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Campfire Radio Theater

A Haunted Air Audio Drama

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Horror radio rises from the dead! Thrill to the chills of a fully dramatized modern horror anthology in the tradition of radio drama classics such as Nightfall and Lights Out! Hear the fear!

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31:40 | Mar 27th, 2012

As World War 2 draws to a close, a squad of bullying Nazis occupy a remote Romanian village populated by old men, women and livestock. But all is not as it appears as a bitter Winter night falls and t...Show More
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Great acting

30:03 | Jul 13th

A young girl and her father continue to flee an insidious cult obsessed with harnessing the uncanny ability she displays for communicating with the dead. Warning: Contains explicit language and fright...Show More
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27:08 | Jun 13th

A spiritual medium recalls harrowing experiences as a young girl traveling cross-country with her trucker father pursued by a mysterious cult. Along the way, they gain allies and enemies, both living ...Show More

34:08 | Oct 24th, 2019

On the run from a bad relationship, Ellen is pursued into a moonlit wilderness by a freakish pale brute forcing her to utilize dormant survival skills in a bloody game of cat and mouse. Warning: Conta...Show More

35:18 | Jun 5th, 2019

Puppets from a local children's TV show haunt the dreams of an anxiety stressed single mother and seem to foreshadow horrifying events to come. Warning: Contains frightening situations not suitable fo...Show More
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