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1:04:43 | Oct 3rd

Amanda “w0z” Wozniak (@kainzowa) spoke with us about her career through biomedical engineering and startups. Amanda contributed a chapter to Building Open Source Hardware: DIY Manufacturing. (A book we spoke with Alicia Gibb about in #289.) Amanda’s ...Show More

1:15:32 | Sep 26th

What do you get when you connect the open-source reverse engineer of Valve’s Steam Controller and the main electrical engineer of said device?Jeff Keyzer (@mightyohm) and Gregory Gluszek (@greggersaurus) join us to talk about building and taking apar...Show More
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1:45:59 | Sep 19th

Jay Carlson (@jaydcarlson) is back on the show to discuss education and the techniques he’s using to teach embedded systems.Jay has some great posts on his jaycarlson.net blog. The one related to this show was entitled “How I Teach Embedded Systems.”...Show More

1:21:42 | Sep 12th

Jen Costillo (@rebelbotjen) joins Elecia and Christopher to discuss their experiences interviewing (both as interviewer and interviewee).Elecia did an hour long webinar on how to conduct technical interviews. In this show, she mentions a good post-in...Show More

1:11:18 | Sep 5th

Christopher interviews an embedded systems engineer with ~25 years of experience across medical, scientific, industrial and consumer products. He asks about career trajectory, field stories, and assorted destruction.Making Embedded Systems: Design Pa...Show More
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