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43:30 | Nov 15th, 2019

The unknown tale of cold war communist Poland’s unlikely love affair with electronic music. Robert Worby finds out Warsaw was a beacon of musical freedom behind the iron curtain. It was here that the ...Show More
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Very interesting and highly recommended if you enjoy electronic and experimental music

43:31 | Mar 13th

Marie-Louise Muir traces her childhood idol Maureen O’Hara’s journey from Dublin's suburbs to star of the Golden Age.
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43:22 | Mar 12th

We are used to getting a worldview from the west, but what did the east make of us? Jerry Brotton heads to Istanbul on the trail of one the world's great travellers, Evliya Celebi

43:32 | Feb 16th

Kate Molleson travels to Cairo to discover a lost aural music tradition of microtonal finesse, potently emotional voices and spectacularly skilful instrumentalists.
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