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Double Feature

Double Feature


In this free podcast, Eric Thirteen and Michael Koester discuss two movies in-depth using their favorite tools: blasphemy, skepticism, dirty words and bloodlust. Double Feature takes a positive look at films of all genres, and finds even horror and e...Show More


44:14 | Mar 12th

A front for murder. Sweeney Todd (The Demon Barber of Fleet Street) finds Mr. Todd and Ms. Lovett making pies. No one asks Anthony Stewart Head to sing. Meanwhile, things are much different in the wor...Show More

48:39 | Mar 6th

Music as a weapon. Talking about films that leave you speechless, like Blindspotting and The Devil’s Candy. Blindspotting is more than just a film about a cop shooting a black person. Oakland’s moment...Show More
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44:44 | Feb 28th

Eric and Michael finally dig their hooks into I Know What You Did Last Summer films 1-3. Is it a slasher franchise or a hooker franchise? The fisherman Ben Willis. The plot is largely ignored in servi...Show More

43:49 | Feb 22nd

Lang’s Fairy Books meet Grimms’ Fairy Tales. Rhyming Doo-wop films, Donkey Skin and The Brothers Grimm. Eric hates fun. You watch Jacques Demy’s Donkey Skin carefully. French New Wave. The phone is fi...Show More

44:49 | Feb 13th

A very British double feature. Well, a somewhat British double feature. Ok so like, half a British double feature anyways. The English make bad coffee (sorry, Charles). Double Feature Year 12 is the y...Show More
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