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Parsing the Green New Deal

59:02 | Feb 14th

The Green New Deal plan is out, and we’re suddenly having a national conversation about climate change again. It’s also injecting some early drama into the presidential primaries. This week, we’re digging into the plan. We’ll tell you what’s in it, ...Show More
Episode 200: We Reflect on the Biggest Changes in Energy

50:32 | Sep 29th, 2017

When we first hit the record button four years ago, the energy landscape looked very different. Oil prices were above $90 per barrel. Utilities were only just starting to take distributed resources seriously as grid assets. Coal was still on the upsw...Show More
Why Is Trump Suddenly Talking About the Environment?

48:22 | Jul 14th

Note: after this episode, we will be on hiatus for a few weeks while Stephen Lacey goes on paternity leave. We’ll be back soon! On July 8, Donald Trump stood in the East Room of the White House and delivered a speech on his “environmental leadership...Show More
Greening the Cannabis Industry [Special Content From CohnReznick]

20:44 | Jul 9th

This week, we present a special episode produced on behalf of CohnReznick. There’s a bonanza sweeping across North America: cannabis. As more states legalize marijuana, the industry is attracting high-profile investors and bringing in $6.5 billion ...Show More
Time for a Presidential Climate Debate?

44:01 | Jul 2nd

This week: we examine the Trump alternative to the Clean Power Plan, look at the gap between red and blue states on climate change, and review the presidential debates. Up first: how Trump's EPA is replacing Obama's major climate rule. Then, the r...Show More
Watt It Takes: Creating a Battery Unicorn

58:20 | Jun 23rd

This week on Watt It Takes: How a Ukrainian immigrant quietly toiled away on a new battery chemistry and created a billion-dollar unicorn. Powerhouse CEO Emily Kirsch sits down with Gene Berdichevsky, the CEO of Sila Nanotechnologies. Sila is devel...Show More
Will Geothermal Ever Boom Like Fracking?

38:38 | Jun 13th

It’s been a decade since the fracking boom reshaped U.S. energy markets — so when will we ever use our drilling prowess to create a similar geothermal boom? That’s the hope. The Department of Energy just released a massive new report revisiting Amer...Show More
Comparing Presidential Candidates on Climate and Cleantech

39:30 | Jun 3rd

It may be a couple election cycles late, but we’re finally getting a wave of climate plans from presidential candidates. The issue is now front and center in the Democratic primaries. We’ve spent the last week collecting the plans from leading candi...Show More
Breaking Down Global Subsidies for Fossil Fuels

56:51 | May 23rd

A new report from the International Monetary Fund shows that the world spent $5.2 trillion on fossil fuel subsidies in 2017. That’s half a trillion dollars more than in 2015. But it also shows that fossil fuel subsidy spending is down by half since ...Show More
America Has 2 Million Solar Systems. How'd We Get Here?

51:36 | May 16th

It took four decades for America to install a million solar systems. And it took just three years to install the second million. From here on out, the U.S. market will likely see a million systems every couple of years, according to the latest data ...Show More
How Much Do Renewable Energy Mandates Really Cost?

46:06 | May 3rd

For well over a decade, researchers have been modeling the cost of state renewable energy mandates. The results break down in predictable ways: conservative and progressive groups often come to very different conclusions based about costs and benefi...Show More
Watt It Takes: Why This Founder Dug Into Home Geothermal

32:52 | Apr 24th

This week on Watt It Takes: How a product manager at Google saw promise in geothermal heat pumps — and applied the lessons of solar to an underserved market. In this episode, Powerhouse CEO Emily Kirsch sits down with Kathy Hannun, the co-founder of...Show More
The Art of Closing Billions in Wind and Solar Deals [Special Content From CohnReznick]

22:08 | Apr 23rd

This week, we present a special episode produced in collaboration with CohnReznick Capital. How do you broker billions of dollars worth of renewable energy deals — and do it again and again? It takes grit, sure. But it also requires empathy. And t...Show More
Amazon Cozies Up to Fossil Fuels

39:51 | Apr 18th

The tech giants are all going long on renewables, but Amazon seems to be going long on oil and gas. A new story details Amazon’s budding romance with the fossil fuel industry, while also lagging behind its peers in buying clean energy for its operat...Show More
Interpreting GOP Responses to the Green New Deal

42:08 | Apr 12th

This week, the Green New Deal ripples through Washington. A few leading Republicans are responding to the progressive climate plan with some ideas of their own: the New Manhattan Project and the Green Real Deal.  They’ve gotten a mostly cold respon...Show More
Live at MIT: The 2040 Grid

46:29 | Apr 7th

This past week, we recorded a live show at the MIT Energy Conference.  The theme of the show: what the grid may look like by 2040. As a topical show, we usually don’t know what we’re going to be discussing until a day or two in advance. But the the...Show More
What Does Lyft's IPO Signal for the Future of Mobility?

1:03:13 | Mar 28th

Lyft is set for an IPO on Friday; Uber is driving up to the IPO window soon. Investors seem enthusiastic, but skeptics see a lot of risks and a bumpy path to profitability. In 2018, transportation network companies — pretty much Lyft and Uber — gave...Show More
Replay: The Story Behind Greentech Media's Founding

53:44 | Mar 24th

We're on spring break this week. We'll be back on Thursday with our regular show. To get you through the next few days, we’re offering up an earlier episode of Watt It Takes about the origin story of Greentech Media. In this edition of Watt It Take...Show More
The Battery Storage Market Kicks Into High Gear

55:51 | Mar 14th

The latest numbers for U.S. energy storage activity are out. They show a surge of activity coming over the next five years, leading to 6x market growth. By 2024, the storage market will be worth $4.7 billion dollars, driven evenly by utility-scale a...Show More
Watt It Takes: Terry Jester Brings 40 Years of Solar Experience to Startups

49:48 | Mar 6th

This week on Watt It Takes: Terry Jester has seen it all in her four-decade career in solar and electronics. As both an engineer and an executive, she’s learned that timing is everything in the energy business.  “I think as I’ve gotten older, I unde...Show More
Risks and Rewards of Latin America's Solar Boom [Special Content From NEXTracker]

24:37 | Mar 5th

This week, we’ve got a bonus episode produced in collaboration with NEXTracker. It’s all about the risks and rewards of doing business in the roaring Latin American solar market. We are speaking with two of the most in-the-know people on the subjec...Show More
Is Climate Delayism the New Denialism?

43:09 | Feb 28th

We weren’t planning on making the Green New Deal a weekly item on the show. Then a video of Senator Dianne Feinstein dropped over the weekend, where she appears to lecture climate-protesting kids. It set off a chain reaction of outrage. The social m...Show More
How Trump's Tariffs Hit US Solar, One Year On

55:19 | Feb 21st

It’s been one year since the Trump White House slapped 30 percent tariffs on solar cells and modules imported into the US. What happened since? The solar industry said tariffs would destroy tens of thousands of jobs and set the market back years. Tu...Show More
Watt It Takes: How David Crane Jolted the Power Sector

1:17:09 | Feb 8th

This week on Watt It Takes: How David Crane worked his way up in the power business to become CEO of NRG Energy — only to get tossed out of the job for his bold stance on climate. In this episode, Emily Kirsch talks with Crane about taking risks in ...Show More
The Interchange: Utilities vs Oil Majors vs Mobility Providers vs Big Tech

44:53 | Feb 5th

This week: a battle Royale for energy dominance. We're cross-posting an episode from our other Greentech Media podcast, The Interchange. The competitors: utilities, oil & gas majors, mobility providers and big tech. We’re pitting them against each...Show More
The Debate Over America's 2050 Energy Mix

49:59 | Jan 31st

What will the U.S. grid mix look like in 2050? It depends on which models you follow. The future according to the Energy Information Administration's latest report: wind will stop growing, coal will stop declining, demand for electricity will keep g...Show More
A New Paradigm for Energy Efficiency

46:14 | Jan 24th

What is energy efficiency? That sounds like a pretty simple question. But it’s not. Defining efficiency used to be pretty straightforward: weatherize, upgrade equipment and lighting, use a bit of social science to cut consumption. But now efficiency...Show More
PG&E's Looming Historic Bankruptcy

58:23 | Jan 17th

A look at the consequences of one of the biggest bankruptcies in energy history.
Government Shuts Down, Pollution Ramps Up

44:06 | Jan 9th

The political insanity in Washington can feel disconnected from reality. But two years into the Trump presidency, Americans all over the country are feeling it in the form of higher pollution. In this week's episode, we're starting off with a look a...Show More
2018 Reflections and Prognostications

51:30 | Dec 21st, 2018

This week, it’s our year-ender episode. And you know what that means: we’re going round the horn with our assessment of 2018. First, we’ll discuss the top trends of the year.  Then, a roundup of the best energy journalism of 2018.  And finally, so...Show More
Watt It Takes: The Origin Story of Wunder Capital

1:02:01 | Dec 6th, 2018

This week on Watt It Takes: Wunder Capital CEO Bryan Birsic on why he wants to solve the commercial solar financing challenge, when so many others couldn't. "That is what a startup is to me. It's 50 or 100 people who can move a multi-billion-dollar ...Show More
Can Geothermal Scale?

47:27 | Nov 28th, 2018

Back in 2008, there was a lot of excitement about geothermal. Many major banks were backing large-scale geothermal projects around the world; a wide range of startups were promising to unlock new resources; and wind and solar hadn’t shown their explo...Show More
What if Utilities Are to Blame for Wildfires?

39:51 | Nov 21st, 2018

California has seen a million and a half acres of forest burned this year. As the state recovers from the devastating Camp Fire and Woolsey Fire, residents are looking for someone to blame. Now attention turns to utilities. Both Southern California ...Show More
Watt It Takes: The Origin Story of Sunrun

57:18 | Nov 15th, 2018

This week on Watt It Takes: How Sunrun CEO Lynn Jurich convinced homeowners and banks to invest millions into third-party rooftop solar during the great recession. “Everybody said it won’t work. We took it as a challenge,” says Jurich. “And so we ju...Show More
Post-Election Punditry

45:34 | Nov 8th, 2018

This week: we make sense of America’s midterm elections. Will Democrats do anything on energy in the House? Why did so many ballot initiatives fail? What does the score tell us about the value of running as a climate hawk? First, we’ll look at what...Show More
How the 2008 Financial Crisis Shaped Clean Energy

1:01:21 | Oct 26th, 2018

Ten years ago this week, stock markets around the world cratered as fears grew that the global economy was headed into a deep, dark recession. Alan Greenspan called it “a once-in-a-century credit tsunami.” Today, we are still feeling the economic a...Show More
Trump's Coal Bailout Stalls; Brexit Looms Large for Energy

42:22 | Oct 18th, 2018

This week: the White House abandons a plan to save coal plants. Did Trump read the IPCC’s latest report and have a change of heart? Turns out, the legally-flimsy effort caved under its own weight. We’ll explain. Then, failing Brexit talks weigh heav...Show More
Debating the New IPCC Report: Hellish or Hopeful?

50:46 | Oct 11th, 2018

For two years, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has been working on a new analysis about global emissions pathways. The report was released this week — and the conclusion is pretty dire. Or is it actually more hopeful than it appears?  ...Show More
Live in NYC: Are We Making Progress?

1:35:25 | Oct 8th, 2018

This week, we're live in New York City. Our theme: are we making progress?  We're joined by special guest Eric Roston, the sustainability editor at Bloomberg. A big thanks to the Urban Future Lab, ACRE and Solar One for organizing the show as part...Show More
Watt It Takes: How to Fly a Solar Airplane Around the World

48:45 | Sep 25th, 2018

For all our East Coast fans of The Energy Gang: make sure to get your tickets for our live show on October 4 in New York City! Find them here. This week on Watt It Takes: Why one man spent 15 years of his life obsessed with flying a solar airplane ...Show More
Hurricane Redux: Toxic Sludge, Climate Denial and Battery Storage

44:38 | Sep 21st, 2018

Before you do anything else, buy tickets to our live show on October 4 in New York City. It sells out fast, so get your tickets now! One year after Hurricanes Harvey and Maria crushed Texas and Puerto Rico, Florence became one of the ten costliest h...Show More
Watt It Takes: How Sunnova's John Berger Convinced Oil & Gas Investors to Believe in Solar

1:00:18 | Sep 13th, 2018

This week on Watt It Takes: How a Texas entrepreneur with fossil fuel roots came to see solar and storage as the future of energy.  We feature a conversation with John Berger, the CEO of the residential solar-and-storage firm Sunnova, about his miss...Show More
California's 100% Clean Energy Gambit

52:33 | Sep 6th, 2018

This week: California passes a bill to source 100% clean electricity by 2045. What does that actually mean? And more importantly, how will the target be met? Then, writing in the New York Times this weekend, journalist Bethany McLean warned about fr...Show More
1979-1989: The Decade We Almost Saved the Planet

47:46 | Aug 30th, 2018

This week, we're using an entire episode to discuss an ambitious piece of reporting on climate change. Earlier this month, the New York Times Magazine devoted an entire issue to a specific period of time in modern history: 1979 and 1989. It was a ti...Show More
Watt It Takes: The Promise of Electric Buses With Proterra CEO Ryan Popple

1:03:48 | Aug 22nd, 2018

This week on Watt It Takes: How Ryan Popple’s experience in the military, Tesla and venture capital helped him lead electric bus maker Proterra. “It’s good for the ‘keep calm and carry on mentality’ when people tend to bring me a box of broken parts...Show More
One Trillion Watts of Wind and Solar

48:14 | Aug 16th, 2018

There are now one trillion watts of wind and solar installed around the world, according to new figures from BNEF. It took a few decades to get here, but it’ll only take five years to do it again — and nearly 50 percent cheaper. Now that we’ve reach...Show More
Introducing Political Climate

46:29 | Aug 8th, 2018

The Gang is on summer vacation this week. We'll be back soon with our regular analysis and debate on the stories in energy. Meanwhile, we'd like to introduce you to Political Climate, GTM's newest podcast hosted by Senior Editor Julia Pyper. The s...Show More
Watt It Takes: How Schwarzenegger’s Chief of Staff Built a Battery Company

1:00:51 | Jul 30th, 2018

This week on Watt It Takes: We’ll hear from Susan Kennedy, the CEO of Advanced Microgrid Solutions, about her transition from politics to behind-the-meter energy storage. Kennedy was an important player in California environmental politics. She infl...Show More
A Grab Bag With Vox's David Roberts

1:02:40 | Jul 27th, 2018

This week, David Roberts, a staff writer at Vox, joins the gang to talk about a wide range of topics in the news. How would a good carbon tax work? Are we fooling ourselves thinking Republicans will ever support one? In the absence of a carbon pric...Show More
The Billion-Dollar Crash of Better Place

58:30 | Jul 12th, 2018

Dozens of companies across solar, batteries and biofuels have imploded over the years. But it's hard to match the spectacular implosion of Better Place five years ago. Better Place rose to fame in 2007, pulling in nearly $1 billion of venture capita...Show More
Fantasy Sports for Energy Nerds

44:41 | Jul 5th, 2018

Like fantasy sports? Listen to our deep decarbonization draft.  The Energy Gang is break this week for the July 4 holiday. We'll be back next week. In the meantime, we're offering up a re-run from The Interchange.  In this episode, Shayle and Ste...Show More
We Have a Gas Problem

41:05 | Jun 28th, 2018

A new peer-reviewed study in the journal Science gives us a clearer picture of the climate impact of natural gas. According to researchers, methane leakage across oil and gas operations in the U.S. are 60 percent higher than government estimates. Put...Show More
Watt It Takes: How a NASA Roboticist Built a Groundbreaking Solar Tracker

46:48 | Jun 19th, 2018

Leila Madrone was constantly looking for creative ways to use robots. In the mid 2000's, she co-founded a music group called Ensemble Robot, which featured robots that played music.  "I had this great passion to use robotics to have meaning in the w...Show More
Tesla's Layoffs: Musk Pushes for Profits

47:39 | Jun 14th, 2018

Elon Musk announced Monday that Tesla is laying off 9 percent of salaried employees at the company. This is not the first round of sweeping layoffs at Tesla — the most recent came after the SolarCity acquisition. But this appears to be the biggest so...Show More
Your Questions Answered: The Politics Edition

43:24 | May 24th, 2018

What’s the optimal way to spend money raised by a carbon tax? How should climate play in Florida’s big toss-up Congressional race? What’s the best energy platform for gubernatorial candidates? This week: your questions answered. We got a bunch of ...Show More
Electrify Everything: Rethinking Home Performance

47:58 | May 17th, 2018

There’s a new phrase bouncing around energy circles: Electrify Everything. This week, we talk to Nate Adams, a home performance expert whose personal mission is to rip gas meters out of homes and move us closer toward full electrification. As he’s l...Show More
Watt It Takes: Billy Parish, From Dropout Activist to Solar CEO

40:47 | May 9th, 2018

Billy Parish dropped out of college to pursue a career in climate activism. Today, he's the CEO of America's biggest rooftop solar loan company, Mosaic. In this edition of Watt It Takes, Powerhouse CEO Emily Kirsch interviews Parish about his transi...Show More

46:06 | May 4th, 2018

We all fall victim to myths. But when they're deeply tied to our belief systems, they can be nearly impossible to break.  On this week's show, we're busting some of the most common myths in clean energy:No, storage doesn't necessarily increase emiss...Show More
For Taxis, It's Uber. For Utilities, Could It Be DERs? [Original Content]

26:04 | May 2nd, 2018

This podcast episode sponsored by West Monroe Partners, and brought to you by creative strategies. How do we think about change in the electric utility industry caused by distributed resources? Is it like telecom? Internet-based retail? Sam Uyeno, ...Show More
A New Era of Grid Planning: "Folks Are Frustrated"

48:04 | Apr 27th, 2018

Are we entering a new era of grid planning? In recent years, we've assumed that sweeping reforms are the best way to get distributed energy built. But in pockets of the country, a more localized approach to deploying these assets is taking hold – and...Show More
Why SunPower Is Buying SolarWorld USA

48:03 | Apr 19th, 2018

SunPower couldn’t convince the Trump Administration to abandon tariffs on imported solar panels. So now it plans to buy one of the companies pushing tariffs in the first place. Yesterday, SunPower unveiled plans to acquire SolarWorld’s U.S. operatio...Show More
Statoil Bets on Floating Wind and Carbon Capture

40:29 | Apr 13th, 2018

Statoil is the largest operator of oil and gas rigs around the world. Consequently, the company's biggest low-carbon investments are offshore: floating wind farms and distributed carbon capture and storage. This week, we're talking to Stephen Bull, ...Show More
Reality Check? Global Fossil Fuel Consumption Grows

48:41 | Apr 5th, 2018

After a multi-year decline, global carbon emissions are on the upswing. The International Energy Agency now says that emissions grew in 2017 -- caused by an increase oil, natural gas and coal demand. Nearly three-quarters of new energy demand across...Show More
Trouble at Silicon Valley Car Companies

35:37 | Mar 29th, 2018

It’s been a bad couple of weeks for two of Silicon Valley’s top car companies. After a pedestrian was killed by one of Uber’s autonomous cars in Arizona, the company’s AV operations were suspended. Other driverless car companies are now weighing the...Show More
The SunEdison Origin Story

55:46 | Mar 26th, 2018

In the early 2000s, investors weren't very interested in SunEdison's business plan to finance solar with power purchase agreements. "No one wanted to hear about physical infrastructure," said Jigar Shah, who drafted the business plan and co-founded ...Show More
EVs, AVs and Sharing: Don't Screw Up the Transportation Revolution

58:48 | Mar 16th, 2018

There are three forces coming together in the transportation sector: vehicle autonomy, vehicle sharing, and vehicle electrification. On their own, app-based sharing and electric vehicles are powerful agents of change. Together with automation, "they...Show More
What Utilities Can Learn From Amazon [Original Content From Tendril]

37:33 | Mar 6th, 2018

Amazon's analytical approach to understanding the customer allowed it to move beyond books and dominate the retail space. Entire industries are getting upended and transformed as a result. This story about disruption is a familiar one. We’ve seen ho...Show More
The Coal Boss, the Comedian and the Squirrel

48:46 | Mar 1st, 2018

Last June, comedian John Oliver devoted a long segment to the struggling coal industry on his HBO show Last Week Tonight.  He turned his attention to Robert Murray, the CEO of Murray Energy, one of the most bombastic advocates of coal. And then Murr...Show More
A Historic Moment for Energy Storage

47:27 | Feb 23rd, 2018

If storage is the Swiss Army Knife of the electric grid, then U.S. energy regulators are breaking out their tool belts. Last week brought a historic ruling at FERC. Commissioners told regional grid operators to create rules valuing the grid services...Show More
Are Trump's Solar Tariffs Working?

45:16 | Feb 7th, 2018

Since the White House slapped penalties on solar panels made outside America, a handful of companies say they’re likely to ramp up production in the U.S. In recent weeks, two Asian producers -- Jinko Solar and United Renewable Energy -- said they're...Show More
How We Perceive Wind Farms Near Our Homes

41:37 | Feb 1st, 2018

There are tens of thousands large-scale wind turbines scattered across America. That means over a million and a half households are located five miles from a turbine. And they’re actually inching closer to homes on average, according to government re...Show More
Trump Issues Solar Tariffs: We Answer Your Questions

43:38 | Jan 23rd, 2018

The Trump Administration just imposed 30 percent tariffs on imported solar cells and modules. How much will it stunt solar growth in America? Will it spark a broader trade war? There are a lot of questions about the impact. In this podcast, we’re gi...Show More
Electric Airplanes Are the Future of Aviation

47:58 | Jan 19th, 2018

The next sector ripe for electrification: aviation. Electric airplanes could completely make over the regional airline sector -- fundamentally changing the way we move around the country and creating new economic opportunities. On this week's Energ...Show More
Trump's Washington: Year One

52:34 | Jan 11th, 2018

Nearly one year after President Trump was sworn into office, we’re re-examining the state of energy politics in Washington. Our post-election episodes were some of our most popular shows of last year. This week, we’re returning to the subject now th...Show More
The Dismantling of EPA

58:43 | Jan 5th, 2018

What's it like inside the Environmental Protection Agency as the Trump Administration dismantles it from the top down? This week, ProPublica’s Talia Buford joins us on The Energy Gang to talk about how Scott Pruitt’s aggressive regulatory rollback a...Show More
Watt It Takes: The Origin Story of Greentech Media

57:08 | Jan 3rd, 2018

We spend most of our time talking about other companies. For our first podcast of the year, we're turning the tables and reflecting on GTM. In this edition of Watt It Takes, Powerhouse CEO Emily Kirsch interviews GTM Co-Founder Scott Clavenna about ...Show More
How Utilities Blew $40 Billion on Failed Power Plants

1:01:51 | Dec 22nd, 2017

Good journalism is more important than ever. In our last episode of the year, we're choosing our favorite energy reporting of 2017. We'll start off with a conversation about a damning investigative piece on how U.S. utilities put ratepayers on the h...Show More
Energy Storage Has Arrived

1:19:51 | Dec 14th, 2017

Energy storage has arrived.  This year brought numerous record-breaking battery projects, dozens of acquisitions and partnerships, and over a dozen utility integrated resource plans that factor storage. Within a decade, the U.S. storage market could...Show More
The Hidden History of Quebec's Hydropower

53:15 | Dec 8th, 2017

Southern New England is hungry for more clean energy, and states like Connecticut and Massachusetts are turning to Hydro-Quebec for its excess hydropower. There's one sticking point: they need a new transmission line to get all that power from North...Show More
Startup Stories of 2017: Blockchain, Batteries and Acquisitions

1:01:04 | Dec 1st, 2017

We've reached a new stage in cleantech. Years after the VC bubble popped, startups are pursuing new approaches to scaling, finding customers, partnering, and raising money. Those new approaches to scaling early-stage cleantech were crystallized this...Show More
Watt It Takes: Dan Shugar, the King Midas of Solar

58:49 | Nov 22nd, 2017

Dan Shugar lives, breathes and bleeds solar.  "If you cut my wrist, pure silicon comes out," he exclaimed in an interview with Powerhouse CEO Emily Kirsch, as part of the Watt It Takes interview series.  This week, Shugar steps behind the microphon...Show More
Tax Reform and Tesla's Semi-Truck

48:34 | Nov 17th, 2017

The House passed its tax reform bill yesterday that includes cuts to renewable energy tax credits. The package is already having a chilling effect as developers stall projects because of a potential change to the tax code. What will happen when the ...Show More
Sungevity CEO Andrew Birch

53:39 | Nov 7th, 2017

This week: a conversation with Andrew Birch, the co-founder and CEO of Sungevity. For those who’ve been following the wild ride in solar, you’re going to want to listen to this conversation. Sungevity was once one of the biggest residential solar i...Show More
EPA's Science Purge

50:30 | Nov 3rd, 2017

Since taking over as administrator of the EPA, Scott Pruitt's meeting calendar has been filled almost exclusively with industry interests.  Now he's opening the door even wider for industry. On Tuesday, the Administrator issued a new decree: any sc...Show More
Rick Perry Picks Winners and Losers

58:22 | Oct 27th, 2017

"Don’t let government pick winners and losers." That was Rick Perry’s mantra as Texas governor and a presidential candidate. But it didn’t take him long to abandon it as energy secretary. This week, we’ll revisit the rare, bizarre request from Perry...Show More
Dick Swanson, Founder of SunPower

1:06:10 | Oct 9th, 2017

This week, we’re unveiling a new podcast collaboration between Greentech Media and Powerhouse, called "Watt it Takes." Watt It Takes is produced and recorded live at Powerhouse, a cleantech incubator and seed fund in Oakland, CA. Each month, a founde...Show More
Live From New York: Local Climate Policy in the Trump Era

1:48:37 | Sep 21st, 2017

Donald Trump was in New York City this week. We left him some tickets for our live podcast at the box office, but he never showed up. Still, we had a blast taping our latest episode at WNYC's performance space in Manhattan. And this week, we've got t...Show More
Inside India's Solar and Wind Boom

44:46 | Sep 18th, 2017

India has blossomed into one of the most important renewable energy markets in the world. It currently has the fourth-most cumulative wind capacity installed, and will become the third-biggest solar market globally by 2022. The country also has plans...Show More
The Fall's Top Energy Stories

46:20 | Sep 8th, 2017

We made it. We finished summer without nuclear war or an international catastrophe -- and now we can calm our nerves with pumpkin spice everything. This week, as we close out summer and prepare for a busy fall news cycle, we're checking in on the sto...Show More
Painful Lessons From Hurricane Harvey

1:07:40 | Sep 1st, 2017

While Texans start the painful process of rebuilding their lives after Hurricane Harvey, many are asking: could anything have been done to lessen the impact? In this week's podcast, we're going to discuss the storm through the lens of climate, urban ...Show More
From the Vault: Elon Musk and Grid Fan Fiction

57:02 | Aug 22nd, 2017

What makes Elon Musk tick? What will the grid look like in 2030? This week, we (re)answer both of those questions. We're featuring a couple of our favorite podcast segments for your summer listening enjoyment. First up, a 2015 Energy Gang interview w...Show More
Did Steve Bannon Hint at a Solar Trade War?

44:37 | Aug 17th, 2017

White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon (unwittingly) gave an interview this week, saying America is locked in "an economic war with China." Bannon mentioned arcane sections of the 1974 Trade Act to penalize China for alleged steel and aluminum dum...Show More
South Carolina's Nuclear Disaster

35:43 | Aug 10th, 2017

What happens when lawmakers and industry craft a large, complicated bill and then rush it through the legislature without reading it? We saw the consequences in South Carolina. That's where two utilities in the state walked away from a nuclear plant ...Show More
So You Want to Build a Cleantech Startup?

56:38 | Aug 3rd, 2017

While venture capitalists swoon over startups devoted to making people click on ads and stare at their phones longer, they’re decidedly less interested in solving more difficult real-world problems -- like transforming the energy sector. Yes, we’ve b...Show More
Al Gore, Michael Lewis and Rick Perry Walk Into a Bar...

42:04 | Jul 27th, 2017

Al Gore is back in the climate spotlight with the release of "An Inconvenient Sequel." This week, we’ll revisit his role as the unofficial spokesman for climate action. There’s still an active debate over how effective Gore has been in that role thro...Show More
California's Cap-and-Trade Win

36:21 | Jul 21st, 2017

After numerous attempts, a desperate plea from the governor, and some pot sweeteners to industry, legislators in California finally passed an extension of cap-and-trade to 2030. It’s a big deal. California is the world’s seventh-largest economy. With...Show More
The Inconvenient Truth About Cities and Sustainability

57:36 | Jul 13th, 2017

With America now a climate pariah on the global stage, cities around the country are stepping up their commitments to action. But are they just cheerleading, rather than actually leading? This week, guest Sam Brooks tells the hard truth about why cit...Show More
Live: Can Oil Majors Dominate in an Era of Electrification?

43:51 | Jun 30th, 2017

This week, we're coming to you live from Grid Edge World Forum. We kick off the show with a look at oil majors. Oil companies have toyed with renewables over the decades with mixed success -- but is it time to take them seriously in the era of electr...Show More
The Fight Over 100% Renewables

52:03 | Jun 22nd, 2017

A bitter dispute. A clash. A battle royale. Those are just a few descriptions of a new study countering Mark Jacobson's 2015 report showing that we can source 100 percent of America's energy from wind, solar and water. Jacobson's study is controversi...Show More
Inside the Minds of Top Utility Executives

1:00:40 | Jun 16th, 2017

Utility executives poured into Boston from across the country this week for the Edison Electric Institute’s annual conference. They talked about everything from crazy national politics to rate design to artificial intelligence and the future of worke...Show More
Covering America's Climate Troll-in-Chief

47:30 | Jun 8th, 2017

We’ve had a week to let the media digest Trump’s climate trolling. EPA administrator Scott Pruitt has been all over the airwaves defending the decision to withdraw from Paris, and journalists have been all over the administration for its loose relati...Show More
Trump's Paris Ruse

27:14 | Jun 2nd, 2017

We all just became actors in Donald Trump’s reality TV show. After an elaborate tease over the Paris climate deal in recent weeks, the president finally revealed that he’s walking away from the historic agreement. Soon after Trump’s speech, world lea...Show More
California's Grid Is Facing an Existential Crisis

58:03 | May 25th, 2017

California released a white paper last week documenting the stunning decline of the customer base for investor-owned utilities in the state. Meanwhile, the state is facing more and more curtailments, negative electricity pricing, and, on top of it al...Show More
Is Tesla's Solar Roof a Good Deal?

41:45 | May 11th, 2017

Now that Tesla has unveiled pricing details for its solar roof, everyone is trying to figure out if it's a good deal. Depending on what your assumptions are -- what kind of roof you're replacing, what kind of market you live in, how much in subsidies...Show More
Bringing the Smart City to Life [SPONSORED CONTENT]

23:31 | May 8th, 2017

In this show, sponsored by Itron, we discuss the emergence of the smart city. Itron has been at the forefront of developing smart city infrastructure. We speak with Sharelynn Moore, the VP of Marketing at Itron, about how the company is using sensors...Show More
Tesla's Grid Storage Architect

1:01:50 | May 4th, 2017

Since the day Tesla was founded, executives saw stationary storage as a compliment to the electric car business. That was Martin Eberhard's plan when he co-founded the company and envisioned the Tesla Energy Group. Years later, after launching the Po...Show More
France's Presidential Election and the Future of Nuclear

46:30 | Apr 27th, 2017

To many, France’s ongoing elections are the latest showdown between the liberal world order and a new brand of right-wing populism. That narrative follows a similar path in energy. France’s elections are pitting nuclear versus renewables, closed mark...Show More
Is Cheap Offshore Wind Coming to America?

49:52 | Apr 20th, 2017

We've heard a lot about record low prices in utility-scale solar. Get ready for more records in offshore wind. In the last two months, we've seen offshore project developers in Europe bidding for pennies per kilowatt-hour -- easily beating 2020 price...Show More
The Complexity of a Zero-Carbon Grid

50:16 | Apr 14th, 2017

What will it take to slash carbon emissions in the electric sector by 100 percent? We're already making immense progress. And we could use wind, solar and storage to cost-effectively cut grid emissions in half. But to go from 50 percent reductions to...Show More
Westinghouse's Bankruptcy Threatens the Nuclear Revival

43:21 | Apr 6th, 2017

Westinghouse, of the most important players in nuclear, filed for bankruptcy protection last week. It's a potential blow to the global industry. After all, half of the world's nuclear reactors use Westinghouse technology. The company has been working...Show More
Sungevity's Bankruptcy: What It Says About Residential Solar

55:14 | Mar 31st, 2017

Sungevity was founded in 2007 with a promise of revolutionize solar sales through software. It sparked a move toward the "platform" approach to customer acquisition and sales. Sungevity eventually built up its sales, procurement and financing in-hous...Show More
Coal Is Losing

54:02 | Mar 23rd, 2017

The headwinds for coal are coming from every direction. Since 2010, More than 250 coal plants in America have been shuttered, or are set to close. Meanwhile, in the most energy-hungry regions of the world, thousands of megawatts of new coal plants ha...Show More
An Uncertain Future for Electric Cars in America

48:14 | Mar 16th, 2017

America's electric car market is entering an uncertain period. States are rolling back their support for EVs, the federal government is revisiting fuel standards designed to support EVs, and consumers are still not electric in the numbers that many p...Show More
Week 7: Trump Dumps the Environment

54:37 | Mar 9th, 2017

We’re on week seven of the Trump Presidency. In the months since the election, we've been stalwart in our view that things are not as bad as they seem -- despite the contradictions and confrontations, clean energy will emerge largely unscathed. That ...Show More
Cleantech Career Advice

42:43 | Mar 2nd, 2017

There are now more than 100,000 people working in the clean energy sector across Massachusetts. What is the state doing right? This week, we're talking about workforce development in cleantech. In recent months, we've seen a sharp increase in request...Show More
Is Retail Electricity Choice Coming to California?

24:43 | Mar 1st, 2017

As if California's electric grid isn't already changing fast enough, the state's leading regulator says it's probably time to change even faster. In an interview on this week's Interchange podcast, Michael Picker, president of the California Public U...Show More
What's in Scott Pruitt's Emails?

49:15 | Feb 23rd, 2017

The scope of the Environmental Protection Agency expanded dramatically under President Obama. Now under President Trump and new administrator Scott Pruitt, the agency is likely to be scaled way back. How far back? No one knows. But there are a lot of...Show More
A Republican Carbon Tax?

42:01 | Feb 16th, 2017

Last week, a group of highly respected Republicans released a plan for a $40-per-ton carbon tax on point-of-source emissions from coal, oil and gas. Why now? With a Republican White House and Congress, they argued, now is the perfect time to show Ame...Show More
Will Electric Buses Take Over the Transit World?

58:55 | Feb 10th, 2017

By 2020, one-third of new fleet bus purchases will be electric. By 2025, electric buses will make up half of new sales to transit agencies. By 2030, every single transit bus sold will run on electricity. That's what Ryan Popple, the CEO of electric b...Show More
Making Sense of Donald Trump

1:13:15 | Feb 4th, 2017

This week, we’re live from Columbia University’s Energy Symposium in New York City. The Gang was joined by former NRG CEO David Crane for a lively conversation about Trumpland. We start the conversation off with a look at the turbulent first weeks of...Show More
The Grid as a Digital Lab

41:41 | Jan 20th, 2017

America’s first power plant was built in Manhattan. The first transmission of electricity occurred between Niagara Falls and Buffalo. And the first public power organization was founded in New York State. Today, that power provider, the New York Powe...Show More
Autonomous Car Fleets: A Dystopian or Utopian Future?

1:02:47 | Jan 13th, 2017

For years, researchers have been working behind the scenes to improve autonomous vehicles. And all of a sudden that work is playing out in a very public way. Top tech companies and automakers are testing new models on the streets, talking bullishly a...Show More
2016 Year-End Extravaganza

47:07 | Dec 14th, 2016

There are just two weeks left of 2016. And you know what? We're tapping out early. This is the last podcast of the year. It’s been such a crazy 12 months for news that we’re packing it up and saving our energy for 2017. Throughout the year, we've dis...Show More
Marijuana Legalization and Microgrids

1:01:58 | Nov 30th, 2016

It's often said that electric vehicles are the key to bringing back load growth for utilities in the U.S. But maybe there’s another way: Marijuana. After the November election, seven states and the district of Columbia have now legalized marijuana fo...Show More
Chasing Donald Trump

38:54 | Nov 22nd, 2016

Two weeks after the election, we have more clues about how president-elect Donald Trump may form a domestic energy policy and position America against the rest of the world on climate. But mostly we're dealing with speculation -- bits of insider info...Show More
Art of the Deal: How Corporates Are Investing in Renewables

45:44 | Nov 18th, 2016

This week, we're coming to you live from General Motors' world headquarters, where we'll talk about how corporate renewable energy deals are structured, and what's motivating companies to keep investing. GTM's Stephen Lacey and Shayle Kann are joined...Show More
President Trump's Energy Policy

44:36 | Nov 10th, 2016

Whether or not you agreed with the top-down, government-centric, executive-level strategy of the Obama Administration -- it was, arguably, America's only federal political path forward on decarbonization. President-Elect Donald Trump plans to rip up ...Show More
Tesla's Solar Roof: A Guide for Skeptics

29:17 | Nov 1st, 2016

This is a free version of the Interchange. For more on how to access all our premium content, visit GTM Squared: Back in August, Elon Musk broke into SolarCity's earnings call to make a surprise announcement: Te...Show More
Making Stuff Is Hard

58:28 | Oct 31st, 2016

Dreaming, designing, building and deploying new kinds of hardware is tough in any business. But in the energy business, where change comes particularly slow, developing new tech is an especially hellacious undertaking. All of our segments tie into th...Show More
A Civil War Over Carbon Taxes

53:07 | Oct 20th, 2016

In November, Washington State voters have the chance to pass the most ambitious carbon tax ever proposed in the U.S. But there’s one problem: Virtually every major green group in the state is against it, or afraid to support it. What is going on? We'...Show More
How Should We Pay for the Grid?

43:01 | Oct 19th, 2016

We are at the beginning of one of the greatest economic and consumer behavior experiments ever seen in the energy sector. How do we refine pricing in order to rapidly transition our aging, centralized grid to a clean, decentralized one? And can we do...Show More
Live From SXSW Eco

1:03:51 | Oct 14th, 2016

This week, we present our live conversation from SXSW Eco. We're really sorry for the audio quality. There were some technical difficulties, and we did our best to clean up what we had. We'll be back with a normal show next week.
Inside the Minds of Solar Consumers

54:24 | Oct 7th, 2016

With over 1 million residential solar systems in the U.S., photovoltaics are entering mainstream. But how do installers sell the next 10 million systems while giving consumers a good experience? This week, we're talking about what consumers are looki...Show More
Donald Trump’s Energy Delusion

52:05 | Sep 27th, 2016

Last night, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton squared off on the presidential debate stage -- coming face-to-face for the first time in the campaign. Almost immediately, the candidates debated over energy and climate change. Clinton started the debate...Show More
Breaking Diesel Dependence on Small Island Nations

54:10 | Sep 23rd, 2016

Renewables like wind and solar are largely not linked to oil prices. But there are markets where the success of renewables is more closely tied to oil: islands. Or, more specifically, small island developing states, which make up 20 percent of UN mem...Show More
America's Local Solar Politics

36:19 | Sep 13th, 2016

This week, we hop around to a few U.S. states where there’s been a lot of action: Nevada, California and Florida. Julia Pyper, GTM’s senior reporter, joins us for the discussion. In Nevada, we’ll look at the continued fallout after the decision to en...Show More
Are We Making Global Energy Poverty Worse?

49:04 | Sep 1st, 2016

Big development banks are pouring billions in energy projects in developing countries. Between 2000 and 2014, the World Bank Group alone invested $63.5 billion in electricity access. But we still have more than 1.5 billion people without access to en...Show More
Is an Offshore Wind Boom Coming for America?

48:15 | Aug 26th, 2016

America’s first offshore wind project, the 30-megawatt Block Island Wind Farm off the coast of Rhode Island, is almost complete. The developer, Deepwater Wind, is already eyeing much bigger projects off the Atlantic coast. Meanwhile, following the fe...Show More
Extra: Wind Technology Trends

30:00 | Aug 23rd, 2016

Wind keeps getting cheaper and cheaper. According to the latest wind technologies report from the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, the average price of new U.S. wind contracts came in at 2 cents per kilowatt-hour last year. That coincided with record ...Show More
Extra: The Commercial Storage Market Is Getting Interesting

29:11 | Aug 11th, 2016

A growing number of businesses are using behind-the-meter batteries to cut utility fees. In the U.S., the commercial storage market is still small (36 megawatts in 2015) but it is growing quickly for demand charge management. And it is now starting t...Show More
A Brief History of Solar Research With SunPower Founder Dick Swanson

38:50 | Aug 9th, 2016

SunPower founder Dick Swanson is an icon in the American solar industry –- an elder statesman, if you will. Swanson led groundbreaking solar research in the 70s, experimented with all kinds of solar cell types, broke efficiency records, and helped ma...Show More
Cleantech VC Is Dead! Long Live Cleantech VC!

38:17 | Aug 2nd, 2016

Enjoy this free episode of The Interchange from GTM Squared. If you like what you hear, make sure to become a member: We’re more than a decade on from the beginning of the cleantech gold rush -- and a lot of vent...Show More
Elon Musk's Master Plan for Tesla

46:38 | Jul 27th, 2016

Last week, Tesla Motors dropped “motors” from its name, and is now calling itself just Tesla. This is an indication that the electric car company is thinking about much more than cars. And Elon Musk went way beyond indicating a shift – he explicitly ...Show More
Does 'Clean' Coal Have a Future?

34:09 | Jul 21st, 2016

At this week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland, the GOP doubled down on its commitment to coal -- calling it “an abundant, clean, affordable, reliable domestic energy resource.” Coal can get cleaned up. But it comes at a steep price. And ...Show More
Imagining the Future of Transportation: How Optimistic Should We Be?

48:11 | Jul 15th, 2016

As the world awaits Elon Musk's master plan for Tesla, we provide a glimpse into America's master plan for transportation on this week's podcast. Reuben Sarkar, the deputy assistant secretary for transportation at the Department of Energy, joins us t...Show More
What If We Redesigned the Grid From Scratch?

55:05 | Jun 30th, 2016

What would the electric grid look like if we redesigned it from scratch using today's vast array of new technologies and rate designs? Would utilities, regulators and distributed energy providers agree on the design? They might agree on more than you...Show More
Debating Tesla's Plan To Acquire SolarCity

48:31 | Jun 22nd, 2016

Will Tesla acquire SolarCity? Yesterday, news broke that Tesla’s board offered to buy SolarCity for roughly $2.5 billion. While shareholders and financial analysts don't seem to like the proposed deal, Elon Musk says it's a pivotal part of his long t...Show More
The Climate Crisis Worsens

38:46 | Jun 17th, 2016

Thirty years ago, a Congressional committee held a two-day hearing on climate change. In June of 1986, scientists didn’t have the sophisticated measurement tools and supercomputer models that they do today. But they did have a lot of data showing tha...Show More
Getting Subsidies Right for Renewable Energy

51:02 | Jun 9th, 2016

Renewables are getting really cheap. But does that mean we need to get rid of all subsidies to support them? Many experts argue that we just need to retarget government support in a smarter way. In this week's show, we’ll explain how that might be do...Show More
How One of the Most Successful Wind Tycoons Stayed Ahead of the Energy Markets

47:03 | Jun 3rd, 2016

Two years after Michael Polsky moved from Soviet Ukraine to the U.S. in 1976, America passed a law allowing independent developers to own power plants. He knew he needed to get in on the action. Polsky eventually became one of the most successful ene...Show More
A Sign of the Utility Death Spiral?

46:17 | May 26th, 2016

Nevada Power is likely doing a lot of soul searching. Last week, two of the biggest Las Vegas casino companies -- MGM Resorts and Wynn – filed to leave Nevada Power and set off to buy wholesale electricity on their own. MGM has particularly strong re...Show More
The Solar Coaster: Troubles at Yingli Solar and the Flatlining Global PV Market

52:44 | May 19th, 2016

This year, GTM Research is forecasting that 66 gigawatts of PV capacity will be installed around the world -- a 21 percent increase over last year. But next year, capacity will only expand by 4 percent. In fact, without some of the top markets like I...Show More
Live From New York: Making America Great Again

1:16:52 | May 11th, 2016

In this live episode from New York City, the Energy Gang is joined by two prominent energy journalists — Yuliya Chernova of the Wall Street Journal and Chris Martin of Bloomberg — to talk about the hottest stories in energy and cleantech. We’ll talk ...Show More
From Shell to SolarWorld: The Technology Stages of Solar

51:37 | Apr 21st, 2016

Terry Jester started her solar career in 1979 as the VP of engineering at ARCO Solar, one of the early oil companies investing in photovoltaics. Over the years, the company was sold to Siemens, Shell and SolarWorld -- and Jester stayed through it all...Show More
Beyond Bitcoin: How Blockchain Could Transform the Energy Sector

51:16 | Apr 14th, 2016

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin is changing the way people think about operating financial markets and banking systems. Meanwhile, distributed energy is changing the way people think about running grids. Can the two influence one another? Many experts bel...Show More
Tesla's Model 3: The iPhone or Blackberry of the Auto Sector?

50:21 | Apr 7th, 2016

Many are billing Tesla's Model 3 launch as an iPhone moment. If the hype and pre-orders are any indication, the boutique electric vehicle manufacturer has indeed taken another step toward transforming the auto industry. But could the Model 3 also be ...Show More
Inside Amazon's Drone-Based Solar Installation Service

19:59 | Apr 1st, 2016

Amazon upended book publishers and brick-and-mortar retailers. Is it about to upend solar installers too? Two months ago, GTM researchers stumbled upon a patent filed by Amazon for a drone-based solar installation system. After an extended investigat...Show More
The Utility Industry Is Rebranding Itself

40:34 | Mar 31st, 2016

Utilities are often criticized for not connecting deeply enough with their customers. In a world where choice is becoming more important -- turning ratepayers into dynamic consumers -- power companies need to offer a wider range of services and commu...Show More
The Libertarian View On The Distributed Energy Transition

43:40 | Mar 18th, 2016

It wasn't just science that got Eli Lehrer to accept the reality of climate change. It was insurance markets. As a free-market expert on insurance policy, Lehrer realized many years ago where the industry models were headed. "Every modeling firm used...Show More
The Second Coming Of Storage In America

41:27 | Mar 10th, 2016

America is undergoing a second wave of storage growth. The first wave came between 2011 and 2013, when grid-scale projects backed by the government stimulus came online. The second wave is based largely on two applications for lithium-on batteries: f...Show More
The Latest Technology Trends at the Grid Edge

41:12 | Mar 3rd, 2016

ARPA-E, the government agency founded in 2007 to support R&D in cutting-edge energy technologies, has invested $1.3 billion into power electronics, new solar materials and novel battery chemistries over the years. According to the agency, the private...Show More
Troubles at Google-Owned Nest?

34:39 | Feb 25th, 2016

Nest, the smart home company acquired by Google in 2014, is under scrutiny. In the wake of multiple glitches that screwed with Nest thermostats this winter, there are now reports of unrest within the company. But are these issues really that big of a...Show More
Silicon Valley's Conflicted Relationship With Cleantech

52:02 | Feb 18th, 2016

In 2012, Wired magazine ran a prominent feature on why "the cleantech boom went bust." A couple years later, after a slew of venture investment failures in the industry, 60 Minutes ran a major story on "the cleantech crash." The stories were widely c...Show More
Adapt or Die? National Grid's Plan to Embrace the Future of Energy

48:16 | Feb 11th, 2016

What does it take to truly change a large utility? Not just cosmetic changes to branding -- but true structural changes around distributed energy deployment and customized offerings for customers. In this week's show, we’ll talk with an industry vete...Show More
Is Rooftop Solar Screwed in Nevada?

37:52 | Feb 4th, 2016

Nevada's sweeping changes to net metering last December shook the solar industry. And the drama continues in 2016. Our GTM editorial and research team has been consumed by the situation in the state. Will consumers start defaulting on their PPAs? Wil...Show More
Hawaii's Unique Approach to Funding Cleantech Startups

42:03 | Jan 22nd, 2016

Many states prioritize tech incubators for a variety of economic reasons. The Energy Excelerator in Hawaii has a much more specific mission: tie support for startups to a 100% renewable energy target set by the state last year. That mission guides th...Show More
Diversifying Cleantech: Race and Class in the Energy Transition

46:20 | Jan 14th, 2016

In 2012, an NAACP analysis found that Americans living within three miles of a coal plant are disproportionately low-income and disproportionately non-white. The report echoed government studies from the 1980s showing how toxic waste facilities and p...Show More
Should We Be Optimistic or Pessimistic About the Future?

51:02 | Jan 7th, 2016

The final month of 2015 was one of the best in recent memory for climate action. The world's carbon emissions dipped for the first time during a period of economic growth. The Paris climate talks ended with a global agreement to reduce greenhouse gas...Show More
2015: The Year In Review

39:42 | Dec 22nd, 2015

For our last podcast of the year, we offer up our picks for the top stories from the last 12 months. In the first segment, we'll get Katherine's take on policy developments for climate and clean energy. In the second segment, Jigar will describe why ...Show More
Autonomous Cars and the Future of Mobility

1:00:08 | Dec 17th, 2015

The world’s biggest automakers are suddenly under threat from consumer technology companies in Silicon Valley. Are they up to the threat? This week, we talk with Anand Shah, the leader of the autonomous mobility unit at Albright Stonebridge Group. An...Show More
Get a Job in Cleantech

45:34 | Dec 11th, 2015

There are roughly 8 million jobs globally in the renewable energy sector. A lot of people -- both young students and those with established careers -- want to know how they can be one of them. In this week's podcast, we'll talk with Dawn Dzurilla, fo...Show More
Will Global Climate Talks Succeed?

51:42 | Dec 3rd, 2015

Will developing countries sign on to binding carbon reduction targets? Will rich and poor countries agree to a financing package for climate adaptation? Will anyone pay attention to Republican climate deniers posturing on the global stage? Those are ...Show More
Will Residential Storage Thrive? Will Solar Survive After The ITC? We Discuss.

33:01 | Nov 24th, 2015

This week, we're serving up a couple of our favorite Interchange podcasts from this fall. In our first segment, we talk with Ravi Manghani, a senior storage analyst at GTM Research, about where residential storage makes sense economically. In our sec...Show More
Live: The Changing Utility-Solar Relationship

51:10 | Nov 17th, 2015

This week, we have a live podcast from the Solar Focus conference in Washington, DC, hosted MDV-SEIA. The theme of the discussion: what role utilities play in implementing solar and other distributed resources. We’ll start with a conceptual framework...Show More
We Need a Fuel Sticker for Buildings

51:57 | Nov 9th, 2015

We use labels to advertise fuel economy of automobiles and the efficiency of appliances. Why don’t we do the same thing for our buildings? There are now 16 cities around the U.S. with building energy disclosure laws in place. Early data shows the law...Show More
Can Opower Keep Utilities in Control of the Distributed Grid?

49:01 | Oct 29th, 2015

Opower has evolved a lot over the years. The software provider started with a simple efficiency solution for utilities, and has since deepened its analytics and moved into demand response, billing, segmentation and customer care. One thing has stayed...Show More
Elon Musk: the Man Behind the Hype

53:34 | Oct 22nd, 2015

At a time when Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are criticized for their lack of ambition to create world-changing ideas, Elon Musk has emerged as a hero to many. Like Steve Jobs, Musk is both loved and reviled for his unwavering commitment to his vision...Show More
YieldCos: Understanding the Renewables Financing Bubble

39:48 | Oct 18th, 2015

When a slew of leading developers started forming YieldCos in 2013, they were hailed as a revolution in renewable energy financing. Not so much anymore. After enjoying a long surge in stock pricing, YieldCos have come crashing down -- some falling as...Show More
Are Climate Goals Doomed Without Nuclear?

48:49 | Oct 15th, 2015

When the Obama Administration released its carbon rule this summer, it was hailed as a "historic step" to cutting carbon pollution. But is it really? Lots of supporters and analysts think the targets are too weak. Many now worry that the government c...Show More
Creating the Next Billion-Dollar Solar Firm

31:05 | Oct 14th, 2015

Solar has been around for decades. But it’s only in the last 10 years when the billion-dollar companies have emerged. With solar business models still so new, there a lot more room for many more startups to emerge as the next behemoths in the industr...Show More
Winning Strategies In Home Energy Management

44:04 | Oct 12th, 2015

After a few years of struggles, tech providers are finally getting traction in home energy management. This is partly due to the rapid adoption of smart phones, which give companies cheap ways to interact with customers and monitor their energy consu...Show More
Can SunEdison Recover From Its Slump?

43:15 | Oct 8th, 2015

It's been a tough summer and fall for the world's biggest renewable energy developer. Since SunEdison announced its acquisition of Vivint Solar in July, the company's stock price has fallen by 70 percent. Just this week, executives announced they are...Show More
How Cheap Can Solar Get?

48:45 | Sep 29th, 2015

This week, we present a special episode from our new podcast series, called "The Interchange." The Interchange is a brand-new podcast available to GTM Squared subscribers. For one month, we’re giving away the show for free. Visit to fi...Show More
Exxon's Hidden Past

53:58 | Sep 22nd, 2015

In the mid 1970s, Exxon invested millions of dollars into sophisticated climate research and determined that greenhouse gas emissions would warm the planet to dangerous levels if left unchecked. But then something changed. In the mid 1980s and into t...Show More
Shell's Arctic Drilling Gamble

39:54 | Sep 11th, 2015

In 2012, Shell ventured up to the Arctic to drill exploratory offshore oil wells. A lot went wrong. Its containment dome failed, a ship ran aground, another vessel was threatened by ice, one of its contractors was fined for safety violations -- and a...Show More
Distributed Batteries Are Following Solar's Success

51:56 | Sep 3rd, 2015

Behind-the meter battery storage is experiencing strong growth in the U.S. But with only 6.4 megawatts of capacity installed in 2014, companies have barely touched the market’s potential. Stem is one of a handful of companies leading the deployment o...Show More
How Activists Killed a $6.9 Billion Utility Acquisition

51:53 | Aug 28th, 2015

Until this week, most people thought Exelon's planned $6.9 billion acquisition of Pepco was a sure bet. But in a blow to both companies, regulators in the District of Columbia rejected the deal.What happened? The story is not just about a business de...Show More
The Most Important Energy Bill You've Never Heard Of

59:42 | Aug 20th, 2015

If there’s any concept that can cut through politics of distributed energy, it’s “personal energy independence.” Some utilities may not like the idea, but many supporters believe it’s a helpful way to frame policies supporting solar, storage and micr...Show More
Is Obama's Big Climate Plan Really That Ambitious?

53:45 | Aug 5th, 2015

The Obama Administration finally completed its landmark climate rule that will require states to cut power plant carbon emissions. It's been hailed by supporters as historic, and demonized by opponents as an economic threat. But is it really all that...Show More
Why Coal Companies Are Collapsing in Spectacular Fashion

48:12 | Jul 30th, 2015

Pretty much everything bad that could happen to the coal industry is happening. Global coal demand is slumping; low natural gas prices and competitive renewables are shifting the energy mix in America; and a slew of regulations are causing plants to ...Show More
Inside SunEdison's Acquisition Bonanza

48:51 | Jul 23rd, 2015

SunEdison is on a mission to become one of the biggest energy companies in the world – built entirely on renewables. It still has a ways to go. SunEdison has a $9 billion market capitalization. The two biggest oil companies, PetroChina and ExxonMobil...Show More
Political Turmoil for Renewables in Australia and Spain

51:21 | Jul 15th, 2015

Two countries with some of the richest renewable energy resources in the world – Australia and Spain – are also two of the most hostile to the industry’s growth. Last week, Australia abruptly changed its national policies for renewables, upsetting pr...Show More
Why Global Solar Demand Will Be Off The Charts

43:05 | Jul 1st, 2015

By the end of the decade, the solar industry could be installing 135 gigawatts yearly – more capacity in 12 months than all cumulative installations over the last four decades. The 2020 solar market will look much different today. It will be defined ...Show More
A Top Utility Engineer Talks Distributed Energy Integration

50:05 | Jun 29th, 2015

This week, we have a taping of the Energy Gang from GTM’s Grid Edge Live conference in San Diego. We’ll talk with Tom Bialek, the chief engineer at San Diego Gas & Electric, about the utility’s landmark microgrid project, its new distributed resource...Show More
Is the Republican Party Incapable of Addressing Climate Change?

44:54 | Jun 19th, 2015

After Pope Francis issued his strongly worded encyclical on climate change and the environment, many wondered how it would influence skeptical conservatives. It didn’t take long to get an answer. “I don’t think we should politicize our faith,” said R...Show More
New York's Energy Czar on Transforming the Electricity System

40:12 | Jun 12th, 2015

Richard Kauffman has a lot of responsibilities as New York's "energy czar." He oversees multiple agencies and utilities, advises the governor on energy issues, and works closely with regulators in their attempt to build a new electricity market based...Show More
Are We Measuring Energy Use All Wrong?

48:49 | Jun 5th, 2015

We measure energy use with a commodity-based approach -- monitoring electrons, therms and gallons. But is there a better way to gauge the efficiency of the economy? Energy Economist Skip Laitner has been exploring a new method based on measuring "exe...Show More
Should Utilities Own the Solar Panels on Your Roof?

30:50 | May 26th, 2015

Whether the solar industry likes it or not, more regulated utilities in America are going to propose owning residential PV systems themselves. It's a controversial development. At our recent Solar Summit in Phoenix, GTM's Stephen Lacey and Shayle Kan...Show More
The 21st-Century Power System May Be Closer Than You Think

50:54 | May 21st, 2015

Discussion about changing utility business models has always been abstract. But with large utilities now getting hit financially by distributed energy, “Utility 2.0” is starting to seem much more real. This week, we’ll look at the progress that’s bee...Show More
Peak Oil in an Era of Fossil Fuel Abundance

50:44 | May 14th, 2015

Over the last few years, analysts and academics worried about peak oil have been on the defensive. The fracking revolution has brought an abundance of oil and gas that no one thought possible a decade ago. So we can declare peak oil dead, right? Chri...Show More
Tesla’s New Battery: Is the Market Ready?

47:55 | May 7th, 2015

Tesla’s new storage unit has everyone talking about distributed batteries. But is the U.S. market ready for them? This week, we’ll talk about what needs to happen on a regulatory level to take distributed storage beyond limited applications. Sky Stan...Show More
SunEdison's CEO Talks Clean Energy Megatrends

33:53 | May 4th, 2015

Ahmad Chatila worked in the chip industry for 18 years before taking over as CEO of the semiconductor manufacturer MEMC in 2009. As a veteran of the industry, Chatila well understood the difficulties of the silicon wafer business. Semiconductors are ...Show More
Can the US Wind Industry Get Beyond Its Boom-Bust Cycle?

41:18 | Apr 30th, 2015

Wind has become a favorite target for politicians and conservative action groups looking end energy subsidies. But industry leaders are hitting back, saying they’ll only consider dropping the production tax credit when oil and gas lose their tax bene...Show More
Why Renewables Can't Be Stopped

52:47 | Apr 23rd, 2015

In 2014, after a two-year dip in global clean energy spending, investors poured $310 billion into solar, wind, storage and energy efficiency. Although yearly investment levels are below what IEA estimates are needed to address climate change, the inc...Show More
Debate: Can America Get to 100% Renewable Energy?

44:38 | Apr 14th, 2015

In 2008, when Al Gore called for America to get 100 percent from its electricity from renewables in 10 years, he was widely mocked by opponents. Even supporters who understood it was a rhetorical point quietly knew how difficult it would be to achiev...Show More
Can NRG Become the Apple or Google of Electricity Delivery?

49:34 | Apr 9th, 2015

Last March, NRG CEO David Crane wrote a passionate letter to investors. “There is no Amazon, Apple, Facebook or Google in the American energy industry today,” lamented Crane. His plan, he said, was to make NRG the company “that enables the consumer t...Show More
Is Nuclear 2.0 Possible?

57:10 | Apr 4th, 2015

Small modular nuclear reactors are hailed as the savior of the struggling nuclear industry. They’re cheaper, safer and more flexible than traditional light-water reactors. But many small modular reactor designs are also not fully proven on a commerci...Show More
Does the US Solar Industry Need the Federal Tax Credit?

49:27 | Mar 26th, 2015

The federal investment tax credit has enabled dramatic growth in the U.S. solar industry. But its looming expiration in 2017 is causing some within the solar business to ask: will it still be needed to continue that growth? The industry’s national lo...Show More
Insight From One of Cleantech's Most Successful Venture Capitalists

59:27 | Mar 19th, 2015

Nancy Pfund, the founder of DBL Investors, has supported some of the most successful modern clean energy companies, including Tesla, SolarCity, Powerlight and BrightSource. And unlike many other venture capital firms, DBL isn’t backing down from some...Show More
A Journalist's Guide to Congressional Energy Politics

44:59 | Mar 6th, 2015

When the 114th Congress assembled for the first time in January, a bill approving Keystone XL was first on the agenda. By passing that bill with numerous amendments stuff in, Americans got a hint of what energy issues the Republican-controlled House ...Show More
Tribal Warfare and Energy Liberty: A Republican Take on the Energy Transition

43:02 | Feb 26th, 2015

Former Congressman Bob Inglis has a tough job. As one of the only prominent Republicans talking about climate change, he’s been trying to give the rest of his party the courage to offer conservative solutions to the challenge. Three years after found...Show More
The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels

46:23 | Feb 12th, 2015

The case against fossil fuels is simple. Oil, coal and gas have been an extraordinary gift of nature that allowed modern society to flourish. But now, because of extreme climate risk and the competitiveness of renewable energy, we can (and must) leav...Show More
Why the Tea Party Is Getting Behind Solar

36:33 | Feb 5th, 2015

For some conservatives, solar is a big green boondoggle promoted by a liberal president to benefit rich environmentalists. But for a growing number of libertarians and conservatives, solar is also seen as a tool for promoting competition in electrici...Show More
The Solar-Utility Battle Is Getting Ugly

48:46 | Jan 28th, 2015

If the war of words between SolarCity and Arizona Public Service is any indication, this year will likely see an escalation in tension between the solar industry and utilities throughout the U.S. Earlier this month, it was revealed that APS was behin...Show More
Solar Loans: Should PV Be More Like Car Sales or Cable Television?

49:14 | Jan 22nd, 2015

Last year, 200,000 residential solar systems were installed in the U.S. More than two-thirds of those systems were third-party financed through leases or power purchase agreements. But third-party financing is peaking. As solar costs come down, more ...Show More
Is it Time to End Subsidies for Wave and Tidal Energy?

36:49 | Jan 14th, 2015

Progress in wave and tidal energy hasn’t been slow – it’s been nonexistent. Despite media attention, strategic investments from large energy companies and strong support from national governments, the marine renewables industry has seen mostly techni...Show More
Will Low Oil Prices Hurt Clean Energy?

43:31 | Jan 7th, 2015

With oil prices dropping to five-year lows, pundits are pushing conspiracy theories about OPEC, public investors are acting irrationally, oil companies are going deeper into debt and political leaders are considering previously untouchable ideas like...Show More
The Most Important and Overblown Energy Stories of 2014

43:24 | Dec 24th, 2014

This week, we stray from the week’s top news and instead focus on the top news of the entire year. We’ll give our picks for most important news item of the year, the most overblown story of the year and our story to watch in 2015. The Energy Gang is ...Show More
Solyndra? Solyndra! The Legacy of Government Loan Guarantees Beyond Politics

48:20 | Dec 18th, 2014

Three years after the political posturing around the Department of Energy’s clean energy loan guarantee program, some lawmakers still haven’t moved on. “What we have seen is incredible mismanagement, and it’s become the poster child for crony capital...Show More
Tesla's Battery Storage Strategy Beyond Electric Cars

47:41 | Dec 11th, 2014

As Tesla builds out its Giga factory in Nevada, the company expects that roughly one-quarter of batteries will be used for stationary storage applications beyond automobiles. Tesla is just beginning to expand beyond EVs and move deeper into grid-scal...Show More
Germany’s Largest Utility Is Divesting From Centralized Power Plants

45:36 | Dec 4th, 2014

Earlier this week, Germany’s biggest power company, E.ON, announced that it would spin off its centralized power assets in order to make itself a distributed utility and embrace the “new world” of energy. E.ON and other European utilities have been s...Show More
How Big Data (and Little Data) Is Transforming Energy Efficiency

43:35 | Nov 19th, 2014

After years of very little change, the energy efficiency industry is getting a makeover. The growth in connected, learning devices -- and the data access enabled by them -- is creating a new paradigm that many call "intelligent efficiency." In this p...Show More
The Biggest Financing Traps for Cleantech Startups

46:03 | Nov 14th, 2014

Every decision for a startup is a financial decision. From hiring decisions to supply agreements, investors evaluate an entire company through a financial lens. But some entrepreneurs muddling along through challenges often fail to think about the gr...Show More
Election Special: What the Republican Takeover Means for Energy

47:58 | Nov 6th, 2014

This week, the U.S. turned a deep shade of red after Republicans pulled off commanding wins in national, state and local races. The results will influence a broad range of issues, including renewable energy tax policy, oil & gas exports, state renewa...Show More
Millennials: The Core of the Clean Economy? Or Overhyped as the Green Generation?

44:44 | Oct 31st, 2014

Depending on your perspective, Millenials are either the most globally aware, technologically savvy generation or the most distracted, dependent, self-obsessed generation. For many, those feelings about Millenials extend to the environment. Some crit...Show More
Can America Ever Become a Solar Manufacturing Superpower?

52:32 | Oct 27th, 2014

Five years ago, a new wave of startups promised a manufacturing renaissance driven by American solar. Today, after the collapse of dozens of those companies, many are skeptical that the U.S. can ever lead in solar production. But can America rise onc...Show More
What Happens to Solar Power Plants After They’re Installed?

40:59 | Oct 17th, 2014

By 2017, there will be more than 150 gigawatts of solar plants that need to be maintained globally. In order for solar to keep growing as an asset class, those plants need to be in top shape. Who’s going to take care of them all? As operations and ma...Show More
SolarCity CEO Lyndon Rive Defends His Company’s Long-Term Business Strategy

51:00 | Oct 10th, 2014

SolarCity is a much different company than it was before it went public. It has made numerous acquisitions in an attempt to control nearly every part of the value chain – from hardware to customer acquisition – making it a fully vertically integrated...Show More
Should You Believe Claims About the Coming End of Fracking?

49:57 | Oct 2nd, 2014

In mid-September, the U.S. government revised its estimates for U.S. oil production upward once again. Boosted by increases in tight oil from shale formations in North Dakota and Texas, America could soon surpass its previous domestic production peak...Show More
Why New York Is Trying to Create the Most Innovative Grid in the World

55:23 | Sep 24th, 2014

New York is taking a hard look at how to reform the distribution grid and encourage more distributed energy resources. But it’s not doing it through mandates. Instead, New York regulators are developing flexible market structures to encourage utiliti...Show More
Your Building Is Dumb. Here's a Way to Make it Smarter

51:07 | Sep 9th, 2014

Large commercial buildings are the fastest growing energy consumers in the U.S. Why? Because most of them are not very energy aware. Utilities and city planners understand this problem and have targeted the commercial building sector by providing reb...Show More
How America's Biggest Energy Consumer, the Government, Is Greening Itself

49:53 | Sep 4th, 2014

In December of last year, President Obama issued an order requiring the government to get 20 percent of electricity from renewables by 2020 – up from about 7 percent today. That’s not an easy goal to achieve. The General Services Administration owns ...Show More
Why Bill Gates Is Wrong About Renewable Energy

46:49 | Aug 28th, 2014

Bill Gates is a very influential guy -- not just because he founded Microsoft, but because of his powerful foundation. With $40 billion in trust assets, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is one the biggest charitable organizations in the world focu...Show More
Amory Lovins: As Economists Argue, Renewables Keep Getting Cheaper

53:00 | Aug 21st, 2014

In the academic world, there’s lots of debate about how expensive or cheap renewables are compared to fossil fuels. But do they actually match what’s happening on the ground? In this week’s podcast, we’ll talk with Amory Lovins, the founder and chief...Show More
Nest Thermostats Just Got 'Hacked.' Should You Be Worried?

46:28 | Aug 14th, 2014

Last week, hackers at the Black Hat conference showed how to jailbreak a Nest learning thermostat and override the firmware, taking it under their control. The hack itself cannot be done without physical access to the device, and Nest said no devices...Show More
This Data on Consumer Energy Use May Surprise You

52:15 | Aug 7th, 2014

Are your solar panels facing the wrong way? Is your utility focusing on the wrong types of energy efficiency? These are the questions that Pecan Street Inc. has attempted to answer through its data collection from smart grid projects. The findings ma...Show More
We Argue About the True Cost of Wind and Solar: How Cheap Are They Really?

42:24 | Jul 31st, 2014

How do we calculate the true cost of intermittent renewables? The levelized cost of wind and solar are falling by the day. But how cheap are they really? A recent study from the Brookings Institution concludes that they are higher than presumed when ...Show More
We Are at the Start of a Revolution in Clean Energy Finance

44:15 | Jul 24th, 2014

The biggest investors in the world are pouring their money into renewable energy projects. Want to join them? Now you can. Up until recently, it was nearly impossible for most investors to directly support solar, wind and other projects that offer st...Show More
As More Nuclear Plants Shut Down, Can Distributed Energy Fill the Gap?

47:50 | Jul 17th, 2014

In the last couple of years, five nuclear power plants in the U.S. have been put on the list for closure. These plants are getting challenged from two sides: competitive natural gas and renewables are eroding the economics of merchant projects, while...Show More
What Was He Smoking? How a Solar Pioneer’s Big Dreams Came True

42:47 | Jul 10th, 2014

Today, solar’s dominance feels inevitable. But in 1979, when Neville Williams started promoting the industry at the Department of Energy, it felt like a far-off dream. That didn’t stop the early pioneers from thinking big and pushing the government t...Show More
The Climate Bubble: Why Famous Capitalists Are So Focused on Climate Risks

45:30 | Jul 3rd, 2014

Former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson recently made a bold comparison between the financial risks that led to the 2008 economic collapse and emerging climate risks: "We’re staring down a climate bubble that poses enormous risks to both our environme...Show More
Is SolarCity's Move Into Manufacturing Smart or Unrealistic?

39:20 | Jun 18th, 2014

This week, SolarCity shocked the solar industry by announcing its intentions to acquire Silevo, and move quickly into cell and module manufacturing. America's largest solar installer now wants to be one of the most powerful producers of solar product...Show More
How Much Have Utilities Changed Since Superstorm Sandy?

49:04 | Jun 11th, 2014

It’s been a year and a half since Sandy destroyed the East Coast electric grid and left more than 8 million people without power. So has anything materially changed in the utility sector since October of 2012? In this week’s podcast, we feature a dis...Show More
Are Solar Companies Just as Sexist and Exclusive as Everyone Else?

45:50 | May 30th, 2014

In theory, solar PV is the ultimate democratized energy technology. But is it living up to its potential? Historically, solar has been accessible to wealthy environmentalists, utilities and large corporations. But it has been less available to low-in...Show More
Chinese Gov't Hackers Want Your Clean Energy Technologies

41:03 | May 23rd, 2014

This week, the U.S. government indicted five hackers working for the Chinese military who allegedly stole trade secrets from six major energy and industrial companies operating in America. One of those companies was the solar manufacturer SolarWorld....Show More
The Dirty Politics That Killed the Shaheen-Portman Efficiency Bill

36:04 | May 15th, 2014

How could a bipartisan energy efficiency bill described as "innocuous" fail so many times in Congress? Once again, the Senate failed to pass the Shaheen-Portman bill, a piece of legislation that would have created new standards and financing mechanis...Show More
Are Corporate Sustainability Efforts Working?

50:33 | May 9th, 2014

Nine years ago, Walmart announced its landmark initiative to reduce waste and cut greenhouse gas emissions. But today its emissions are 14 percent higher. That sounds like the initiative was a failure, right? Maybe not. In this week's podcast, the Ga...Show More
Inside New York’s Historic Move to Remake the Utility Business Model

40:03 | May 1st, 2014

Earlier this week, New York officials issued a report calling for structural changes to the way utilities are regulated. The proposal would make distribution utilities into Distributed System Platform Providers that get compensated for their ability ...Show More
Executive Roundtable: Has Solar Reached the Mainstream?

52:06 | Apr 23rd, 2014

In this week’s podcast, we have a conversation with leading solar executives on whether solar has reached the point of no return. We’ll talk about vertical integration, evolving business models, international markets and the economics of projects. Th...Show More
Solar Plus Storage: Could a 'Utility in a Box' Cause Massive Grid Defection?

46:39 | Apr 11th, 2014

Could solar paired with battery storage make utilities obsolete? That's the question analysts are asking as the economics of the technologies improve. The short answer is "no." Utilities operate an extremely valuable set of infrastructure and still b...Show More
Thinking Big About the Future of Building Design

46:14 | Apr 2nd, 2014

This week, the Gang is live from the Building Energy Summit in Washington, DC. In this episode, we talk with some of the leading thinkers and practitioners in sustainable design and get their thoughts on how our built environment is evolving. The Ene...Show More
No, Renewables Aren't Going to Blow Up the Grid

36:35 | Mar 18th, 2014

A new study from PJM, America's largest wholesale competitive energy market, once again shows that high amounts of renewables can be integrated without harming the grid or raising energy prices. In this week's show, we'll look at the real-world chall...Show More
Are US Natural Gas Exports An Effective Way To Counter Russia?

35:35 | Mar 12th, 2014

U.S. Natural Gas is being touted as a tool to weaken Russian President Vladimir Putin's influence in Europe. But how effective would an export strategy really be? In this week's show, we'll look at the reality of using American natural gas as a geopo...Show More
Anatomy of a Solar Power Boom: Can the Industry Keep it Going?

43:09 | Mar 6th, 2014

As expected, 2013 was yet another record year for solar in the U.S. With 5.1 gigawatts of PV and CSP coming online, the solar industry was the second largest provider of electricity capacity behind natural gas. But how long will it continue? With a t...Show More
Will the US-China Trade War Destroy the American Solar Market?

44:49 | Feb 28th, 2014

This month, the U.S. government agreed to take up another case against China for its solar trade practices. The complaint was filed by German solar producer SolarWorld, but most of the solar industry agrees that the case could be terrible for the U.S...Show More
Can ARPA-E Create The Internet Of Energy?

37:50 | Feb 13th, 2014

ARPA-E was modeled after a successful defense research agency called DARPA, which helped create the foundation of the internet. So can the government's energy innovation agency do something equally groundbreaking for clean energy? This week, we'll ta...Show More
Can Transportation Reach Zero Emissions By 2050?

38:03 | Feb 7th, 2014

The electricity sector in the U.S. is nearing a tipping point for clean energy. But transportation isn't seeing the same level of change. In this week's podcast -- recorded live at the Department of Transportation -- we'll look at where the tipping p...Show More
Natural Gas: A Bridge to the Future or Bridge to Nowhere?

40:47 | Jan 31st, 2014

In his latest State of the Union address, President Obama once again called natural gas a "bridge" to the clean energy future. But is the resource really all the industry claims? We'll take a nuanced look at dynamics in the natural gas market, and as...Show More
The Taxman Cometh: Does Clean Energy Need to Face Up to Tax Reform?

35:13 | Jan 23rd, 2014

The clean energy industry may soon face some hard choices about tax incentives. Should it continue to push for short-term extensions of the production and investment tax credits, or does it need to lead the conversation on tax reform? It may look to ...Show More
Dissecting Google's Clean Energy Investment Strategy

35:58 | Jan 20th, 2014

Google has invested billions of dollars in clean energy projects and startups. Is the internet giant positioning itself to be the next energy giant? In this week's show, we'll look at Google's cleantech investment strategy and ask what the end game m...Show More
What Can Small Wind Learn From Solar's Success?

45:54 | Jan 11th, 2014

In 2006, the small wind industry was poised to take off in the U.S. But then solar surged ahead, leaving small wind in the dust. What happened? In this week's show, we'll look at how the small wind industry can regain its footing and live up to its p...Show More
A Cleantech Crash? Probing 60 Minutes' Claim That Clean Energy Is on 'Life Support'

36:05 | Jan 6th, 2014

On Sunday, the popular CBS news magazine "60 Minutes" aired a story on a supposed "cleantech crash." Reporter Lesley Stahl looked at the troubles in venture capital, and used them to declare government cleantech investments a virtual failure. In this...Show More
Year in Review: A Look at the Biggest Clean Energy Stories of 2013

41:39 | Dec 20th, 2013

We may not have been able to predict Time Magazine's person of the year, or Google's most searched term of 2013. But the Energy Gang was on top of the big happenings in cleantech this year. In our year-end podcast, we'll outline our favorite stories ...Show More
Distributed Storage: The Killer App for Solar?

42:38 | Dec 16th, 2013

There convergence of solar and distributed batteries is underway. Although the use of storage is still very limited in the solar sector, more companies are looking to bring new value to customers by pairing the two technologies. In this week's podcas...Show More
Germany: A Clean Energy Success Story Or Cautionary Tale?

50:31 | Dec 6th, 2013

Everyone agrees Germany is a renewable energy powerhouse. But not everyone agrees on how that’s benefitted the country. The web is littered with conflicting opinion pieces on the German experience – some claiming the country’s aggressive promotion of...Show More
A Look Inside the Minds of Electricity Regulators

47:07 | Nov 21st, 2013

State electricity regulators are as diverse as the regions they come from. So their thinking on the future of energy varies wildly. With worries about the disruptive threat of efficiency and distributed generation growing, how are these regulators th...Show More
How Distributed Generation Will Cause 'Creative Destruction' in Power Markets

44:37 | Nov 13th, 2013

What does the nation's top energy regulator, FERC Chairman Jon Wellinghoff, think about the future of solar? "I think we're seeing the Moore's Law cost curve together with the entrepreneurial spirit coming into an industry in a way that is going to o...Show More
Is the Wind Industry Prepared for an Expiration of Its Tax Credit?

46:33 | Nov 7th, 2013

The wind industry is facing another expiration of the production tax credit at the end of the year, and this time it likely won't get extended quickly. So is the wind industry prepared for a post-PTC future? This week, the Energy Gang will debate the...Show More
Are Big Banks Botching One of the Greatest Cleantech Opportunities of All Time?

44:21 | Oct 31st, 2013

The largest international development banks have made it a priority to deliver energy to the 1.3 billion people without access to the modern grid. But are they approaching a 21st-century market with 20th-century solutions? In this week's show, the ga...Show More