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Stuff You Should Know

How the Navajo Code Talkers Worked

47:38 | Nov 27th, 2018

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In WWII the US Marines devised an unbreakable code-within-a-code made from Navajo, one of the most linguistically difficult languages in the world. A handful of Navajos sent messages on the frontlines...Show More


danny recommended:Nov 17th, 2019

Didn't know the story about the Navajo code talkers during WW2. It goes into how the English -> Navajo part of the code was critical in keeping the code unbreakable + quick. And found this is you want a bigger dive into the topic:

karadidomizioNov 18th, 2019

@danny Yes they are incredible! If you are interested in them, another Native American tribe - the Choctaw from Oklahoma helped code break in World War One setting the precedent!

dannyNov 19th, 2019

@karadidomizio the original code talkers. Love it. thanks :)

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