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Phil Rossi


Some places are far darker than deep space. Places where the shadows smile. Where men go mad and lovers go missing. These stygian corners of existence are where reality is stretched thin and something hungry is waiting just outside the corner of ...Show More

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28. Crescent: Part 23 - Crescent

36:13 | Nov 28th, 2007

-In this episode: The End. Thanks to *everybody* who provided love, support, and feedback all the way. Crescent happened because of you.

27. Crescent: Part 22 - Crescent

1:06:30 | Nov 27th, 2007

-In this episode: Come inside. The party is almost over.

26. Crescent: Part 21 - Crescent

38:09 | Nov 26th, 2007

-In this episode: A little change is good. Gerald takes a moment to celebrate being alive. Crescent's latest guest arrives.

25. Special Episode: Listener Feedback - Crescent

45:04 | Nov 25th, 2007

-In this episode: The author thanks his listeners and the Podiobooks staff and reflects on the journey with just three chapters to go.

24. Crescent: Part 20 - Crescent

43:06 | Nov 24th, 2007

-In this episode: Gerald is, once again, alone in jail. Kendall goes for a stroll. The ball gets rolling. Gerald finds freedom and an old friend.

23. Crescent: Part 19, Act II - Crescent

29:34 | Nov 23rd, 2007

-In this episode: Doc Cortez is feeling better. Ina and Mahila have a meeting.

22. Crescent: Part 19, Act I - Crescent

32:16 | Nov 22nd, 2007

-In this episode: Nigel experiences the aftermath. Maerl makes a new friend. Gerald gets some neighbors.

21. Crescent: Part 18, Act II - Crescent

33:59 | Nov 21st, 2007

-In this episode: Marisa visits Gerald. Ina and Marisa have a chat. There's a party at Heathens.

20. Crescent: Part 18, Act I - Crescent

26:24 | Nov 20th, 2007

-In this episode: Albin finds Jacob. Nigel fills Marisa in. Gerald has a dream and a visitor.

19. Crescent: Part 17 - Crescent

30:18 | Nov 19th, 2007

-In this episode: Albin and Jacob run a few errands. Gerald and Marisa learn a thing or two. The shadows smile.

18. Crescent: Part 16 - Crescent

38:00 | Nov 18th, 2007

-In this episode: Gerald and the Mayor's boys have a sit down. Ina makes a diagnosis. Gerald and Bean go for a ride.

17. Crescent: Part 15 - Crescent

23:09 | Nov 17th, 2007

-In this episode: Ina delivers some news. Donovan doesn't feel so hot. Fever dreams--they can be both vivid and unsettling.

16. Crescent: Part 14, Act II - Crescent

27:21 | Nov 16th, 2007

-In this episode: Marisa Griffin does not like being backed into a corner. A special visitor arrives on the station.

15. Crescent: Part 14, Act I - Crescent

29:34 | Nov 15th, 2007

-In this episode: Nigel Swaren gets curious. He and Mayor Kendall have a heart-to-heart. Nigel and Gerald meet for a drink.

14. Crescent: Part 13, Act II - Crescent

37:53 | Nov 14th, 2007

-In this episode: Gerald and Ina leave Anrar III with more than when they had arrived. Donovan explores the lifeboat. Mayor Kendall and Mahila have a talk.

13. Crescent: Part 13, Act I - Crescent

33:31 | Nov 13th, 2007

-In this episode: Gerald and Ina make discover strange and grim things within the geological outpost. Albin moves some inventory. Marisa goes to Nigel for help.

12. Crescent: Part 12 - Crescent

48:00 | Nov 12th, 2007

-In this episode: Gerald and Marisa hatch a plan. Gerald and Ina take a trip planet-side.

11. Crescent: Part 11 - Crescent

36:59 | Nov 11th, 2007

-In this episode: Marisa finds distraction in a pill bottle. Nigel Swaren takes interest in a particular deleted log entry. Marisa goes for a walk.

10. Crescent: Part 10 - Crescent

30:24 | Nov 10th, 2007

-In this episode: Crescent is not all metal and shadows. Gerald looks deep within for a sensitive side and comes up empty. Donovan Cortez makes Gerald another offer.

9. Crescent: Part 9 - Crescent

42:02 | Nov 9th, 2007

-In this episode: Nigel Swaren, Core Sec auditor, hitches a ride to Crescent. Mayor Kendall does not like what he sees. Marisa and Kendall spend some quality time together.

8. Crescent: Part 8 - Crescent

40:51 | Nov 8th, 2007

-In this episode: Walter Vegan wants more money. Donovan Cortez has a confession to make. Marisa goes down to the water.

7. Crescent: Part 7 - Crescent

26:40 | Nov 7th, 2007

-In this episode: Gerald and Mayor Kendall talk about girls, lies, and pain. Marisa has a face-to-face with Mahila, Crescent's resident crone. Albin Catleay and Jacob Raney facilitate some personnel changes at the Farm.

6. Crescent: Part 6 - Crescent

28:08 | Nov 6th, 2007

-In this episode: Crescent's Mayor is distracted; he still manages to appreciate the view. Marisa is called into service. A familiar scalp leads Marisa off the beaten path.

5. Crescent: Part 5 - Crescent

43:47 | Nov 5th, 2007

-In this episode: Gerald Evans and Ina Cortez leave Crescent on a below-the-radar salvage run in search of a two-hundred year old derelict. Marisa returns to work at Security HQ only to face a change in responsibilities. In a dark and distant asteroi...Show More

4. Crescent: Part 4 - Crescent

31:15 | Nov 4th, 2007

-In this episode: Some days are better than others--take two. Another rough shift on the job makes Gerald wonder if he made the right decision. Gerald and Marisa have a talk and make up for a few hours. Gerald thinks he's seeing things (again) and de...Show More

3. Crescent: Part 3 - Crescent

35:36 | Nov 3rd, 2007

-In this episode: It's a colorful evening at the local watering hole. Loud music and an almost-brawl give way to bloodshed and nightmarish sights. Crescent Security Officer Marisa Griffin has a rude awakening. She spends the rest of the night in a ho...Show More

2. Crescent: Part 2 - Crescent

25:34 | Nov 2nd, 2007

-In this episode: Some days are better than others. Gerald, hung-over and sleep-deprived, accepts a new job. Gerald experiences bad coffee and has a strange encounter. His first day on the job does not go according to plan.

1. Crescent: Part 1 - Crescent

37:32 | Nov 1st, 2007

-In this episode: Welcome to Crescent. Gerald Evans, a salvage pilot, arrives on the space station to receive a warm welcome, a job offer, and an unexpected visitor.