Battleship Pretension

Tyler Smith & David Bax

Battleship Pretension is a podcast that represents the kind of conversations that film geeks have when they get together. There are strong opinions, in-jokes, obscure references, and wild tangents. And, since Tyler and David are two of the sharpest w...Show More
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1:45:56 | Nov 8th

Tyler and David discuss what they've been watching, including A Hidden Life, The Addams Family, Ad Astra, Us, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, The Kingmaker, Parasite, Hustlers, Midsommar, Marie Antoinette, Dolemite Is My Name, Harriet, Halloweentown,...Show More

1:13:54 | Nov 4th

Tyler and David discuss famous movie staircases as well as streaming services.
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1:40:34 | Oct 28th

Tyler and David are joined by Nerdist's Kyle Anderson for an introduction to giallo.

1:13:54 | Oct 21st

Tyler is joined by Josh Long and Tyler Straessle to discuss their strange and funny experiences on set.

1:44:49 | Oct 14th

Tyler and David are joined by Marc Edward Heuck to talk about comedic actors and directors who turned to more serious fare.
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