Second Opinion


An examination of medical ethics and the practioners who define them.

03:34 | Nov 24th

It feels good, but there is biology that suggests it actually improves health.

03:19 | Nov 17th

Times have changed and new data suggests that daily aspirin isn’t as helpful as once thought.
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03:34 | Nov 10th

Culture plays a huge role in how we manage our last living days.

03:35 | Nov 3rd

While miscommunication is never good, in medicine it can lead to poorer medical outcomes and overall dissatisfaction.

03:30 | Oct 27th

40 million American provide some level of care to members of their family, and for most it isn’t easy.

03:33 | Oct 20th

Those supplements you’re taking and paying lots for – do they really provide any benefits?

04:01 | Oct 13th

The science behind a recent report is not credible due to financial conflicts of interests by the funder.  Why were these conflicts not detected by the medical journal?

03:10 | Oct 6th

Why can a society that is clever enough to create a drug to prevent the spread of HIV not find a why to make it affordable?

03:25 | Sep 29th

It's hard to tell if the unionization of the medical profession is good or bad for patient care.  But it seems to be a growing movement.

03:48 | Sep 22nd

While politicians talk about change in health care, those on the front lines have not seen much change and it is effecting their lives.

02:53 | Sep 15th

While poverty is a potent driver of poor health care there are other factors such as access, the health care system, patients, culture, and health care providers.

03:28 | Sep 8th

In Tanzania poverty can have a devastating effect on health – particularly for women and children.  But, its not just Africa that has this problem….

03:30 | Sep 1st

It is time to improve communication to assure that patient’s end of life wishes are respected.

03:29 | Aug 25th

Conflicts of interests impact most medical specialties, most hospitals, and many product manufactures – the conflicts all impact our health.

03:33 | Aug 18th

Preliminary studies suggest that for at least some people high stress jobs can cause harm to DNA.

03:35 | Aug 4th

Why can’t we be as committed to providing all evidence-based health care to Americans as we are to caring for those with end stage renal disease?

03:30 | Jul 28th

Do we want health professionals to dress similarly, just as flight attendants, or should attire be an individual choice?

03:29 | Jul 21st

When people feel sick from minor illnesses, an ambulance and a trip to the ED is not in their best interest nor is it in the best interest of the public.

03:36 | Jul 14th

Know how much a medical service costs could be important in making medical decisions.  But, new regulations that require this information be provided to the public have created databases that are simply unusable.

03:26 | Jul 7th

When sick and needing surgery do patients want to make decisions themselves or have an expert make the decision?

03:31 | Jun 30th

Improved work-life balance is an important goal, but do workplace wellness programs help us live healthier more balanced lives?

03:30 | Jun 23rd

Long grueling work hours and pharmaceutical gifts are still part of medical training.

03:40 | Jun 16th

Medical decisions are complex and we often rely on our values and preferences rather than exclusively on the science.

03:33 | Jun 9th

By messing with the largest and one of the highest functioning health care systems in the nation we are putting our vet’s health at risk.

04:18 | Jun 2nd

Woman’s bodies have long been proxy for politician’s power and control – often under the guise of “morality”. Today access to pregnancy termination is in the news, but before that it was contraceptives.

04:02 | May 26th

T he data on serious mental illness is surprising and we do not have an adequate response to address the problem.

03:28 | May 19th

This week has been a bad one for woman's reproductive rights and the health care providers who care for them.

03:38 | May 12th

While ordering genetic tests directly from a company seeks to empower patients and puts them in control of their own health data, the test results that are returned are often confusing and leads the person to make incorrect assumptions about their...

03:29 | May 5th

When it error occurs it’s easy to blame an individual but its often important to looks at systems causes.