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The Energy Gang

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Looking to understand the fast-changing world of energy? This isn't your ordinary energy business show. Every week, we debate and discuss the latest trends in energy, cleantech, renewables, and the environment. Join us as we explore the forces transf...Show More


59:02 | Feb 14th, 2019

The Green New Deal plan is out, and we’re suddenly having a national conversation about climate change again. It’s also injecting some early drama into the presidential primaries. This week, we’re di...Show More
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panthael recommended:

Exciting times in the world of energy. I really like the nuanced discussion here of #GND.

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50:32 | Sep 29th, 2017

When we first hit the record button four years ago, the energy landscape looked very different. Oil prices were above $90 per barrel. Utilities were only just starting to take distributed resources se...Show More

55:47 | Jun 5th

This week: as anger over police brutality explodes into the once-empty streets, we tackle an equally oppressive force for black Americans: environmental racism. Coronavirus has exposed an unsettling ...Show More

52:01 | May 29th

Gia Schneider and her brother Abe started Natel Energy based on a hydropower turbine their father designed. And after more than a decade of R&D, pilots, software development and a project for Apple, N...Show More
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