Anitra Paris


Vancouver, BC. Renewable energy nerd. Nature lover. I enjoy leading an inquisitive life + exploring perspectives outside my own. The only constant thing in life is change.

Episode Recommendations (3)

anitraparis recommended:Oct 29th

This episode is AMAZING. Big Biology interviews a researcher who focuses on whales. Just because a whale is gigantic does not mean it functions the same as a smaller mammal. 🐋✨ fantastic enchanting/nerdy episode.

I thought this episode was:

😲 Fascinating
💡 Educational

Big Blue: How whales evolved to become ocean titans (Ep 50)

by Big Biology

anitraparis recommended:Oct 11th

10/10. Hearing these first hand stories, the emotion and loss is palpable. A must listen. 🔥

I thought this episode was:

😢 Moving
💡 Educational
😭 A tear-jerker

EPISODE 1 -The Fear

by World on Fire

anitraparis recommended:Apr 24th

Energy Gang podcast with Dr. Leah Stokes and her new book that’s launching soon. ⚡️🌱 Her academic climate policy journey has been amazing— Canadian girl from Toronto. U of T, Earth Institute at Columbia, MIT and now an Assistant Professor at Bren and UC Santa Barbara.

Reckoning With Utilities’ Dirty Past

by The Energy Gang


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