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The Women in FinTech Initiative’s mission is to empower women to collectively conquer the fundamental barriers for women to universally impact the world through financial technology and business innovation. Founded by @kimwaudio www.womenfin.tech

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wifi recommended:Apr 15th

There is a lot of content here, but I found a few key takeaways quite interesting. 1. The way people want to pay for things and do pay for things can be different. Also how they want to be paid is evolving. Sometimes they don’t even know what options are available to them. This is interesting to ...Show More

Is Banking Finally Ready for AI?

by Breaking Banks Fintech

wifi recommended:Nov 4th, 2019

I like the suggestion of women asking men to ask them what their leadership vision is and inviting women to lead a meeting or speak up first in a meeting, per the example he gave of a women who complained that the men were always the first to speak in her meetings and wanted the equal opportunity to...Show More

#18. Gender Equality and The Invitation to Men with J.G. Boccella

by Set to Lead Podcast

wifi recommended:Nov 4th, 2019

Interesting story about how gender socialization started at home as a child. Another interesting story about not having a female role model to look up to (other than your mother). Lots of insightful stories from different cultures too.

‘Gender diversity in fintech'

by Spotlight on Fintech - Gender equality not just a women's issue