War on the Rocks

Ryan Evans

Discussions over drinks with security, defense, and foreign policy insiders and experts. The original War on the Rocks podcast series.

35:50 | Feb 24th

In front of a live audience and with red wine in hand, the War on the Rocks podcast closed out an important conference on civil-military affairs hosted by the Strategic Studies shop over at the School...Show More

55:54 | Feb 17th

Is the U.S. military built and positioned to stop or — if necessary — win the next big war? What should the Navy and Marine Corps of the future look like? What's standing in the way? How can the Unite...Show More
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40:42 | Feb 11th

The Trump administration made big news recently — and it wasn’t about impeachment. On Jan. 31, the White House announced that it was cancelling the policy that prohibited using anti-personnel landmin...Show More

49:01 | Feb 3rd

Many of you have heard of the Doomsday Clock — a decades-old analogue clock meant to symbolize how close we are to nuclear catastrophe. However far we are from midnight, we are told, is how close we a...Show More

47:09 | Jan 13th

Islands have taken on a greater prominence when we talk about the risk of war, especially in Asia. In the Indo-Pacific, islands, reefs, and rocky outcroppings are increasingly an organizing principle ...Show More
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