James Bonding

Earwolf & Matt Gourley, Matt Mira

Matt and Matt. Bond over Bond. Matt Gourley and Matt Mira love James Bond so much they decided to make a podcast about it. Each episode they invite a guest to dive deep into one movie from the greatest film franchise known to man.Looking for the arch...Show More
ARCHIVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer available for listening.

1:21:18 | Aug 22nd, 2017

Paul Scheer sits down with Matt and Matt to create a James Bond theme park. From the Hotel to the rides to the concessions they've thought of everything.

justkevinmanley recommended:

Such a great episode. I would suggest a Goldeney dam bungee jump ride.

38:09 | Dec 5th, 2019

Matt and Matt summon their Man In The East, Phil Nobile Jr. to discuss the new teaser - more like full-length trailer by God - for the final Danial Craig outing as 007, No Time To Die.
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03:51 | Oct 9th, 2019

Superego Returns - Get ready for six brand new episodes, including two never before heard live shows. All of it coming your way for free starting today!

2:02:02 | Jul 23rd, 2019

Matt likes this film, Matt doesn’t as much. Guess who’s who. But the worst Bond film is still better than the best non-Bond film, so let’s at least celebrate that with a feature-length commentary.

2:20:44 | Jul 9th, 2019

Sit down with a nice warm quiche and let the Matts take you through one of the best Bond films of all time. It's A View To A Kill commentary and it's all we need. Enjoy.
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