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The Podcast History Of Our World

Rob Monaco

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It's the history of our world from the Big Bang to the Modern Age! Well...eventually at least. Every episode has FINALLY been remastered, touched up, and had the numbering fixed. TPHOOW is back in action!
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20:04 | Oct 14th, 2015

Why legends? Because the first four kings of Rome have no historical corroborating evidence! I mean, they probably existed...seems like an awful lot of detail for supposedly fictional people...but we'll most likely never know for sure. That won't sto...Show More

22:13 | Oct 2nd, 2016

The original title was going to be Tarquin and the Roman Republic, but I'm saving that in case I ever start a synthpop group. But anyways, it really is the Roman Republic! We made it, although in all fairness it's not quite the Republic just yet. Not...Show More
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43:39 | Jul 6th, 2016

It's not a podcasting mirage - it really is a new episode! And it's a long'un to make up for all the time we've been apart. So what do you say? Ready to come back to Rome? Sure you are!

21:02 | Sep 21st, 2015

Ave Podcastorians! This is it - our first foray into the hallowed halls of Roman history, although in typical TPHOOW tradition...there's very little actual 'history' in this episode. Oh c'mon you know you missed it! And HEY who's that introducing th...Show More

27:08 | Mar 27th, 2015

This is it podcastorians, our last Carthage-centric episode for a bit! I thought about splitting this one in two but nahhhh if we're going to have one last Punic episode, then it should be a lengthy one! Now there may be a slight delay getting the ne...Show More

22:51 | Mar 19th, 2015

Yes we’re still on Carthage, but Agathocles is the one in the spotlight here! He’s just so morally bankrupt, so diabolically fixated on personal glory, so obsessed with being the biggest Alexander the Great fanboy, that it’s just too good a story to ...Show More

21:36 | Mar 11th, 2015

The war for control of Sicily drags on and neither side looks particularly good in this! Tyrants, distrustful generals, poisonous politicians, and all around yuckiness. This was going to be the last chapter for now, but I came across a historical fig...Show More

24:00 | Mar 5th, 2015

The confrontation between the Hellenic and the Punic world was inevitable, but the battleground would be Sicily, a land quite near and dear to me! It's here that the balance of power would sway back and forth in a seemingly futile struggle. Of course...Show More

21:33 | Feb 24th, 2015

Carthage always seems to take a backseat in history to another big player in the Mediterranean. It could be because it's really tough to find solid writing on them...but hey, when has fact and evidence ever stopped this podcast! So we stretch things ...Show More

22:15 | Jan 24th, 2015

King Zheng is all fired up to take on...well, pretty much everybody else! And in this episode we'll take a look at the short but important dynasty he founded. Then it's time to say goodbye for now to China!

13:58 | Jan 6th, 2015

Let's start 2015 off with one of the best historical stories out of this time period! How does Qin go from a weird backwards region to conquering all of Zhongguo? And can a person's childhood explain why they become jerks later in life? Hmmmm...maybe...Show More

17:59 | Dec 31st, 2014

How many philosophers can we cover in one episode? 100? Ah…well no, but six is pretty good!

18:52 | Dec 19th, 2014

Who says you can’t condense 300 years of interstate fighting amongst hundreds of states into a near 20 minute episode? Well. I found a way!

14:01 | Nov 28th, 2014

The Zhou might be the longest dynasty in Chinese history, but that's not entirely accurate! Their rule is divided into two parts because of what happens in this episode. Also featured here, is a reason why you SHOULD look a gift horse in the mouth!

17:13 | Oct 29th, 2014

The second dynasty of China, although it's the first we have written evidence for! The Shang certainly have an interesting history, although it's kind of all feeling like deja vu...

13:24 | Oct 7th, 2014

Armed with more primary sources, it's time to embark on our tour of China's dynasties! And where better to start then with the one people can't even agree existed.

14:32 | Sep 1st, 2014

We begin our tour of ancient China! Gonna throw it out there right now, I do my best with the pronunciations. I think they're decent but they're not perfect. If you want to hear fluent speakers there are two excellent Chinese History podcasts availab...Show More

13:31 | Aug 1st, 2014

In this, our last exciting episode in Ancient India, we'll see what happens when good empires go bad! We're condensing a lot of 'civilizations' into this wrap-up episode - Baktrians, Kushans, and the always hard to pronounce Yuezhi, or Yueh-chih. Bot...Show More

19:37 | Jul 25th, 2014

India's greatest emperor isn't known for his military conquests or building projects or really anything else other emperors do! What Ashoka has that others don't is a genuine compassion for life and a desire to spread happiness. Well, I mean, after ...Show More

15:37 | Jul 12th, 2014

I originally planned this as a one shot episode on the Mauryans, but there's too many good stories! Also in this episode, our Macedonian timeline crosses into our current one. Normally you don't want to cross streams but since I don't see any ancient...Show More

13:28 | Jul 5th, 2014

First off it's pronounced mah-guh-duh, not maGAHdah - so I got it right! Keep your ears open for a word I just can't say right no many how many times I try! This was initially supposed to be a longer episode but then I found a neat story that I had t...Show More

18:11 | Jun 27th, 2014

Smells episode on some very important religious figures of Indian history!

19:02 | May 18th, 2014

An episode in which I try to mispronounce as many languages as possible, and then attempt to reconcile massive historical controversies in just under 20 minutes. Fun!

12:09 | Apr 17th, 2014

Our first episode in India! Although really most of it takes place in Pakistan. Not that either exist at this point. And it's another episode based on no written information whatsoever! Hooray!

29:48 | Mar 18th, 2014

Who says you can't condense the life and adventures of Western Civilization's most famous conqueror into two episodes? We wind up our travels with Alexander in this, our final episode with the ancient Greeks!    Oh who am I kidding. I'm sure we'll ...Show More

28:33 | Mar 6th, 2014

Was he so great? Well his mom certainly thought so, and so did he! And really, when it comes right down to it, he did more by 20 than pretty much everybody since then.  Lousy overachievers... Featuring a guest introduction by the podcaster who has ...Show More

24:01 | Feb 19th, 2014

You can't talk about Alexander without talking about his dad, Philip II! Without him Macedon wouldn't have all the institutions and military doohickeys that let Alex pretty much go straight to work on the Persians.

19:22 | Feb 2nd, 2014

It took a lot of self control to not include war, fighting, or any form of soldiers with pointy objects trying to poke other soldiers with pointy objects in this episode! Don't you start falling asleep on me, I ASSURE you it's interesting! And for yo...Show More

24:39 | Dec 27th, 2013

Will the brutal militarism of Sparta triumph against the brutal democracy of Athens? And Socrates - what's up with him? Doesn't he know that every rose has its thorn just like every night has its dawn? With a guest introduction from Benjamin Ashwell...Show More

17:12 | Dec 17th, 2013

In which a bunch of Ancient Greeks remember that they never really liked each other in the first place and off to war they go!

21:24 | Nov 15th, 2013

It's a good time to be an Athenian when Pericles is in the house! Smooching girlfriends, building temples, and teasing the Corinthians. All in a days work!

16:06 | Oct 22nd, 2013

Well that took long enough. The story continues after the Persian Wars! Greece is still standing! Athens wants to get back in the game! And heroes are once again dealt with the only way the city knows how.

29:27 | Aug 12th, 2013

Part two of our look at the war for THE FATE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION. Whoops! My hyperbole button got stuck for a second. Lots of military stuff in this here episode, so if you dig that, this is the one for you!

26:26 | Jul 30th, 2013

The granddaddy of all ancient battles! Will the forces of long beards, extreme workout regimens and kicking people down wells win out against the folks who created the first human rights charter? Part one of our look at this fascinating time!

14:37 | Jun 27th, 2013

The second part! In which we finally catch up to the Persian timelines. But don't cross the streams! Wouldn't want any Mesopotamian destruction gods mucking about New York, right?

20:29 | Jun 27th, 2013

Did ya miss me? I'm back from a month long hiatus to bring you Athens! Part one! The city so nice it gets episodes...uh...twice. Well anyway in this one we cover it's earliest mythological days to it's first tyranny. BOOM.

20:38 | May 15th, 2013

THIS episode about Sparta! (and there are no 300 references in here too. Well, one, but it's about facial hair!) People just looove Sparta. Tough guys and gals who don't let anyone stand in their way! Grr! Kick a diplomat down a well! Oh but...Show More

20:27 | May 3rd, 2013

For an era of history that has almost nothing recorded from it, I think I did a respectable job with the content! (i.e. I did my best!)

18:11 | Apr 18th, 2013

I tried to keep this one as grounded in historical reality as I could, and look what happened! It's a short episode! But that's ok, we still get to find out about the Mycenaeans and that little tiff they had with Troy.

21:47 | Apr 11th, 2013

Welcome to our first episode with the Greeks! Although as you'll find out, there aren't many Greeks in this episode! We'll do as much as we can with the historical record on Crete, and then use mythological tradition to fill in the blanks. Opa!

33:30 | Mar 27th, 2013

Darius gets a bum rap because he's the first Persian king to invade Greece, but they started it! Honestly! Well...mostly. Whatever. Also after this episode we'll be temporarily saying goodbye to the Persians before we head off to Greece, but don't wo...Show More

23:50 | Mar 16th, 2013

Oh, Herodotus. I love you man, but you're like the tabloid reporter of the ancient world. Didn't you ever check your sources? What, did you just go with the first guy you heard a story from? Ah well, it still makes for a good story! We'll take a look...Show More

38:35 | Mar 7th, 2013

So many people throughout history get to have "The Great" as a moniker, but do they deserve it? Heck no! But Cyrus, here is the exception! From the curious mythology of his birth, to the massive empire he carved out in thirty years, to essentially pe...Show More

17:51 | Feb 20th, 2013

This is it! Our last episode with the ancient Hebrews! Will Egypt protect the Hebrews? Will Judah deftly wade through the treacherous diplomatic minefield? Look, I don't want to spoil anything here but, oh wait, the title is a spoiler. Whoops! Well, ...Show More

18:57 | Feb 18th, 2013

For one tiny strip of land, the power players of the ancient Near East seem REALLY hellbent on controlling it! Judah's stuck right smack dab in the middle of it all, and if they are to survive at all, it might even come down to alliances with former ...Show More

12:22 | Feb 13th, 2013

We close the book on the Northern Kingdom of Israel in this episode...which leaves their southern cousins in an awkward position!

17:50 | Feb 13th, 2013

In which I condense about 2000 years of Assyrian history into about 15 minutes. Expect lots of kings trying to one-up another for the title of "Most Creatively Brutal". Featuring music by the awesome Owen Plant!

21:45 | Feb 4th, 2013

It's the beginning of the end for the Ancient Hebrews folks! Once the split between the two kingdoms happened it all went downhill from there. Also in this episode we spend a little time talking about a woman who can't get a break nearly 2000 years l...Show More

24:28 | Jan 24th, 2013

Did you know that Solomon, known as Suleiman in the Quran, had a giant flying carpet, could communicate with animals, and controlled genies, a.k.a djinn? Just go with it...

23:13 | Jan 15th, 2013

In many ways King David is a lot like Dennis the Menace. They both use a slingshot to take down their enemies, don't get along with neighbors, and are always causing trouble! Haha, yep, well that was a terrible analogy. Still, we're inching closer an...Show More

19:51 | Jan 7th, 2013

People tend to ignore the fact that Saul was the first king of the Israelites! Oh sure he never had a sculpture of himself sans pants in the middle of Florence, but he still deserves to be mentioned!

23:29 | Dec 31st, 2012

Joshua and the Judges! No, it's not the name of my new band, it's the theme of this episode! We'll be exploring the Israelites early days in Canaan and taking a look at four of their most fascinating leaders. Get ready for storytime!

27:36 | Dec 18th, 2012

There's the Moses you know, and the Moses from all the various stories and traditions about him. Let me tell you, that version is far more interesting!

16:54 | Dec 11th, 2012

L'Chaim! Our first episode exploring the history of the Ancient Hebrews/Israelites. With special guest musician Michael Levy! Check out his historically accurate music at!

24:27 | Nov 28th, 2012

The grand conclusion to our Egyptian tour is all about the most famous battle of the ancient world and the impetuousness of youth!

18:37 | Nov 28th, 2012

Is it possible to introduce monotheism into a staunchly polytheistic society? Well yeah...but claiming to be the only one who understands the god in question while also being the pharaoh isn't gonna make it easy.

20:19 | Nov 28th, 2012

There's so much that happens during the New Kingdom that I had to split up the episodes. So this one is technically the old New Kingdom episode, and the others are the new New Kingdom.

21:09 | Nov 15th, 2012

There's only one time Egypt was invaded by aliens...and this is it!

19:48 | Nov 6th, 2012

The first Egyptian civil war! Or is it Civil War? Well whichever it is, lots of folks wanna be king! And while they might not agree on much, they all have a real hate-hate thing going on with Nubia!

24:10 | Oct 26th, 2012

Do you know about pyramid power? Because if you don''s probably for the best. REAL pyramid power is convincing thousands of your subjects that toiling in the hot Egyptian sun building a giant triangle is a good idea!

24:52 | Oct 18th, 2012

Time for a new chapter of TPHOOW as we head off to Egypt! I'll walk you through the top of the line mummification process and spend way too much time on a certain river! Plus poetry! Are we having fun yet?

20:51 | Oct 10th, 2012

What's so great about Hammurabi anyway right? Eye for an eye, that whole business? There's a lot more to him than you might think! And if you're digging the authentic music in this episode, visit to find where to...Show More

21:51 | Oct 4th, 2012

Sumer's time is coming to an end but they still have some fight left in them! Also I do my best to read a bit of ancient Mesopotamia poetry. AND if you're curious about the awesome music in this episode, go support the artists at ...Show More

20:22 | Sep 28th, 2012

The world's first exciting! Sargon and the Semites are now up to bat on TPHOOW! (I love that band)

20:46 | Sep 24th, 2012

Hope you enjoyed Gilgamesh, but it's time for some ACTUAL history! Sumer is all about angry city states contesting for the iron throne. No, wait, not iron. Maybe reeds...or brick, but no iron, and no dragons.

45:35 | Sep 22nd, 2012

In which we listen to a 5,000 year old epic story of true friendship, overcoming the whims of the gods, and a man's desperate quest for immortality. Plus I have way too much fun with Audacity, there's that too. Guest starring the ever so lovely Alexa...Show More

31:25 | Sep 20th, 2012

It's Sumer time and the livin's easy! Mesopotamia 6,000 years ago was a heady time to be alive! Sure the occasional rain storm might melt your city but who cares? Ninkasi, Goddess of Beer will help you through those difficult times!

18:43 | Sep 16th, 2012

You say you want a revolution? Would you settle for the greatest invention of all time?

22:26 | Sep 6th, 2012

Are you ready to rock? Because we're heading into the workings of the prehistoric mind...where taming former enemies, drilling into skulls, stone age fetishes and art await!

28:10 | Aug 29th, 2012

In case you can't tell from the title, our exciting third episode has something to do with Prometheus' gift to humanity! But that's not all, how about some scientific reasons about skin pigmentation, evidence of another human species on this Earth, a...Show More

19:07 | Aug 23rd, 2012

The second episode, more anthropology than history but c'mon, you want the full story right? So let's talk about climate change, evolution, and meat eating! There's something to upset everyone!

29:32 | Aug 16th, 2012

The very first chapter of The Podcast History of Our World! Here I explain the purpose and intent of the program and begin our history tour...with some non-history! What's a good starting point for history? 10,000 BC? 10,000,000 BC? How about at the ...Show More