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Learn and practise useful English language for everyday situations with the BBC. A weekly instruction manual for saying or doing something in English is published every Thursday.
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Being slim: Is it in our genes?

06:17 | May 16th

Neil and Dan talk about diets and serve you a tasty helping of vocabulary.
Can we trust a smart speaker?

06:17 | May 9th

These devices listen to our every command. But when does 'listening' become 'spying'?
The rise of the comfy shoe

06:18 | Apr 25th

Forget high heels - the comfortable shoe is becoming acceptable in formal settings.
Rabbits: Cute friends or cunning tricksters?

06:18 | Apr 18th

Neil and Rob talk about the animal symbol of Easter and teach you some vocabulary.
The decluttering trend

06:17 | Apr 11th

How tidy are you? Learn about the fashion for a clutter-free life.
Why do we feel awkward?

06:18 | Apr 4th

Neil and Dan discuss what awkwardness is and why we feel it.
Side hustles

06:17 | Mar 28th

Do you have a second job? Learn about a trend followed by a quarter of workers in the UK.
How your eyes predict your personality

06:18 | Mar 21st

Neil and Rob discuss how your eyes predict personality and teach you related vocabulary.
Debating veganism

06:23 | Mar 14th

Dan and Rob discuss veganism, persuasion and teach you vocabulary.
What's on your to-do list?

06:17 | Mar 7th

Neil and Rob discuss what could make life admin tasks more interesting.
Why are unicorns back in fashion?

06:17 | Feb 28th

Neil and Rob talk about these mythical creatures and teach you some vocabulary.
Are food allergies more common now?

06:19 | Feb 21st

Neil and Rob discuss the topic and teach you new vocabulary.
How effective are dating apps?

06:17 | Feb 14th

Apparently, only 5% of people who've used dating apps, actually go on the date. Why?
What's the appeal of high-heeled shoes?

06:17 | Feb 7th

Neil and Rob talk about these uncomfortable but very glamorous shoes.
Improving your memory

06:17 | Jan 31st

Neil and Rob discuss ways of improving your memory and teach you new vocabulary.
What is happiness?

06:17 | Jan 24th

Neil and Rob discuss what makes people happy and teach you new vocabulary.
Is music getting faster?

06:17 | Jan 17th

New technology might be putting an end to instrumental introductions to pop songs.
Do you enjoy other people's bad luck?

06:17 | Jan 11th

Learn about schadenfraude. A German word that English has borrowed.
Could you go flexitarian?

06:17 | Jan 3rd

Scientists say too much meat is bad for us and the planet. Could you go semi-vegetarian?
Michelle Obama and her mission to inspire women

06:17 | Dec 28th, 2018

The former First Lady continues with her mission to try to inspire girls and women.
Why do we push buttons?

06:13 | Dec 20th, 2018

Why do people love to push buttons and why do some have a phobia of them?
Why do teenagers leave their homework until the last minute?

06:19 | Dec 13th, 2018

What's going on in a teenager's brain? We hear about research explaining their behaviour
Why does 'x' mean 'kiss'?

06:19 | Dec 6th, 2018

What does the letter 'x' all by itself at the end of a message mean? We'll tell you.
Do you take photos of your food?

06:21 | Nov 29th, 2018

Rob and Neil talk about food photos on social media.
The smell of coffee

06:18 | Nov 22nd, 2018

Neil and Catherine discuss the science of why coffee often smells better than it tastes.

06:18 | Nov 1st, 2018

Neil and Sam discuss if there's any advantage to the beach body trend.
How creative should we be?

06:18 | Oct 25th, 2018

Rob and Neil discuss what it takes to be creative - and they also teach you vocabulary.
What is 'scumbro' fashion?

06:24 | Oct 19th, 2018

There's a new look which some people are calling 'scumbro'. But what does is mean?
Curbing our plastic addiction

06:16 | Oct 11th, 2018

Could we live without plastic? Rob and Neil discuss the progress that's being made.
Describing Generation Z

06:20 | Oct 4th, 2018

Have you grown up with social media? You could belong to Generation Z.
Are smartphones killing cameras?

06:18 | Aug 23rd, 2018

Catherine and Neil talk about photography and teach you six items of related vocabulary.
Why do men want to be fathers?

06:17 | Aug 16th, 2018

Why do men want children? Catherine and Neil - a father - discuss and teach vocabulary!
The advantages of being tall

06:13 | Aug 9th, 2018

Does being taller mean you earn more at work? Neil and Catherine discuss height.
How intelligent is the octopus?

06:17 | Aug 2nd, 2018

Neil and Catherine chat about this curious animal and teach you six items of vocabulary.
Not going out

06:18 | Jul 26th, 2018

Why are countryside walks no longer so popular?
Is technology always the solution?

06:17 | Jul 19th, 2018

Catherine and Rob discuss whether we suffer from technochauvinism.
Smartphone addiction

06:18 | Jul 12th, 2018

How many hours a day do you spend staring at your smartphone?
Surf and turf

06:19 | Jul 5th, 2018

Rob and Neil discuss online shopping and teach you six items of vocabulary.
Broken hearts

06:17 | Jun 28th, 2018

Is it possible to die from being sad and upset - or what we might call 'a broken heart'?
Is gaming a sport?

06:17 | Jun 21st, 2018

We hear from people who take part in computer game tournaments and earn money from them.
Are you excited about the World Cup?

06:19 | Jun 14th, 2018

We hear from football fans and those who are not so keen on the tournament.
Talking to machines

06:20 | Jun 7th, 2018

How is the way we interact with technology affecting the type of language we use?

06:18 | Jun 7th, 2018

Are you a risk taker? Knowing your risk type can help people make decisions for you.
Internet - good or bad?

06:19 | Apr 26th, 2018

Rob and Neil discuss some of the advantages and drawbacks of going online
The rise of artificial intelligence

06:19 | Jan 25th, 2018

Will artificial intelligence ever outperform humans?
Dry January

06:33 | Jan 18th, 2018

What are the benefits of giving up alcohol for a month?
Ethical coffee

06:19 | Jan 11th, 2018

Would you pay more for coffee if you knew it was doing some good? Dan and Catherine discuss the pros and cons of ethically produced coffee
Is 'man flu' real?

06:17 | Jan 9th, 2018

Can science prove the existence of 'man flu' or are men just big babies? Dan and Neil discuss all this and give you six useful items of vocabulary
Is 'man flu' real?

06:17 | Jan 9th, 2018

Can science prove the existence of 'man flu' or are men just big babies? Dan and Neil discuss all this and give you six useful items of vocabulary

06:17 | Jan 5th, 2018

What do you know about the digital crypto-currency?
The perfect Santa

06:16 | Dec 21st, 2017

A popular job at this time of year is playing the part of Santa. But what does it take to be the perfect Father Christmas?
Should schoolchildren have jobs?

06:16 | Dec 14th, 2017

The number of schoolchildren doing part-time jobs in the UK has fallen. Is that a good thing? Neil and Dan discuss the pros and cons of working while you're still at school
What do you buy when you're sad?

06:16 | Dec 7th, 2017

Have you ever bought something when you're sad and then regretted it later?
Do you need to upgrade your phone?

06:20 | Nov 30th, 2017

What are the advantages or disadvantages of getting the latest model? Rob and Catherine talk about smartphones and teach you new vocabulary
Why more of us are getting fitter together

06:20 | Nov 23rd, 2017

Group exercise has become very popular in recent years. Rob and Catherine talk about going to the gym and why gym membership is becoming increasingly popular
How do you like your coffee?

06:18 | Nov 16th, 2017

Has the internet replaced the lively debate and intellectual discussions in coffee shops that used to be their main feature in the past?
The wonders of hair

06:18 | Sep 21st, 2017

Did you know that when the entire body is aging hair can grow stronger? Learn about hair and hair-related vocabulary with Neil and Tim
Having a row or asking for directions?

06:18 | Sep 14th, 2017

Tim and Neil talk about interactions that can be misunderstood by people of different backgrounds, and teach you useful vocabulary

06:17 | Sep 7th, 2017

A policeman, a pilot, a chef - what's our fascination with uniforms?
Laughing could kill you

06:17 | Aug 31st, 2017

In a competition for control between laughter and breathing and speaking, laughter always wins, says a neuroscientist. Neil and Tim discuss the dangers of laughter
It's good to talk

06:17 | Aug 3rd, 2017

Do you feel very anxious or depressed sometimes? Talking to a professional can help. Neil and Rob talk about talk therapy and teach you six items of useful vocabulary
How honest are we?

06:17 | Aug 1st, 2017

Rob and Neil discuss if honesty is a product of living in a social group.
You think you’re invisible?

06:18 | Jul 20th, 2017

Do you want to be invisible? Neil and Dan explore how we are being watched.
How do pets navigate?

06:16 | Jul 13th, 2017

We hear stories about pets who manage to find their way home, even across hundreds of miles? How do they do it?

06:17 | Jul 6th, 2017

Why is the self-help industry so successful? Rob and Neil improve themselves and teach you six items of useful vocabulary in this episode of 6 Minute English