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Greg Carlwood

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THC is an interview based show with some of the best guests available across many conspiracy, paranormal, & all around fringe topics.

1:16:35 | Mar 19th, 2019

One of the most provocative sagas that American history books have left to the cutting room floor is the CIA’s Stargate Project, a 20+ year program to test psychic abilities for intelligence gathering...Show More

1:06:49 | Aug 17th, 2017

Join host, Greg Carlwood, of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks the flickering universe, secret technologies and time travel with guest, Richard Lighthouse. As many of us have found by now, obt...Show More
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1:13:47 | Jan 23rd

Killer show today! Get their book Hidden Energy or check out their website, to learn more. About our guests: Jeane Manning is an author and journalist who came to the new ene...Show More

1:33:42 | Jan 18th

You know him, you love him. The great Gordon Magic-makin White of RuneSoup returns to THC for the 11th time to discuss keeping our boats afloat amidst the rockiness that is our times, stretching out o...Show More

1:20:17 | Jan 9th

James DeMeo has been investigating the work of the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich since 1970, and founded the Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory in 1978. With cooperative assistance from a network of prof...Show More
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