vietnam by LBJ in the last week of the election has all sides moving in many directions. Evidence points to Nixon campaign involvement in scuttling talks through a third...Show More
Alcatraz: The American Indian Movement

48:06 | Feb 21st, 2017

The 1969 occupation of the former federal prison by Native American activists was the beginning of a movement and a shift in perception that lives on today. We discuss: Why Alcatraz? The 1973...Show More
Interview w/ John Avlon, Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Beast, Author of Washington’s Farewell

35:22 | Feb 13th, 2017

George Washington is a distant figure.  Sometimes, because of the distance in time, he appears too ancient to influence America’s debates today.  But he was a real person, and he was involved in politics and dealt with partisanship.  He also left beh...Show More
The First Hundred Days from Wilson to Trump

44:25 | Feb 5th, 2017

Not everyone can be an FDR, but everyone tries. A look at the American tradition of 100 days – the period in which the President, supposedly, must get everything done.  A White House mastering it, and another White House, besieged by the press, not m...Show More
Unfriending From Jefferson and Adams, to today

51:02 | Jan 31st, 2017

A look at the famous series of letters between Jefferson and Adams.  Friends as young diplomats, they 'unfriended' and 'refriended' from the time of their Presidencies and politics to their old age.
How Mandates Were Invented

46:32 | Jan 30th, 2017

The concept of a President earning a right to govern and direct the agenda on behalf of the People is, in historical terms, a new concept.   No such concept is present in Constitution, nor does it appear, was imagined by Constitutional supporters or ...Show More
Why is There an Electoral College?

40:22 | Jan 28th, 2017

A look at the Senator who tried to end the Electoral College and the original reasons for it.  It has as much to do with 1969 as it does with 1787
Now on the Premium Cast: Thomas Eagleton and George McGovern 1972 More to the Story

12:56 | Jan 28th, 2017

Thomas Eagleton was selected as the Vice Presidential candidate for the Democrats and candidate George McGovern. It seemed like the right choice. Then everything went wrong. Yet there is more to the story than most know, and a recent book has reveale...Show More
The Census - The Original Big Data

13:19 | Jan 26th, 2017

Despite a tendency towards state action and small actions at the general level, even the early American government knew that data - seeking would have a role.  and they put a man in charge of it up to the task - Thomas Jefferson.  From the 1790's to ...Show More
The Power to Pardon

24:47 | Jan 16th, 2017

One of the President’s greatest and least checked powers is designed to overcome unfortunate guilt, legal error, or to take some action for national good.  A look at what Alexander Hamilton called “the benign prerogative,” and its history. http://www...Show More
The (Very Few) Rejected Cabinet Choices

20:27 | Jan 11th, 2017

From Roger Taney to Charles Warren (pictured) to John Tower, the few and the not so proud perhaps.  It is rare for the choice of a President not to get their choice.  But there have been a few rejections.  And why?  Were they rejected for great reaso...Show More
Fib That American President Creates Jobs

50:27 | Dec 1st, 2016

Based on a new book by Bruce, a look at the myth that the President creates jobs, from Monroe to Kennedy to Trump
The 2016 Election, Taken with a Swig of History

46:14 | Nov 10th, 2016

A look at the election of 1916, also a surprise to supposed-President Hughes.  And about 2016, how close all of us were and how far away, and what happens now.
Bruce Carlson Interviewed on the Road to Now

41:23 | Nov 7th, 2016

An interview with Ben and Bob (who turned out to be a fellow college grad of mine) of the excellent Road to Now podcast we discuss all sorts of things about Presidential elections.
The Real Story of the 1948 Election

54:06 | Nov 1st, 2016

Was it a comeback, really, or did the polls just get what was going on wrong.  Days before the 2016 election, we looked at this question.
The History of Vice Presidential Debates

26:06 | Oct 14th, 2016

From the first VP debate in 1976 to now, a look at the No. 2's and how their one big campaign moment can change things, or not.
Navy Blue Nixon and Other Stories

22:12 | Oct 13th, 2016

The history of 2nd debates in American History.  Often this is where the action happens. In 1960, it changed the election campaign even if no one noticed.
All That Stuff That Happens Before the Debate

31:33 | Oct 6th, 2016

From negotiations, to locations, to dress - everything in a Presidential debate matters.  Why wouldn't it, when it was felt by many that the first debate ever was won on style points.
1884: A Very Unpleasant Election - Cleveland vs. Blaine

33:20 | Oct 2nd, 2016

Two candidates.  Both disliked by their parties.  Not loved by voters.  One maybe slightly better than the other.  Until a scandal breaks, making the election a squeaker.
5 Factors for Trump, 5 Factors for Clinton

29:22 | Oct 1st, 2016

Looking at historical trends for both sides of the election, Bruce finds five for Hillary, but also five for Trump and tells a story about how Coolidge didn't like Hoover so much.
Walter Jenkins and the 1964 Election

29:44 | Sep 29th, 2016

The October Surprise scandal that could have been, but almost brought down LBJ.  What it says about history and today.
From Dump the Hump to Near Victory: The Final Days of 1968

19:40 | Sep 15th, 2016

The wild last days of one of the closest elections ever.

17:09 | Sep 14th, 2016

The final speech of a candidate throughout history.  It's usually a smooth process, but sometimes there's a story.
White House on Fire: Iran-Contra – A Dozen Ronald Reagans – Part Eight

44:40 | Sep 12th, 2016

In the eight part of our series on the Presidency of Ronald Reagan, we look at the scandal that engulfed his administration, and management style mistakes that may have led to it.  In the course of doing this we peel back a few layers, including the ...Show More
Reformation - Tax Reform , Immigration A Dozen Ronald Reagans - Part Seven

46:07 | Sep 10th, 2016

Reagan is not often seen as a reformer but in many cases, there were massive shifts on domestic policy in the 1980s and not all of them were to the standard political right.  Strange bedfellows Bill Bradley and Ronald Reagan work together to achieve ...Show More
Hands Across America - A Dozen Ronald Reagans Part Six

42:40 | Sep 9th, 2016

Homelessness, education, healthcare and other domestic issues under constant evaluation during the time of the Reagan Presidency.  We look at the personal Ronald Reagan and the contention of critics that his policies didn't match the person.  We look...Show More
1976 Convention: A Dozen Ronald Reagans - Part Five

38:48 | Sep 9th, 2016

Reagan Battles Ford for the GOP Nomination
A Dozen Ronald Reagans: Part Four - Witches' Brew

1:25:59 | Sep 8th, 2016

James Baker called Reagan's foreign policy a witches brew.    In one country, a longshot try for peace.  In others, alliances with warmakers.  In one country, an invasion, others aversion to invade.   In one country, an odd combo of labor unions, the...Show More
A Dozen Ronald Reagans: Part Three - Rubik's Cube

1:04:01 | Sep 7th, 2016

We seek to solve two puzzles:  How did Reagan the Truman booster become Reagan the Goldwater acolyte?   And when he entered politics, became GOP nominee and President, what were the economic results of his Presidency?  Also, Reagan and the KAL007 inc...Show More
A Dozen Ronald Reagans: Part Two - A Taxing Second Year

49:57 | Sep 6th, 2016

Reagan's second year was much harder than the first - a look at 1982 and the compromises Reagan had to make, a midterm election and more.
A Dozen Ronald Reagans: Part One - Rawhide is OK

57:22 | Sep 5th, 2016

First in our series on Ronald Reagan that will have twelve episodes.  The Presidency we discuss almost didn't happen.  A look at the attempt on Reagan's life, his first year and why the shooting was not an unimportant incident of his Presidency but d...Show More
The Five Biggest Fibs in American Politics - Book Available

10:55 | Sep 4th, 2016

Readings from Bruce's New Book, The Five Biggest Fibs in American Politics
The Moped and the Maserati: Why Third Parties Haven't Won in American Politics

24:20 | Aug 2nd, 2016

About 3rd parties, with a focus on John Anderson's campaign and many others.
Bob Seeger and the Steelworker - Manufacturing vs. Service in Political Debates

15:26 | Aug 2nd, 2016

The debate rages over how to bring our factories back in the United States and in 2016, it crossed parties to the Republican side as well as the Democratic party side.  We look at the issues behind this debate.
Top 10 Worst VP Picks in History

40:33 | Jul 31st, 2016

Usually a choice at the top of the ticket helps.  But sometimes it doesn't.  Bruce goes into his  Top 10 Worst VP Picks.
Rottenborough Delegates

20:32 | Jul 7th, 2016

Delegates to a party from a state that the party wont carry in an election.  (Vermont for today's Republicans, Alabama for today's Democrats).  Should they have an influence on party nominations.  This question is as old as at least 1860, and it help...Show More
1840 -Clowns With Pink Noses and Lofty Tumbling

09:56 | Jul 7th, 2016

Story of the zany election in 1840 which some felt was to "Pop" for its time.
How Jimmy Carter Lost the Campaign and Won the Election

16:50 | Jul 6th, 2016

The Story of Jimmy Carter's 1976 Campaign and how a primary candidate genius faced a real difficult fall.
A Little Story About 1824

36:22 | Jul 2nd, 2016

A Surprise populist candidate excites the electorate, and the attacks go back and forth.  He almost upsets a Secretary of State that is well in the Washington establishment.
Bruce Carlson Interviewed on DWATG Cast - Trump VP, Conventions, If Biden Had Run, and More

57:57 | May 25th, 2016

Interview with the Don't Worry About the Government Cast from May 2016
The First Presidential Farewell

19:16 | May 11th, 2016

As President Obama offers his farewell commentary, a look at our 2012 cast on George Washington‘s Farewell Address and a few other timely thoughts.
The History of Cinco De Mayo

04:49 | May 5th, 2016

Not just a holiday.  We go to post-Civil War Mexico and find out the true story of a significant battle.
The Myth of "The Founding Fathers Said..This or That!"

31:49 | Apr 6th, 2016

In this episode we look at the concept of "Founding Fathers."  It's not a term common to use on this podcast, but it's not without any meaning either.  We look at the early Americans that helped to 'found' the nation.  One thing is clear - there's a ...Show More
South Carolina Primary History - Helping Ronald, Helping Ourselves

15:22 | Feb 16th, 2016

The story of the South Carolina primary is linked to Reagan's election as President, and a switch in its convention system to aid the conservative candidate from his only significant threat in the primary process.
Huey Long and Trump, Vetoes, and Other Stories

30:57 | Jan 19th, 2016

Bruce gives his best imitation of a PBS telethon and reveals a special offer for donors. Also Huey Long visits the show (well you know, not really) a discussion of vetoes and the naming of wars...and because not even MHCBUYP can avoid it, we talk abo...Show More
Of Vice and Men

1:01:01 | Nov 23rd, 2015

Everything about Vice Presidents running for President, why the office was almost eliminated after an election, a little about me, more about Nixon and Kissinger and a What If about the 1976 election.
LBJ 's Cell Phone and His Decision to Jump on the Ticket in 1960

27:36 | Oct 29th, 2015

In answering a question about JFK's health and its role in Lyndon Johnson's decision to accept the Vice Presidency, Bruce takes a look at the people and factors surrounding Johnson's decision, Kennedy's motivations, Eisenhower's indirect role, and th...Show More
The Man Who Saved Boston But Never Got Credit, Also - the Last Lincoln?

32:49 | Oct 15th, 2015

A bit about Cotton Mather and the unknown man held in slavery to him (for a time) who saved Bostonians from smallpox. The story is an odd mixture of religiousity and science.  Since vaccines could not be proven for years to come, it took a man of fai...Show More
The Slaughter Could Not Be Ignored -

1:12:43 | Oct 1st, 2015

Rerun from 2013, but obviously seems very relevant now.  A look at this attempt at a single, fix it amendment, to get over a reluctant President, which didn't work but has impacts on today's politics.
The Complicated History of Confederates and Traitors - Did King George get a CC?

37:55 | Sep 15th, 2015

Did King George Ever get a copy of the Declaration?  and a look at Confederates and treason.  The history is more complicated than some of the modern debates refer to, and the issue was very considered over the period after the Civil War.
Your TV Dinner Is Served -Mad Man Finale, 1980 Election and Many Other Side Dishes

48:48 | May 20th, 2015

The 1980 GOP primary, a year with a large field of candidates- larger than remembered - makes up Your Tasty Entree in this delicious podcast of TV history and politics.  Also the series finale of Mad Men and how it links to historical discussion.  Ca...Show More
It's Not Common to Be Unconstitutional

10:52 | May 13th, 2015

The rareness of SCOTUS actually finding laws of Congress unconstitutional might surprise some, though it does act in big ways when it feels it hast to.  That and SCOTUS judges who have surprised Presidents.
LBJ and The Creation of Medicare - 50 Years Ago

35:55 | May 1st, 2015

50 years ago, Medicare was created and some of it was recorded. We'll look at the original conversations that demonstrate LBJ's work on the bill, and compare the enactment of Medicare to the Affordable Care Act. And we'll contrast the two bill's pass...Show More
The Craziest Speaker Election Ever and Other Ephemra

52:33 | Apr 8th, 2015

There have been some pretty interesting elections for Speaker of the House of Representatives in the United States, but only one where the Congressional Mace had to be pulled out in order to be used as a potential weapon.  We go over the 1849 electio...Show More
The Whole World is Watching - Chicago 1968

25:53 | Mar 19th, 2015

In the wake of Occupy Movements, we took a look at what happened at the Democratic Convention in Chicago in 1968.
Social Security Had Its Glitches Too

28:17 | Dec 25th, 2014

In the wake of Obamacare problems, we look at the frustrations of those attempting to implement Social Security.  The first consultant told Congress to drop the idea.  When they refused, an incredible system was developed in the Pre Computer Age.