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Tom Keene, Jon Ferro, and Pimm Fox have the economy and the markets "under surveillance" as they cover the latest in finance, economics and investment, and talk with the leading voices shaping the conversation around world markets.

51:10 | Dec 6th

Julia Coronado, MacroPolicy Perspectives President and Founder, says Europe does not have an engine of growth. Jim Glassman, JPMorgan Chase Commercial Banking Head Economist, and Michael Collins, PGIM Fixed Income Senior Portfolio Manager, react to t...Show More

29:00 | Dec 5th

Roger Diwan, IHS Markit Vice President of Financial Services, says it is not clear how much ability other OPEC countries will have to follow Saudi Arabia's oil supply cuts. Luigi Zingales, University of Chicago Booth School Finance Professor, discuss...Show More
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47:35 | Dec 4th

Savita Subramanian, Bank of America Merrill Lynch Head of U.S. Equity & Quantitative Strategy, thinks cyclicals could see a strong rally on a skinny trade deal. Leslie Vinjamuri, Chatham House Head of U.S. & Americas Programme, says the vast majority...Show More

28:51 | Dec 3rd

Troy Gayeski, SkyBridge Capital Co-Chief Investment Officer, thinks the U.S. dollar has finally topped out. Henrietta Treyz, Veda Partners Director of Economic Policy, believes the pressure on the administration not to impose tariffs is stronger than...Show More

32:50 | Dec 2nd

Carl Weinberg, High Frequency Economics Founder & Chief Economist, doesn't see an end to the industrial recession as long as inventories are rising. Oliver Chen, Cowen Senior Equity Research Analyst, details research which suggests a niche area of ap...Show More

32:12 | Nov 29th

John Authers, Bloomberg Opinion Columnist, says populist politicians have played their hands poorly in 2019. Joseph Abboud, Clothing Designer & Tailored Brands Creative Director, says Black Friday matters more for accessories and sportswear than cust...Show More

26:47 | Nov 27th

Greg Boutle, BNP Paribas U.S. Head of Equity and Derivative Strategy, expects U.S. manufacturing weakness to start broadening out to the rest of the economy. Andrew Hollenhorst, Citi Chief U.S. Economist, says the stock market gains are not experienc...Show More

36:24 | Nov 26th

Brian Levitt, Invesco Global Market Strategist, says we are returning to an environment of more stable growth. Stephen Sadove, Senior Adviser for Mastercard and former Saks CEO, thinks LVMH buying Tiffany & Co. is a win-win. Sarah House, Wells Fargo ...Show More

33:18 | Nov 25th

Chris Marangi, Gabelli Funds Co-CIO, says the market is pivoting towards value from momentum. Jeff Currie, Goldman Sachs International Global Head of Commodities Research, recommends getting long commodities today. Geoffrey Yu, UBS Private Banking CI...Show More

28:47 | Nov 22nd

Luke Tilley, Wilmington Trust Chief Economist, is optimistic equities will see a positive impact from a looming Phase One deal. Robert Hormats, Kissinger Associates Vice-Chair, says after visiting China, he thinks the Chinese are committed to a tarif...Show More

35:04 | Nov 21st

Laurence Boone, OECD Chief Economist, expects growth to remain stuck for the next two years due to trade uncertainty. Joe Quinlan, Head of CIO Market Strategy for Merrill and Bank of America Private Bank, says Europe is looking "less bad" as global m...Show More

33:14 | Nov 20th

Gabriela Santos, JPMorgan Asset Management Global Market Strategist, says there is value in international stocks. Bill Dudley, Former New York Fed President, says contrary to the recent Fed report, he thinks there are two significant economic risks o...Show More

38:37 | Nov 19th

Jim Caron, Morgan Stanley Investment Management Fixed-Income Portfolio Manager, explains why interest rates are just one piece of the dollar puzzle. Henrietta Treyz, Veda Partners Managing Partner & Director of Economic Policy Research, says she does...Show More

33:58 | Nov 18th

Dan Ahn, BNP Paribas Chief U.S. Economist & Head of Markets 360 North America and Former U.S. Department of State Chief Economist, expects another round of insurance cuts from the Fed. Ellen Wald, Atlantic Council Senior Fellow, says Saudi Aramco's $...Show More

36:25 | Nov 15th

Howard Ward, Gabelli Funds CIO of Growth Equities, thinks it's time for the White House to "stop manipulating the market" when it comes to trade deal progress. Libby Cantrill, PIMCO Head of Public Policy, says uncertainty and tensions with China are ...Show More

31:16 | Nov 14th

Steven Wieting, Citi Private Bank Global Chief Investment Strategist, expects a new all-time high in profits next year. Mary Lovely, Peterson Institute Non-Resident Senior Fellow, says it will be wise for President Trump to make a deal with China. Ni...Show More

31:48 | Nov 13th

Michael Shaoul, Marketfield Asset Management Chairman, Portfolio Manager & CEO, thinks the deep market pessimism of the summer is returning to normal. Alicia Levine, BNY Mellon Chief Strategist, says cyclical sectors are beginning to show signs of li...Show More

23:04 | Nov 12th

Diana Amoa, JPMorgan Asset Management Senior Portfolio Manager, says a lot of the concerns about global growth that were weighing on sentiment have been priced out of the market. Neil Shearing, Capital Economics Group Chief Economist, says we are in ...Show More

33:39 | Nov 11th

George Bory, Wells Fargo Securities Head of Fixed Income Research, says the current, positively-sloped U.S. yield curve is a good indicator for future economic growth. Yvonne Man, Bloomberg Daybreak Asia Anchor, says riot police are still in the stre...Show More

37:34 | Nov 8th

Stephen Stanley, Amherst Pierpont Securities Chief Economist, says that the bulk of the damage done to the U.S. economy is due to uncertainty from trade rather than tariffs themselves. Miranda Carr, Haitong International Senior Macro Strategist, says...Show More

34:44 | Nov 7th

Guy Johnson, Bloomberg Markets European Close Anchor, recaps the Bank of England's decision to leave rates unchanged. Max Kettner, HSBC Multi Asset Strategist, says if yields continue to spike, financial conditions will tighten. Bipan Rai, CIBC Capit...Show More

28:47 | Nov 6th

Tom Porcelli, RBC Capital Markets Chief U.S. Economist, thinks it would take significant deterioration for the Fed to make additional cuts next year. David Kirkpatrick, Techonomy CEO & Founder, thinks that SoftBank's Masayoshi Son has positively cont...Show More

51:36 | Nov 6th

Charles Evans, Chicago Federal Reserve Bank President & CEO, sits down with Tom Keene at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. They discuss inflation expectations, negative rates, and where the Fed is headed.

30:48 | Nov 5th

Brian Weinstein, Morgan Stanley Investment Management Head of Global Fixed Income, says that the promise of lower yields is driving people into equity markets. Phoenix Kalen, Societe Generale Director of EM Strategy, says China's slowdown has intrica...Show More

30:21 | Nov 4th

Mike Darda, MKM Partners Chief Economist & Macro Strategist, thinks the U.S. economic outlook has reached a "soft landing" point, as the consumer continues to carry the economy. Seema Shah, Principal Global Advisors Chief Strategist, says emerging ma...Show More

56:22 | Nov 1st

Ellen Zentner, Morgan Stanley Chief U.S. Economist, expects to see business investment improve before the consumer cracks. Jeffrey Rosenberg, BlackRock Financial Senior Portfolio Manager, says a stronger than expected jobs report eases concerns of ma...Show More

30:25 | Oct 31st

Frances Donald, Manulife Asset Management Head of Macroeconomic Strategy, says we have not experienced a period of such heightened trade tensions since the 1930s. Barry Eichengreen, University of California Berkeley Economics Professor, says if there...Show More

33:03 | Oct 30th

Tony Crescenzi, PIMCO Market Strategist and Portfolio Manager, says a hawkish cut is a mistake in this environment. David Kirkpatrick, Techonomy CEO & Founder, says Apple is an astonishingly resilient company. Ira Jersey, Bloomberg Intelligence Chief...Show More

34:15 | Oct 29th

Russ Koesterich, BlackRock Global Allocation Fund Portfolio Manager, says as long as the consumer continues to grow at its current pace, we can be "reasonably confident" we're not on the cusp of a recession. Peter Dixon, Commerzbank Global Equities E...Show More

33:39 | Oct 28th

Michael Purves, Tallbacken Capital Advisors CEO, thinks that earnings season so far has been an important affirmation of what the bulls would like to see. Axel Christensen, BlackRock Chief Investment Strategist For Latin America, says Chile's Preside...Show More