LINUX Unplugged

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An open show powered by community LINUX Unplugged takes the best attributes of open collaboration and turns it into a weekly show about Linux.

1:12:58 | Feb 12th

The difficult and fascinating conversations from FOSDEM 2020. Plus how elementary OS does coopertition right. And a bunch of community news, app picks, and much more.Special Guests: Brent Gervais, Ca...Show More

57:45 | Feb 5th

We get into the Linux Mint mindset after years away and share our take on Cinnamon's many improvements. Plus news that'll have knock-on effects for the rest of the year, and more.Special Guest: Bren...Show More
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1:03:57 | Jan 28th

How did we get from shareware to free software? We jump in the Linux powered time machine and revisit software past. Plus a new Plasma focused laptop, and two powerful command-line picks.Special Gues...Show More

58:26 | Jan 22nd

We make an appeal to keep Linux powerful and avoid the Macification of the desktop, and review the latest developer-focused XPS 13. Plus some community news that's getting missed, picks, and more.Sp...Show More

53:31 | Jan 15th

Linus Torvalds says don't use ZFS, but we think he got a few of the facts wrong. Jim Salter joins us to help us explain what Linus got right, and what he got wrong. Plus some really handy Linux picks...Show More
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