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The Comedy On Vinyl Podcast

Jason Klamm

Comedy on Vinyl is what happens when comedy nerds talk about the greatest vinyl comedy albums of all time.

56:13 | Aug 22nd

Tony Thaxton returns and we finally get back to in 3-D!  Check out his new podcast, Bizarre Albums! Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Tony Thaxton In 3-D on Discogs Please subscribe to us on iTunes, follow us on Twitter a...Show More

53:35 | Aug 15th

Chris Houghton of Big City Greens returns to celebrate MAD Magazine by talking about a weird, weird moment in its merchandising history. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Chris Houghton Musically Mad on Discogs Chris’s Tumblr Please subs...Show More
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49:11 | Jul 31st

Dave Swartz is a great artist with an exciting comic book Indiegogo campaign happening now that you can make a reality – check out Feast or Famine today.  Also, we finally talk about Cheech and Chong’s first album. Host: Jason … Continue reading →

49:07 | Jun 26th

Simon Chong returns!  And this time we’re talking about Avenue Q.  Lively discussion of puppets being filthy! Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Simon Chong Avenue Q on Discogs Please subscribe to us on iTunes, follow us on Twitter and li...Show More

55:35 | Jun 19th

Fellow movie lover and musical theatre fanatic Ryan Cultrera joins me to talk Rocky Horror and his first time performing with the cast of A Drinking Game. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Ryan Cultrera The Rocky Horror Picture Show on D...Show More

53:16 | Jun 12th

This week the fantastic Jim Piddock joins me to talk Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, and his friendship with some other comedy legends.  It’s a fun time. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Jim Piddock Derek and Clive Live! on Discogs jimpidd...Show More

50:39 | Jun 6th

Co-creator of Rugrats and Recess Paul Germain joins me to talk Firesign and bringing in his comedy heroes to work on his first show.  We also talk about the movie Big. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Paul Germain How Can You Be In … Co...Show More

1:05:29 | May 30th

Oh, such a time in history.  Geoffrey Golden and I reminisce about ALF, these Burger King records, and finding varying levels of success on in the late 90s/early 2000s. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Geoffrey Golden ALF’s Disc...Show More

1:28:25 | May 22nd

in conversation with The Rev. Ivan Stang about the influences on the church of the subgenius. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: The Rev. Ivan Stang Check out Celery Sound Records, my sketch comedy record label at celerysoun...Show More

49:37 | May 9th

This week I’m honored to speak with iO founder Charna Halpern about improv in general, starting iO, and Del Close. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Charna Halpern Check out Celery Sound Records, my sketch comedy record labe...Show More

51:00 | May 2nd

Dan Bakkedahl returns!  This time to talk about an album I’ve been waiting to do for 6 years, How to Speak Hip. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Dan Bakkedahl Dan’s IMDB Page How to Speak Hip on Discogs How to Speak Hip on … Continue re...Show More

52:20 | Apr 25th

Our second Houghton brother joins me, this time to talk about Weird Al’s debut album, and it’s a blast. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Chris Houghton “Weird Al” Yankovic on Discogs Check out Celery Sound Recor...Show More

57:03 | Apr 18th

I saw Matt Donaher open for Jimmy Pardo and was smitten with his joke stylings, to sound old-timey about it, and I was ecstatic he agreed, and extra excited that he picked an album I own but hadn’t listened to … Continue reading →

48:03 | Apr 4th

I wasn’t sure what I was doing for episode 300, even as we started recording.  Then I found out that the brilliantly funny Tennile Goosic had never heard a comedy album until I assigned her one of my favorites: Modern Scream … Continue reading →

1:05:56 | Mar 27th

After I rediscovered David’s character Mr. Zed (aka David Zed) on YouTube and then found out we had a mutual friend in Firesign’s Phil Proctor, I had to find out the backstory behind a stand-up character with this kind of … Continue reading →

1:00:45 | Mar 20th

This week I talk with Chris Korman about his father and a hero of mine, Harvey Korman.  If you need a vinyl excuse, Harvey had one album I want to talk about separately on the show and then, of course, … Continue reading →

1:15:31 | Mar 15th

Katie’s comedy analysis on YouTube is brilliant, and I was excited that she agreed to come on the show and break down what we both think is funny about The Smothers Brothers.  We dig further into their vast catalog, and … Continue reading →

49:24 | Mar 8th

Will Harris should probably be your favorite pop culture writer, and he’s interviewed anyone you’ve ever wanted to  hear talk.  He picks an album I’ve never heard before, starring one of my heroes, Kenneth Mars. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worde...Show More

56:54 | Feb 28th

Griffin Newman is Arthur on The Tick (which returns to Amazon Prime April 5!) and co-hosts Blank Check, my favorite movie podcast.  He picked Bob Newhart and we get into specifics of Bob’s influence on Griffin’s stand-up and his acting.  … Continue r...Show More

49:11 | Jan 23rd

Matty Cardarople and Anthony DeVries of the Matty and Anthony Podcast stop by to talk Richard Pryor and obsession and collection in general. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guests: Matty Cardarople and Anthony Devries The Matty and Anthony Po...Show More

1:00:30 | Jan 16th

This week is an episode I recorded a while ago with Hilary Swett, archivist for The Writers Guild Foundation. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Hilary Swett of The Writers Guild Foundation The Three Haircuts 45 on Discog...Show More

46:34 | Jan 11th

This week we talk with David Morgan, author of Monty Python Speaks, a new version of which was released this week.  He’s seen Python live and found himself fortunate enough to write about them for a while now, and wanted to … Continue reading →

1:28:46 | Dec 27th, 2018

This episode was, essentially, three years in the making.  Three years ago Kliph Nesteroff introduced me to Dick Davy and explained that no one knew who he really was or what had happened to him.  I decided, for some reason, … Continue reading →

55:58 | Dec 13th, 2018

Mitch Myers is not only the archivist for the Shel Silverstein archive, but he is also Shel’s nephew.  This week we talk about a great album filled with irony and delightful comedy songs. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Mitch Myers She...Show More

1:16:14 | Dec 5th, 2018

I discovered a vanity press album not long ago, with a weird anthropomorphic dog on it, called Mr. *Silver* Spitzdawson.  I bought it, and I soon after bought the follow-up.  They are weird, rambly and filled with the joy of … Continue reading →

1:13:55 | Nov 30th, 2018

You might know Nigel Planer as Neil from The Young Ones, or you might have seen him in a million other things, or heard him discussed on this very podcast, not long ago.  He sat down (I assume) to talk … Continue reading →

44:47 | Nov 29th, 2018

Nell Scovell has written a bit of everything and has a great book out now called “Just the Funny Parts.”  We had fun talk about Tom Lehrer. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Nell Scovell Buy “Just the Funny Parts” An Evening … Continue r...Show More

54:04 | Nov 21st, 2018

Josh Clark co-hosts the wonderful Stuff You Should Know podcast and also has a new podcast, The End of the World with Josh Clark.  He wanted to talk about A Wild and Crazy Guy but for a NEW reason – he’d never heard … Continue reading →

51:32 | Nov 15th, 2018

Allison Dore does comedy, does radio, and now does owning a female-centric comedy record label, Howl and Roar Records.  This week we talk Spike Jones and get DEEP into Canadian Content. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Allison Dore howl...Show More

53:21 | Oct 31st, 2018

I grew up on shows like Everybody Loves Raymond and Phil Rosenthal grew up listening to easily too much comedy on vinyl.  It’s hard to argue with the results, because Phil creates shows and stars in them – Somebody Feed Phil … Continue reading →

1:36:25 | Oct 25th, 2018

Jared is a delight, a huge comedy nerd, and he’s half of the duo that created one of my favorite sketch albums in years, the vinyl-only A Gift You Didn’t Ask for From Friends You Never Had which, full disclosure, is … Continue reading →

54:39 | Oct 17th, 2018

Tom Zawacki is a stand up and works the prop department on The Good Place (he also did the same job on one of my favorite shows, Parks and Rec).  We had a grand time talking about Nick Thune on the show … Continue reading →

42:51 | Oct 13th, 2018

Ahmed Bharoocha of DreamCorp, LLC stops by to talk about an album we’ve never talked about before and it’s a blast. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Ahmed Bharooocha DreamCorp, LLC The Button-Down Mind Strikes Back on Discogs Check out ...Show More

54:58 | Oct 10th, 2018

Shane Houghton of The Disney Channel’s delightful Big City Greens stops by to talk about an early influence – Tenacious D – and getting his favorite comic voices to appear on his show. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Shane Houghton Big...Show More

1:03:14 | Oct 3rd, 2018

Jamie Alcroft stops by to talk about his early comedy album listening days and his days building up to his years as a comedy duo, performing on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and working on his own TV show. Host: Jason Klamm … Continue reading →

42:24 | Sep 26th, 2018

Cory Doctorow returns!  This time to talk about the Haunted Mansion – and the album about it that co-stars Ron Howard. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Cory Doctorow The Story And Song From The Haunted Mansion on Discogs ...Show More

1:06:41 | Sep 19th, 2018

Dan Schlissel is back with a weird, obscure album whose origins remain at least somewhat shrouded in mystery.  Lots of fun, as always, with the founder of Stand Up! Records.  He also made some time for Marc Maron on this … Continue reading →

51:27 | Sep 14th, 2018

Kristian Bruun returns!  This time, to talk about an album he’d wanted to hear for a long time and one I grew up listening to.  This was an incredibly fun time, and we talk a ton about Jerry O’Connell because … Continue reading →

1:10:57 | Sep 12th, 2018

I don’t know where to start, except to say that Neil Innes is a human pop culture hub of the 60s.  His own brilliant work with the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band collided creatively with both pre-Python Monty Python and The … Continue reading →

1:03:44 | Sep 5th, 2018

Before you say anything, we know that’s the wrong album cover – I lucked out and Volume 1 came in Volume 2’s sleeve.  Confusion abounded beforehand, but then we sat down and had a grand time talking about Redd Foxx, … Continue reading →

53:00 | Aug 29th, 2018

We’ve only lost a few episodes over almost 300 shows, but we’ve never scrapped one.  Scott White kindly came back after his first, unaired appearance in which there was some massive confusion on the part of your host and we … Continue reading →

1:17:44 | Aug 22nd, 2018

The third installment in the Family Albums mini-series is a special one, and one I’ve wanted to do for a long time.  Sheila Meader Stratton met Vaughn Meader, famous for his JFK impression and the blockbuster album The First Family, after … Continue ...Show More

1:14:52 | Aug 20th, 2018

David Melville returns!  To talk Monty Python for the first time on the show, how comedy ages (and doesn’t) and two bonus stories about his dad’s association with The Beatles and Star Wars. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: David Melvill...Show More

50:21 | Aug 15th, 2018

Fred Frees talks about his father’s influence on voice over, on his own work, and some of the other comedy Fred has dabbled in. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Fred Frees Paul Frees and the Poster People on Discogs Che...Show More

1:12:28 | Aug 9th, 2018

Phil Proctor returns to talk about the next Firesign Theatre album with Firesign’s archivist, Taylor Jessen.  Video episode coming soon as well. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Phil Proctor, Taylor Jessen Bozos on D...Show More

1:06:49 | Aug 1st, 2018

Joseph Scrimshaw returns to talk about a compilation that, like most compilations, is a mixed bag.  Of something. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Joseph Scrimshaw The Golden Age of Comedy Volume One on Discogs Check...Show More

58:44 | Jul 19th, 2018

This episode is the first in a mini-series we’re calling Family Albums, where we talk to the family and close friends of folks who made comedy albums, or album.  We want to discover the lives behind these often obscure albums, … Continue reading →

1:04:43 | Jul 12th, 2018

Andrew Husband does some amazing comedy writing and has been a big booster of this show.  Nothing like returning to talk Hedberg, as well as numerous other comedy things. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Andrew Husband D...Show More

52:39 | Jun 14th, 2018

Brian Huskey is too much fun.  He flew in on his massive private jet to talk about two albums which mean different things to him and to his comedy.  We also talk about the changing landscape of comedy distribution and … Continue reading →

57:58 | Jun 7th, 2018

J. Keith has a special place for Tom Lehrer in his heart.  And in his life.  He interviewed Lehrer as a very young man, and we get into his entire history with Lehrer and his work. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden … Continue reading →

0:00 | May 24th, 2018

Steve Bluestein was there at the beginning of the 70s stand-up comedy boom.  He’s here to talk about the mysterious figure that is Betty Walker and his book, Memoirs of A Nobody. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Steve Bluestein Hello, C...Show More

1:07:21 | May 17th, 2018

Woody Battaglia sits down with me to talk about Dana Gould, listening to comedy with perspective, and a touch of his podcast, My Minute With Andre. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Woody Battaglia Almost Tuesday Funhouse on Vinyl Check ...Show More

1:12:00 | May 10th, 2018

Paul Dooley sits down with me to talk about his career, including his first and only released comedy album, and one that is a hidden treasure waiting to be rediscovered. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Paul Dooley Paul Dooley Booked So...Show More

55:24 | May 2nd, 2018

Danielle Koenig and I talked Dennis Miller a while back.  While we wait for his jokes, here’s a fun podcast. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Danielle Koenig The Off-White Album on Vinyl Check out Celery Sound Records, my new sketch … C...Show More

1:06:22 | Apr 26th, 2018

Todd Cooper is a delight and wanted to talk about maybe the most current vinyl album we’ve ever covered. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Todd Cooper Feliz Navipod Tasty Radio on Vinyl Check out Celery Sound Records, my new sketch … Con...Show More

1:11:42 | Apr 5th, 2018

Michael Colton and John Aboud wrote the wonderful A Futile and Stupid Gesture and talk with me about their love of Lampoon. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guests: Michael Colton & John Aboud Lampoon’s Discogra...Show More

52:45 | Mar 7th, 2018

Stephen Tobolowsky stops by to weave some tales and talk of Allan Sherman.  It’s also the first time I’ve interviewed someone whom I’ve played on stage.  This was fun. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Stephen Tobolowsky stephentobolowsk...Show More

1:12:01 | Mar 1st, 2018

Jim Turner of Duck’s Breath Mystery Theatre stops by to talk about some vinyl oddities that informed his sense of humor, and to give the history-in-brief of Duck’s Breath! Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Jim Turner Duck’s Breath on Fac...Show More

51:03 | Feb 21st, 2018

Ross Blocher of Oh No Ross and Carrie stops by with two albums that somehow find their way into the same discussion of skepticism and humor and those two can coalesce and/or create the other. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: … Continue ...Show More

56:47 | Feb 14th, 2018

Friend and collaborator Laura Napoli stops by to talk about Joan Rivers – somehow a first for this show. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Laura Napoli What Becomes a Semi-Legend Most? on Vinyl Check out Celery Sound Rec...Show More

45:32 | Feb 7th, 2018

Sandy returns, and a misunderstanding turns into a career-spanning discussion of Carlin’s work. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Sandy Danto Take-Offs & Put-Ons on Vinyl Check out Celery Sound Records, my new sketch comed...Show More

53:46 | Jan 31st, 2018

He’s played guitar with Weird Al from the beginning.  He talks the band and his love odf slack-key guitar. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Jim West Jim’s Website Weird Al on Discogs Check out Celery Sound Records, my new sketch comedy ...Show More

54:49 | Jan 25th, 2018

He’s the co-host of one of the funniest and most fun podcasts out there, Off-Book: The Improvised Musical Podcast.  Now, for the first time, we can talk latter-day Weird Al because of the box set.  Here we go! Host: Jason Klamm … Continue reading →

1:12:13 | Jan 18th, 2018

Clive Desmond has a fascinating history with comedy and radio, and we talk about not only Carlin but a lot about our old pal, Rusty Warren. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Clive Desmond Pod Planet FM & AM on Vinyl Check … Continue read...Show More

39:25 | Jan 4th, 2018

Okay, so apparently this is a normal-length episode, but it’s a weird one, because the two subjects in it are unrelated.  First, I interview Sandy Huffaker, a political cartoonist who has designed two album covers I really enjoy.  Then, take … Contin...Show More

48:06 | Dec 21st, 2017

Stand up has always been her dream, but voice over has been her work for most of her time in LA.  Grey DeLisle is not only Daphne and countless other voices, but now she’s realizing her dream of doing stand-up … Continue reading →

56:18 | Dec 14th, 2017

Romesh is here in the US, doing stand-up at The Greek Theatre on December 21st!  He wanted to talk about Flip Wilson, because no one else in the UK knows who he is. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Romesh Ranganathan RomeshRanganathan.c...Show More

1:16:44 | Dec 7th, 2017

He’s a press agent with real stories of old Hollywood, including some of the greats to grace our ears with their vinyl.  This was a blast. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Dick Guttman Dick’s Book, Starflacker Check out Celery Sound Rec...Show More

54:01 | Nov 30th, 2017

His Archer/Bob’s Burgers Mashup was so good he got hired by Loren Bouchard via Twitter.  Today we get to talk about our favorite show. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Simon Chong The Bob’s Burgers Music Album on Vinyl Check out Celery ...Show More

57:49 | Nov 9th, 2017

Our hero returns, to talk about his. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Jimmy Pardo Hello Dummy! on Vinyl Check out Celery Sound Records, my new sketch comedy record label at! Please subscribe to...Show More

57:34 | Nov 2nd, 2017

Terence Bowman of The Vestibules wanted to talk Monty Python. Enough said. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Terence Bowman The Vestibules The Monty Python Matching Tie And Handkerchief on Vinyl Check out Celery Sound R...Show More

44:28 | Oct 26th, 2017

From the PopCultureBeast InfoDesk, it’s Garon Cockrell, himself, talking about an album neither of us had heard before.  We also find some guidance from Patton Oswalt’s Twitter. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Garon Cockrell Pop Cultur...Show More

58:34 | Oct 18th, 2017

He created my favorite current TV show, Bob”s Burgers, and he picked one of my favorite animated movies – specifically a storybook and record combo.  This was a blast. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Loren Bouchard Bob’s Burgers Story ...Show More

1:12:35 | Oct 12th, 2017

Jason Lenzi picked a comedy album with fascinating history.  This one is deep dive into unfamiliar (for me) territory. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Jason Lenzi Bif Bang Pow The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy on Vinyl Check out Cel...Show More

1:06:58 | Oct 5th, 2017

Dave Shumka hosts my favorite podcast and threw me a fun curve.  We talk about Billy Crystal’s stand-alone comedy album. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Dave Shumka Stop Podcasting Yourself Mahvelous! on Vinyl Check out Celery Sound Re...Show More

52:01 | Sep 27th, 2017

Adam Lisagor is back!  And he’s picked some fresh Carlin for us. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Adam Lisagor Occupation: Foole on Vinyl Check out Celery Sound Records, my new sketch comedy record label at More

1:07:45 | Sep 20th, 2017

Somehow Vic Shuttee is the first person in almost 7 years to pick Mort Sahl, and we go deep. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Vic Shuttee The Future Lies Ahead on Vinyl Check out Celery Sound Records, my new sketch comedy...Show More

51:43 | Sep 18th, 2017

Tony Thaxton is a delight and talks about one of those rare comedy groups who never released a comedy album, but released a bunch of music: The Monkees. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Tony Thaxton Tony on Patreon The Monkees on Vinyl ...Show More

1:10:55 | Sep 13th, 2017

Gregg Turkington is here to talk about Andrew Dice Clay’s most daring experiment. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Gregg Turkington The Day the Laughter Died on Vinyl Check out Celery Sound Records, my new sketch co...Show More

54:04 | Sep 12th, 2017

She’s Monique from Better Off Dead and she’s here to talk about the film and about the soundtrack. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Diane Franklin Better Off Dead OST on Vinyl Check out Celery Sound Records, my ...Show More

42:17 | Sep 8th, 2017

Jenny Zigrino brings us our first truly challenging album in a while.  It’s insane.  And a lot of fun to talk about Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Jenny Zigrino Goes Topless on Vinyl Check out Celery Sound Records, my...Show More

54:53 | Sep 7th, 2017

Seth Morris is one of the funniest people you’ll find, and his podcast The Seth Morris Radio Project is one of the few podcast projects that actually does feel like a comedy album.  It’s a delight.  We talk about Coyle & … Continue reading →

53:29 | Aug 31st, 2017

Solomon Georgio is hilarious and talks frankly about Pryor’s influence and what Pryor does best that all comics should aspire to. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Solomon Georgio …Is It Something I Said on Vinyl Ch...Show More

48:13 | Aug 10th, 2017

Hal Lublin returns!  And The Muppet Show Album returns!  This is a fun one, and we talk about all kinds of things, except the stuff Hal isn’t allowed to talk about. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Hal Lublin The Muppet … ...Show More

56:23 | Jul 27th, 2017

Daniel Van Kirk is a brilliant comedian and is here to challenge my understanding and appreciation of Adam Sandler. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Daniel Van Kirk Daniel on YouTube Lunchlady Land on vinyl My first documentary feature ...Show More

1:06:43 | Jul 20th, 2017

Jackie Kashian’s back to talk about an album neither of us knew about beforehand.  Lots of fun. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Jackie Kashian Hello, Ceil – It’s Me!!! on vinyl My first documentary feature film is on ...Show More

52:46 | Jul 13th, 2017

Joseph Scrimshaw returns to talk about an album he knows back and forth, British comedy in general, and what to do when you’re expected to quote Monty Python but don’t feel like it. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Joseph Scrimshaw Jose...Show More

1:21:58 | Jun 28th, 2017

Bermuda Schwartz has almost always been a drummer.  One day he proposed that Weird Al might need a band.  Comedy history was made that day, and its apparent to no one more than Bermuda, who continues to drum for Weird … Continue reading →

1:02:02 | Jun 23rd, 2017

Mike Scully’s words have graced The Simpsons for a long time and his face has graced your screen on Parks and Rec, as well as a certain Smothers Brothers special we talk about in this episode.  We go off the rails a … Continue reading →

1:39:44 | Jun 15th, 2017

Phil Proctor returns to talk about Firesign’s third studio album! Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Phil Proctor Don’t Crush That Dwarf on Vinyl My first documentary feature film is on DVD!  Pick up a copy at More

1:17:17 | Jun 7th, 2017

Kristian Bruun is not only hilarious as Donnie Hendrix on Orphan Black (season 5 premieres this Friday at 10/9c) but he’s also a Patton Oswalt fan.  For the first time in a long time, he brings Patton’s work back to the … Continue reading →

1:20:23 | Jun 1st, 2017

Nic Robes is hilarious and finally made the show cover Randy Newman.  This is a fun one. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Nic Robes Trouble in Paradise on Vinyl My first documentary feature film is on DVD!  Pick up a … Cont...Show More

48:32 | May 5th, 2017

Matt Gourley returns.  Or should I say Gatt Rourley meturns?  No.  We talk Chevy Chase’s confusing vinyl debut. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Matt Gourley Chevy Chase on Vinyl Superego My first documentary feature film is on DVD!  Pi...Show More

1:06:02 | Apr 27th, 2017

I’ve been waiting awhile to talk about Kyle Kinane, and Jesse David Fox, host of the podcast Good One, has the fortune of knowing some of the back story on Kyle’s work. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Jesse David Fox Death of … Continu...Show More

41:21 | Apr 20th, 2017

There are three dream guests for this show: Weird Al, Cheech Marin, and Tommy Chong, in that order only for syntactic drama.  It’s bee six years, but I finally got to speak with Tommy Chong, whose work with Cheech inspired … Continue reading →

1:09:36 | Apr 14th, 2017

Ned Hastings has edited and produced some of your favorite Adult Swim shows, and he’s not alone at that groundbreaking sub-network in loving The Muppets.  He picked something we both love – the soundtrack to The Muppet Movie. Host: Jason Klamm … Cont...Show More

59:06 | Apr 6th, 2017

You know Rhys Darby from a bit of everything, and he’s here to expose you (and me) to some of the original New Zealand comedy – John Clarke as Fred Dagg. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Rhys Darby Fred Dagg … Continue rea...Show More

1:06:44 | Mar 30th, 2017

Eddie Schmidt not only produced my favorite documentary, Beauty Is Embarrassing, but he’s a huge Weird Al fan.  On top of that, he was in Al’s newsletter as a kid and even won an official Weird Al essay contest.  You don’t … Continue reading →

1:01:42 | Mar 25th, 2017

The phenomenal Katie Lee (Songs of Couch and Consultation and more) joins me to talk about how she got started in music, comedy music, acting and activism. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Katie Lee Katie’s Website Katie Lee’s Discograp...Show More

52:24 | Mar 24th, 2017

Mystery Science Theatre 3000’s own Trace Beaulieu joins us this week to talk about the soundtrack to Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Trace Beaulieu The Meaning of Life on vinyl My ...Show More

50:47 | Mar 10th, 2017

Musician Emily Ann Peterson joins us to talk about one of the bravest and most comedically complex albums we’ve ever discussed, in which Tig Notaro revealed she had cancer. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Emily Ann Peterson EmilyAnnPet...Show More

50:57 | Mar 3rd, 2017

Elizabeth Laime joins me to talk about the Eddie Murphy special she wore out. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden Guest: Elizabeth Laime My first documentary feature film is on DVD!  Pick up a copy at Comedy on Vinyl is recorde...Show More

1:01:15 | Feb 24th, 2017

This episode is a compilation of episodes 1-10 of my #ComedyAlbumADay series, which  you can watch below, or at Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden My first documentary feature film is on DVD!  Pick up a copy at More

56:43 | Feb 9th, 2017

James Urbaniak and Mike Worden return to help celebrate the 6th anniversary of Comedy on Vinyl with our first discussion of Martin Mull’s work. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden This Week’s Guest: James Urbaniak A Night Called Tomorrow MichaelA...Show More

49:45 | Feb 2nd, 2017

Karen Rontowski joins me in a well-overdue revisit of The Button-Down Mind. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden This Week’s Guest: Karen Rontowski Find The Button-Down Mind on vinyl My first documentary feature film is on DVD! ...Show More

11:45 | Jan 26th, 2017

Jason’s setup is being upgraded, so here’s a sample from his daily 2017 video series, #ComedyAlbumADay. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden My first documentary feature film is on DVD!  Pick up a copy at Comedy on Vinyl is reco...Show More

58:03 | Jan 19th, 2017

Jimmy Pardo returns!  This time to talk about Gabe Kaplan of Welcome Back, Kotter.  We have a ton of fun breaking down the intricacies of an album that launched one of the most iconic sitcoms of the 70s. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike … Continue re...Show More

1:05:24 | Jan 12th, 2017

My uncle-in-law, Dick Smith, has a long history in radio, mostly as John Rivers in San Francisco.  We sat down to talk about his career in radio, as well as a fantastic promo 7-inch he put together in the 70s … Continue reading →

1:10:58 | Jan 5th, 2017

Stuart Goldsmith is my favorite interviewer, and host of The Comedian’s Comedian podcast.  He picked an amazing album released by the BBC. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden This Week’s Guest: Stuart Goldsmith Hedgehog Sand...Show More

03:07 | Dec 22nd, 2016

I’m under the weather this week, but wanted to tell you about some exciting news.  My comedy partner Dan Gomiller and I, along with People in a Position to Know and Mobile Vinyl Recorders, created the smallest comedy record of all … Continue reading ...Show More

57:30 | Dec 15th, 2016

J. Elvis Weinstein (MST3K, I Need You To Kill) brings us our first discussion of Dennis Miller, as well as working for MST3K at 17 and writing for some of the world’s biggest comics. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden This Week’s … Continue read...Show More

1:02:56 | Dec 8th, 2016

I can’t explain Brother Theodore, but Derek Sheen can, and his reason for loving his work is fascinating. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden This Week’s Guest: Derek Sheen Brother Theodore on Discogs My first documentary feature fi...Show More

1:13:45 | Dec 1st, 2016

This week, we talk to one of my heroes, Rob Paulsen.  The first voice-over artist I ever became aware of.  We talk about his influences, his favorite vinyl records, and I end up inspired. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden This Week’s … Continue...Show More

51:43 | Nov 10th, 2016

Turns out, Ritch Shydner and I are kindred spirits.  We like talking comedy, interviewing people about it, and performing it, and Ritch’s performing goes back to 1977, in DC, before there were comedy clubs.  He’s also got a great book out … Continue ...Show More

1:00:58 | Nov 3rd, 2016

Donna Lynne Champlin is not only Paula on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but she’s an album-self-producing singer, stage performer and, it turns out, a lover of Steve Martin.  After our discussion, she might be spreading this album to a younger generation. Hos...Show More

55:10 | Oct 27th, 2016

It’s a first for the podcast – two guests talking about two different albums.  We explore the manifold differences and similarities in the influences on the two guys who bring you Adult Swim’s Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell, and … Continue reading...Show More

1:02:47 | Oct 19th, 2016

It’s time to celebrate!  Episode 200 brings us a guest I’ve been hoping to speak with for years upon years – the fantastic Harry Shearer.  I was honored when he agreed to do the show, and excited to talk a … Continue reading →

55:07 | Oct 13th, 2016

Our second time listening to Allan Sherman is brought to you by none other than BoingBoing’s Cory Doctorow.  We talk Canadian comedy, Jewish comedy, rights and permissions, and a host of other things on this super-fun episode. Host: Jason Klamm Produ...Show More

1:08:15 | Oct 6th, 2016

Thanks to the Million McFly March, I met Jeffrey, who plays George McFly in parts II and III of Back to the Future,  when he generously donated some auction items.  This week, he finally breaks open the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah … Continue reading →

55:25 | Sep 23rd, 2016

We’ve covered this one before, which is the only reason this non-vinyl release gets a pass – also, it turns out comedian Ray Harrington has a lot of great stuff to say about it.  He also has a movie, Be A … Continue reading →

1:19:04 | Sep 15th, 2016

Would you like to see the moment Firesign became Firesign on paper? How’s about from Phil Proctor’s personal calendar from 1967? Watch this special video episode and do exactly that, or listen if you don’t have the exact same amount … Continue readin...Show More

50:53 | Sep 8th, 2016

Brian Clewer ran a radio show in LA for 40 years, exposing Americans to English humor, and bridging the gap for English ex-pats.  He created one compilation LP, and this week I speak with his son about it. Host: Jason Klamm … Continue reading →

1:01:40 | Sep 1st, 2016

Greg Fitzsimmons joins us this week to talk about the first 2000-Year-Old-Man album to feature only the titular character, as well as radio and the Friar’s Club. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden This Week’s Guest: Greg Fitzsimmons ...Show More

54:24 | Aug 24th, 2016

Riley Silverman joins us this week!  She picked – in another first for the show – Phyllis Diller.  Honestly, this album was a delight and I was sad I hadn’t heard it before.  Riley talks about stand-up and seeing Phyllis … Continue reading →

59:19 | Aug 18th, 2016

Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden This Week’s Guest: Marc Hershon Buy Radio Dinner on vinyl Watch my new film Looking Forward: 2016 unfold, day-by-day at Comedy on Vinyl is recorded at Fort Awesome Studi...Show More

58:06 | Jul 28th, 2016

You’ve seen her on a commercial, guaranteed.  She picked Carol Burnett’s album of Broadway songs so we’d have an excuse to talk about our mutual hero. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden This Week’s Guest: Jesse Meriwether Jesse’s Site Buy Carol ...Show More

1:02:13 | Jul 14th, 2016

Maximum Fun’s Colin Anderson drops by to discuss a Record Store Day 2016 release – two episodes of the BBC Radio 4 series Knowing Me, Knowing You, starring Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden This Week’s Guest: Col...Show More

55:39 | Jul 6th, 2016

Phil Baron is a Cantor at Valley Beth Shalom.  He’s one half of the comedy music duo Willio and Phillio.  He’s the voice of Teddy Ruxpin.  And he brings us Allan Sherman on the podcast for the first time. Host: Jason … Continue reading →

1:00:00 | Jun 29th, 2016

Grant Baciocco talks Stan Freberg’s work and getting to work with Freberg, and a number of other comedy legends. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden This Week’s Guest: Grant Baciocco Buy A Child’s Garden of Freberg on Vinyl Watch my n...Show More

53:48 | Jun 22nd, 2016

Part 2 of Part 2 of The History of Firesign.  There’s also video of the whole conversation, which you can watch below, and find at Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden This Week’s Guests: Phil Proctor, Taylor Jessen and ...Show More

1:09:44 | Jun 15th, 2016

The incomparable Mary Birdsong brings us Lily Tomlin for the first time on the show. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden This Week’s Guest: Mary Birdsong Buy Lily Tomlin On Stage on Vinyl Watch my new film Looking Forward: 2016 u...Show More

51:45 | Jun 8th, 2016

Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden This Week’s Guests: Bob Bledsoe Buy Dr. Demento Presents: Greatest Novelty Records of All Time, Vol. 4: 1970’s on Vinyl Watch my new film Looking Forward: 2016 unfold, day-by-day at LookingForwar...Show More

54:21 | Jun 1st, 2016

Phil Proctor is back, with the history of the Firesign Theatre!  This time, we’re joined by Firesign archivist Taylor Jessen and Jeremy Guskin to talk about Waiting for the Electrician or Someone Like Him.  It was a good, long conversation, so … Cont...Show More

1:10:07 | May 25th, 2016

Your middlest brother, Travis McElroy, joins me this week ostensibly to talk about an admittedly great and not-often-enough-spoken-of-hyphen album, but we get off on a tangent when we discover Blazing Saddles is both of our favorite film.  But we com...Show More

1:23:39 | May 19th, 2016

Dr. Demento’s archivist, memory acrobat and comedy lover, Jeff Morris picked a US re-release of an album by the UK “group” Bad News, featuring two members of The Young Ones and two other English comedians in an early-80s rock music parody … Continue ...Show More

1:00:08 | May 12th, 2016

Okay, so I give my guests the options of some things that aren’t strictly comedy, when those things inspired them and at least have some comedic elements to them.  Aline Brosh McKenna (The Devils Wears Prada, 27 Dresses AND co-creator of friend … Con...Show More

53:34 | May 5th, 2016

You’ve seen Billy Merritt on numerous shows.  If you’re lucky enough (like our own producer, Mike), Billy has taught you improv at UCB.  We had a great time talking about the mind-changing effect Carlin and this album had on how … Continue reading →

58:15 | Apr 27th, 2016

Jensen Karp joins me this week to talk about my favorite subject – Weird Al.  The more we talk about this album the more I love it.  Jensen also has a new book, Kanye West Owes Me $300, coming out June … Continue reading →

57:35 | Apr 20th, 2016

Chris White is a self-described “recovering standup comic,” and he picked the perfect album to discuss – an album by a standup who quit while he was ahead.  Chris also hosts DC Improv’s The Other Side podcast on which he is currently … Continue readi...Show More

53:51 | Apr 13th, 2016

We’re covering Don’t Crush That Dwarf… for the second time in the show’s history, and this time we’re speaking with Tommy Edison, also known as the Blind Film Critic.  Tommy has an infectious sense of humor, so he was a … Continue reading →

50:28 | Apr 6th, 2016

Sandy Danto is funny, a great actor and wonderful impressionist.  It shouldn’t have surprised me that he threw a curveball my way.  It’s an album that doesn’t hold up, in terms of what’s socially acceptable, even from a comic, but … Continue reading ...Show More

57:13 | Mar 30th, 2016

It’s part 2 of 2 of my discussion with Richard Levinson (composer and performer of our theme song, Smile for the Camera) about National Lampoon’s Gold Turkey, and National Lampoon in general. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden This Week’s Guest:...Show More

57:54 | Mar 23rd, 2016

Not only does he have a history of comedy writing, including comedy song writing, but Richard Levinson is also the composer and performer of our theme song, Smile for the Camera.  This is part 1 of 2 episodes talking about National … Continue reading...Show More

1:08:36 | Mar 10th, 2016

Watch Wayne Federman do stand-up and the first thing you think is not Victor Borge.  Look anywhere and Victor Borge probably won’t be your first thought.  But Wayne made a compelling case to listen to Borge’s Back! and it was worth … Continue reading...Show More

1:03:33 | Feb 25th, 2016

He’s your own Dr. Katz.  He’s a musician.  He gave us some of our most interesting comic minds.  And he wanted to discuss two of the early kings of improv.  It was a lot of fun. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Worden … Continue reading →

1:09:46 | Feb 17th, 2016

It’s time to send the little ones to dreamland… Not really, this is a pretty clean episode, especially given the album we’re covering.  The Thrilling Adventure Hour’s own narrator, Hal Lublin, joins us to discuss Robin Williams’ great live album. … C...Show More

54:17 | Feb 11th, 2016

Giulia Rozzi’s next album, True Love, comes out this Friday, February 12.  She’s hilarious and wanted to not only discuss Rodney Dangerfield, but an Italian kids song about having to take a pee.  It’s a fun time. Host: Jason Klamm Producer: Mike Word...Show More

1:01:20 | Feb 4th, 2016

Arnie Kogen has written for so many of our greatest comedic minds and voices, but perhaps the one that screeches loudest is MAD Magazine.  Patric Verrone helped give us Futurama and returns to the show as an expert who owns every … Continue reading →

1:02:27 | Jan 20th, 2016

André Jacquemin has not  only produced almost every Monty Python album, he’s also written some of their music.  We have a blast talking about great Monty Python moments, as well as some album packaging concepts that never quite materialized. Host: Ja...Show More

1:04:07 | Jan 13th, 2016

It kinda feels like Brock Wilbur has been on before, but he hasn’t.  This is our second time covering the soundtrack to This Is Spinal Tap, and this time we also meander into the world of other “fake” bands and his … Continue reading →

1:14:46 | Jan 6th, 2016

This week, we begin retracing the history of Firesign with Phil Proctor, in part one of a mini-series covering every album from the Columbia years, and perhaps moving on to more.  Phil is currently working on an autobiography, so he’s … Continue read...Show More

1:07:33 | Dec 23rd, 2015

Jordan, Jesse Go!’s own Sunny D, Brian Fernandes, stops by with a challenge he might not have realized was a challenge.  A stand-up album from the late nineties is very much out of my comfort zone, if only because I … Continue reading →

1:16:56 | Dec 17th, 2015

Two of the creators and co-stars of TV Land’s Teachers, which premieres January 13th, picked my favorite Python album, and the thing that really got me addicted to Monty Python in general.  Monty Python Sings is drenched in the best … Continue readin...Show More

44:59 | Dec 9th, 2015

In a first for our podcast, we’re about to premiere a Bob Newhart track that is 50 years old and you probably only heard if you were there for the recording.  From a one-of-a-kind acetate in the Abraham Comedy Archive, the “Paul … Continue reading →

1:08:16 | Dec 2nd, 2015

As a fan of Epic Rap Battles of History, I had to have Zach Sherwin on.  He’s a brilliant performer, and a great writer.  I’m always pleasantly surprised when someone who could easily (and understandably) have had an entirely vinyl-free … Continue re...Show More

1:09:22 | Nov 25th, 2015

Julia is a stand-up and the host of the Simpsons podcast “Everything’s Coming Up Podcast!” and she decided to do something unusual.  She picked an album only a year old – the newest vinyl album we’ve ever talked about on the … Continue reading →

1:04:22 | Nov 11th, 2015

The full, actual title of this gem is “Music to Listen to Records By – Edie Adams Sings?”  A woman after my own heart, with one of the great, absurd record titles of all time, and using punctuation in the … Continue reading →

17:01 | Nov 4th, 2015

I’ve spoken to some of the great minds in comedy on this show.  And yes, I count Jeremy Guskin among them.  But when I told Jeremy that Billy West was doing the show, his reaction was the same as mine. … Continue reading →

55:15 | Oct 14th, 2015

We’re back on a favorite, and not long since the last time we covered it.  I’m not sure if it’s just the demand of listening to the album more than I normally would, but the amazing Paul Gilmartin of The … Continue reading →

54:14 | Oct 7th, 2015

This week, I talk with one of the producers of the Back to the Future documentary “Back in Time,” Lee Leshen, who brings up Howie Mandel’s insane crowdwork comedy for the first time on the show.  Give it a listen, … Continue reading →

55:32 | Oct 1st, 2015

Live from iOWest!  I’m joined this week by James Urbaniak, Jeremy Guskin, Andy Merrill and Taylor Jessen to talk about “Another Monty Python Record!” You can win a chance to be on Comedy on Vinyl by donating to the Michael … Continue reading →

48:45 | Sep 23rd, 2015

He’s a stand up, an author, and the host of Redacted Tonight.  Give his work a listen and it’ll become obvious why the influence of Carlin was so important to him.  We discuss Class Clown and how important it is to have … Continue reading →

1:04:25 | Sep 16th, 2015

He’s the voice of Brak, one of the writers of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, and a big fan of Steve Martin.  We have a lot of fun talking about obscure comedy as well as this, one of the most … Continue reading →

1:12:33 | Sep 9th, 2015

He’s an amazing stand-up, a writer for @midnight, and he was kind enough to pull this week’s album up on his phone since I gave away my vinyl to the last guest who picked it as that week’s album.  Dan … Continue reading →

1:07:03 | Sep 2nd, 2015

Brian Kiley is a stand-up, writer for Conan, and author of the book The Astounding Misadventures of Rory Collins.  Somehow, we haven’t covered this album since our first three episodes, so it was definitely time for a revisit.  We sat down … Continue...Show More

54:27 | Aug 27th, 2015

Jason C. Brown is the director of an upcoming short film called Imaginary Friends, which is currently funding on Indiegogo, hence our unusual posting of a COV bonus episode this week.  I may be biased (see me in the promo video … Continue reading →

1:00:28 | Aug 26th, 2015

The Independent Shakespeare Company’s own David Melville returns, to again open up our comedy minds to the works of George Formby.  Still a respected name in English comedy, his work never quite traversed the ocean sufficiently, so it’s time for … Co...Show More

48:55 | Aug 19th, 2015

Craig Rowin of Your Pretty Face is Going To Hell drops by (and so do I, this was “on location” in Hollywood) to talk about Weird Al’s perfectly-timed “Off The Deep End.”  Now, before you write me an e-mail about this … Continue reading →

1:02:02 | Aug 12th, 2015

It’s not often you get to talk to someone about playing their own father in a movie.  In 1992, that’s exactly what Rob did, for a cameo in “Heart and Souls.”  We discuss how that came about this … Continue reading →

55:09 | Aug 5th, 2015

On Sunday, August 2nd at IOWest, we helped kick off The 13th Annual Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival with a tribute to Robin Williams, with Robin’s close friend, Rick Overton, and special guests Josia Elliott and Jamie Costa.  Josia’s a … Continue ...Show More

1:07:12 | Jul 29th, 2015

Joseph Scrimshaw is back!  And this time, we do something I’ve been waiting to do a long time on this show – let the guest pick from the archive and we both listen to it, fresh.  This week, we listen … Continue reading →

1:04:32 | Jul 22nd, 2015

Every once in awhile, because of this show, I’m fortunate enough to meet an official archivist for a legend.  This week, I talk with Christopher Bay, who is the archivist for not only Shelley Berman, but for Woody Woodbury.  Christopher … Continue re...Show More

1:07:56 | Jul 9th, 2015

He co-hosts the Before You Were Funny podcast and Batman: The Animated Podcast.  Turns out, he’s also the first person to bring The Muppets to the show.  Another surprise first turns out to be a brilliant piece of work, especially given … Continue re...Show More

1:06:00 | Jul 1st, 2015

Podcast listeners will know the sounds of his nimble fingers from the background of many a Paul F. Tompkins podcast, and sketch comedy fans will know his music from Mr. Show.  Eban Schletter is not only a great musical improviser, … Continue reading ...Show More

52:02 | Jun 24th, 2015

Janet Varney stops by her own home to delve into Albert Brooks’ classic “Comedy Minus One” for our second go-round with this album.  This time, we get a picture of an entirely new experience – namely, someone who grew up … Continue reading →

1:24:11 | Jun 17th, 2015

This week I’m joined by the amazingly talented James Bladon (the music for Superego and their alter-egos The Journeymen and the music editor for countless TV shows) and my great friend and talented person in his own right Jeremy Guskin … Continue rea...Show More

1:13:39 | Jun 10th, 2015

The awesome Greg Benson breaks down the first Credibility Gap album we’ve covered, track-by-track.  It’s his favorite, and it’s not hard to see why.  Irreverent, razor-sharp satire with the kind of production values anyone would be jealous of.  It’s ...Show More

1:02:35 | Jun 3rd, 2015

Of course, the full title is “How Can You Be in Two Places at Once When You’re Not Anywhere at All,” and it’s one of the great Firesign albums.  One half Firesign fever dream, and the other half a long-form … Continue reading →

1:03:22 | May 27th, 2015

He inspired the guy who inspired this podcast.  He’s the ultimate curator of novelty music, a music historian, an expert on the history of recorded sound and of comedy, and he was the sound of a generation of comedy lovers. … Continue reading →

1:10:52 | May 20th, 2015

How has it taken this long to get to what might be the most famous comedy album of all time?  Simple: not one guest has requested it.  So this week, we start changing the format up.  Starting soon, we’re going … Continue reading →

51:21 | May 6th, 2015

This week’s episode is not really about one comedy album, but about the strange case of a burned commune, the family that lived there, and the man who has been studying the site for thirty-plus years, using vinyl found at … Continue reading →

01:29 | Apr 29th, 2015

No episode this week, because Jason is cutting two long interviews into one.  It’ll be worth the wait.  In the meantime, look at the record wall.  For a whole week. Comedy on Vinyl is recorded at Fort Awesome Studios in … Continue reading →

55:34 | Apr 23rd, 2015

Josia Elliott comes on the show to talk about David Cross’s emotionally-charged “Shut Up, You Fucking Baby.”  Replete with track titles from some imaginary stand-up set, this album is a great time capsule, and still really relevant.  It also had … Co...Show More

48:47 | Apr 15th, 2015

This week, a guy I wish I’d discovered much sooner stops by to discuss a guy I wish was still as funny as he once was.  Jim Hamilton is one of the few consistent one-liner comics out there (you should … Continue reading →

57:55 | Apr 8th, 2015

The Dork Forest‘s own Jackie Kashian stops by to talk about Lenny Bruce’s hit-and-miss American, that does happen to contain a mutual favorite sketch.  Yes, a stand-up album seemingly mashed together with oddly different-sounding performances and als...Show More

56:48 | Apr 2nd, 2015

The awesome Tess Barker of the hilarious Lady to Lady Podcast stops by this week (and by this week, I mean several months ago, due to some crappy technical issues) to talk about Katt Williams.  We have a ton of … Continue reading →

56:11 | Mar 26th, 2015

This week, with author Mark Miller, we revisit Robert Klein, this time covering the fantastic “Child of the 50s.”  Mark talks about his love of comedy, and starting out in stand up in San Francisco, and moving on to writing … Continue reading →

55:49 | Mar 19th, 2015

Joseph Scrimshaw is an hilarious gentleman with a seemingly odd choice for this week’s discussion – Frank Sinatra’s “The Tea Break” monologue from the 1966 album “Sinatra At The Sands.”  Not only is this Sinatra doling out some well-honed bits, … Con...Show More

1:09:00 | Mar 12th, 2015

Matt Belknap co-founded AST Records and co-hosts Never Not Funny with Jimmy Pardo.  We talk about how Steven Wright started Matt off on a world of live comedy, doing stand up, producing comedy, and break down Steven Wright’s not-quite-one-liner style...Show More

1:11:10 | Mar 5th, 2015

Kliph Nesteroff is one of the great comedy historians of today, for the same reason he picked a comedian you haven’t heard of.  Dick Davy has all the lasting strength of many of the great comedians from the late 60s … Continue reading →

53:17 | Feb 26th, 2015

Will Byrne runs the fantastic Military Moments podcast, and comedy runs in the family (Will was his brother Steve’s.stand-in on “Sullivan & Son”).  He picked Billy Crystal’s only album, a snapshot of the 80s, catch-phrase-comedy, and how a comic mixe...Show More

58:13 | Feb 19th, 2015

Margie Mintz is funny, insightful, and organizes some great shows in LA.  This is a wonderful episode where we talk about her influences and her personal approach to comedy.  We also talk about Mike Birbiglia for the first time on … Continue reading ...Show More

50:47 | Feb 14th, 2015

He’s been a voice in everything you’ve ever liked, and this week he exposes us to a record by Peter Ustinov that is nothing if not incredibly ambitious.  Ustinov uses his vocal versatility to portray every character and EVERY CAR … Continue reading →

58:34 | Feb 6th, 2015

When you first saw him as Langly on The X-Files, you had no idea that behind that facade was a man who has heard Swedish comedians covering George Carlin.  Yes, covering a Carlin bit.  Dean Haglund talks about his early … Continue reading →

1:04:55 | Jan 29th, 2015

He directed the first and final episodes (and much in between) of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Cosby Show.  His show business career started on I Love Lucy.  He directed the pilots for The Bob Newhart Show and … Continue reading →

59:16 | Jan 15th, 2015

Cole Stratton weirds it up this week with one of my new favorite comedy albums.  Albert Brooks again bends the concept of the comedy record back when it was a medium you could still do that with and confuse people … Continue reading →

1:14:00 | Dec 4th, 2014

This week, the Comedy on Vinyl podcast and the Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour podcast cross paths.  Right in the middle of wrapping up their latest sketch comedy album Ho, Christmas Tree!, an increasingly drunk Jay (Jason to you vinyl folks) … Continue re...Show More

1:34:49 | Nov 20th, 2014

For her second time around on the show, the hilarious Andie Bolt talks about the soundtrack to a great movie, “Ghostbusters,” and tells us about her own film, “WowMom,” which is about her mom coping with cancer by playing World … Continue reading →

1:21:23 | Nov 13th, 2014

Oh, this guy’s the best.  Jimmy Pardo wanted to talk about Richard Lewis’s TV special “I’m In Pain,” so we discuss the influence of Richard and a slew of other comedians on Jimmy’s style, as well as Jimmy’s jump out of … Continue reading →