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Here Be Monsters

Jeff Emtman and Bethany Denton

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A podcast exploring the dark corners of the human mind. Stories from artists, scientists, philosophers and journalists. Decidedly brainy and always interesting.
HBM109: Untitled Noises of New York (Sound Matters)

27:05 | Jan 2nd

HBM host Jeff Emtman attempts to capture the essence of NYC. Re-aired from the Bang and Bang and Olufsen podcast Sound Matters .
HBM059: When Cthulhu Calls

24:21 | Mar 23rd, 2016

The most notable monster created by Howard Phillips Lovecraft was a massive tentacled being omnipotent, yet completely uncaring that sleeps in the depths of the ocean. Cthulhu, Lovecraft called it --a creature that will one day rise again from its...
HBM120: Own Worst Interest

26:14 | Jun 5th

Should you have the right to hasten your own execution?
HBM119: An Episode of Pebbles and Twigs

31:05 | May 22nd

An episode where Jeff finds little things on the forest floor and hands them to you...metaphorically speaking.
Listen to Lost Notes

40:33 | May 15th

Lost Notes is a podcast that we love.  It’s about music. We think you should subscribe.
HBM118: Mountain Seabed

21:48 | May 8th

Meeting an ancient relative that’s no bigger than your thumb.
HBM115: Bound in Walton et al.

22:40 | Mar 27th

A book bound in the skin of its author causes eye-rolls for its modern-day caretakers.
HBM114: Envisioning AIDS

36:18 | Mar 13th

With your eyes closed in a dark room, a voice guides you through the process of dying from AIDS.
HBM113: The Last Ones

28:48 | Feb 27th

Two radio producers and a conservationist explore grief, loss, and caribou habitat on a snowy walk in the woods.
HBM112: Negative Space

21:25 | Feb 13th

Jeff listens to the spaces inbetween words to see if the answers to his problems are buried there.
HBM111: Waiting for Earth

29:23 | Jan 30th

Bethany Denton wonders if her unborn children still watch her from the premortal existence.
HBM110: Big Numbers

26:20 | Jan 16th

Jeff explains why numbers are like telescopes.
HBM108: Witch of Saratoga

18:53 | Dec 19th, 2018

Sleeping in the forest as homage to Angeline Tubbs, aka. “The Witch of Saratoga.”
HBM107: Carlo Surrenders

32:35 | Dec 5th, 2018

In theology school, Carlo Nakar asked, “Lord, what is the hardest thing you could possibly ask me to do?” He got a verbal answer.
HBM106: Beautiful Stories about Dead Animals (part 2)

28:46 | Nov 21st, 2018

Personal stories of animal death and the bodies they leave behind, as told by writer Kryssanne Adams. Part 2 of 2.
Listen to Nocturne

27:35 | Nov 14th, 2018

Nocturne is a podcast that we love. It’s about the night. We think you should subscribe.
HBM105: Beautiful Stories about Dead Animals (part 1)

28:11 | Nov 7th, 2018

Personal stories of animal death and the bodies they leave behind, as told by writer Kryssanne Adams. Part 1 of 2.
HBM104: Scrapheap Reactor

29:34 | Oct 24th, 2018

Max Turnquist is building a fusion reactor in his bedroom.
HBM103: Fate’s Notebook

38:50 | Oct 10th, 2018

Reynaldo Gulin had a notebook full of warnings and advice that was supposed to keep his family from danger. But after he died, a second, unforeseen death shook his family’s faith in Santeria.
HBM102: Breath Holder

18:04 | Sep 26th, 2018

Free diver Archer Mayo searches for unusual treasures in the murky water of the Columbia River.
HBM101: Much Corruption

32:42 | Sep 12th, 2018

Jeff Emtman finds himself distracted by dragons and their ilk as he kayaks with one of the world’s hairiest people.
Season 7 and HBM Sweatshirts

40:15 | Aug 15th, 2018

Our 7th season starts on September 12th, 2018.
HBM100: Faraway Minds

34:38 | Jun 6th, 2018

Anna Klein worries that her fantasies of running away to the remote corners of the world may be a familial urge to isolate herself, the same way her father did...a tendency that ultimately contributed to his early death.
HBM099: Spell for the Repulsion of Astral Vampires

14:59 | May 23rd, 2018

In this video episode of Here Be Monsters, Jeff shares his special spell of repulsion for astral energy vampires that are draining humans of their life force en masse.
HBM098: Feed the Queen

23:24 | May 9th, 2018

There's the new colony of leaf cutter ants at the Victoria Bug Zoo with the potential to reach over more than a million ants.
HBM097: Fox Teeth

20:59 | Apr 25th, 2018

The Icelandic government placed a bounty on each Arctic Fox killed (if you can provide its tail as proof).
HBM096: Are We Still Afraid?

30:33 | Apr 11th, 2018

Here Be Monsters is almost 100 episodes old. It’s grown a lot since Jeff was a scared 22 year old learning audio editing in his basement. So as we approach the milestone, we take a look back, check in with some of our memorable guests, and take...
HBM095: The Bats that Stay

29:47 | Mar 28th, 2018

Not all migratory bats migrate. We don’t know why some choose to stay behind at their summer roosts. But according to the University of Washington’s Sharlene Santana, the bats that stay tend to die.
HBM094: The Fatigue of Violence

21:41 | Mar 14th, 2018

Susan has seen how humanity’s worst instincts become possible where cyclical poverty, incarceration, and drug addiction wreak havoc on communities.
HBM093: The Brain Scoop

16:01 | Feb 28th, 2018

In this episode Divya carries a recorder with her while as she slowly disassembles a deceased pet parrot: snipping joints, scooping brains, removing eyes, separating the skin from the body.
HBM092: Carry the Scent

22:50 | Feb 14th, 2018

Robert Larson searches for missing people with his dog Captain Dexter as a K9 search and rescue volunteer. He’s not certified to do this work by any professional agency. He says that he has to work alone to do his best work, outside of the red...
HBM091: Hypnosis of Hunger

23:38 | Jan 31st, 2018

Producer Bethany Denton found a box in her basement storage room with two old cassette tapes inside. It took her a moment to realize what they were.
HBM090: Two Small Creatures with Human Eyes

25:01 | Jan 17th, 2018

Natural history museums are art galleries. Scientifically focussed art galleries, but art galleries nonetheless.
HBM089: Human Wish Tree

10:49 | Jan 3rd, 2018

Sometimes, Tatianna Zichella asks people to make a wish, write it on a piece of paper, and staple it to a fleshy part of her body.
HBM088: Riptides and a Sinking Ship

25:00 | Dec 20th, 2017

A riptide recently pulled Ariana into open water off the shore of Santa Monica.  She thinks it’s her closest brush with death thus far.  A lifeguard rescued her. The are different kinds of panics, some more helpful than others.
HBM087: Trifle Not with Sacred Things

13:04 | Dec 6th, 2017

After dedicating thirty years to the Church of Jesus Christ, Ashley Fryer put down her beloved scriptures unsure what to do with relics of a religion she no longer believed in. This episode follows her journey of spiritual discovery.
HBM086: Eve is Hungry

19:42 | Nov 29th, 2017

HBM085: Ascended Fiction got us thinking about hidden knowledge, and whether it's moral to withhold information. So in this follow-up episode, we delve into that more, but this time with Christianity.
HBM085: Ascended Fiction

34:25 | Nov 22nd, 2017

There's a full reconstruction of L. Ron Hubbard's office in every church of Scientology rumored to be more than a traditional way of honoring the memory of the founder. It might be needed by the author upon his alleged reincarnation and return to ear...Show More
HBM084: Are You Sure You’re Awake?

19:23 | Nov 8th, 2017

Chrissy was having trouble remembering who she was when she woke up.  First she thought it was early-onset dementia, then she thought it was schizophrenia.  She had recurring hallucinations about being stalked by a beast that would talk to her...
HBM083: Sweet​ ​Like​ ​Snap​ ​Peas

12:38 | Oct 25th, 2017

Ryan thinks the Clinton Cemetery's deep-rooted asparagus taste so good because of the natural quality of their fertilizer.
HBM082: MI5​ ​MI6​ ​KGB​ ​CIA

16:10 | Oct 11th, 2017

Shortwave enthusiast John Barner and his friends had found a number station believed to be a form of espionage where intelligence agencies broadcast encrypted messages to field operatives.
Psychic Blob and The Radio Race

06:54 | Aug 9th, 2017

On a hot summer day in 2014, HBM host Jeff Emtman received a bit of amateur, backyard surgery from a fish biologist. It was for the KCRW 24 Hour Radio Race. which is a one day radio contest now in its fifth year. The race gives contestants 24...
HBM080: The Ocean of Halves [EXPLICIT]

30:04 | Jun 7th, 2017

She's good at it, she makes good money, and she generally enjoys her clients’ company. And although her job rarely gives her sexual pleasure, Remi Dun enjoys her job. Please Note: This episode is about sex. And there’s swearing.
HBM079: The Tingles

21:39 | May 24th, 2017

Devaan describes it as a pulsing, tingling feeling on the back of his neck. His preferred stimuli are whispers, shuffling cards, scissors, tapping noises, anything that makes a crisp enough sound to trigger his ASMR. These sounds make him feel...
HBM078: Sagittarius has $45 [EXPLICIT]

27:04 | May 10th, 2017

Sagittarius has been good for the last year. That’s what he told us. He told us that the cage that Luna designed for him is working. She controls his money, his businesses, can read his email, can see his bank accounts, and can track the location...
HBM077: Snow on Date Trees, then on Pines

35:52 | Apr 26th, 2017

Muhammad Tariq's small, gender-integrated school in Panjur had been anonymously receiving literature that scolded them for teaching girls. Tariq and the other teachers didn’t take it seriously until six men with guns showed up. After the...
HBM076: Griff's Speech

22:15 | Apr 12th, 2017

Griff was on track when he started to babble around 12 months old. But, unlike other children, the babble never evolved to understandable sentences. In this episode, producer Luke Eldridge (Griff’s father) shares scenes from their home as his...
HBM075: The Weight of Science

23:37 | Mar 29th, 2017

Since childhood, Anita Woodley dreamt the future, able to predict imminent murders in her neighborhood. The Rhine Research Center is America’s oldest parapsychology lab and going to the Rhine Center was her doctor’s suggestion. Her doctor said...
HBM074: Benedict Arnold Makes People Nervous (Rumblestrip)

28:51 | Mar 1st, 2017

There is an unusual piece of carved grey stone in the hills of upstate New York. It depicts the boot of a notorious American villain who was shot in the leg during the Battle of Saratoga. Major General Benedict Arnold’s name is nowhere to be found...
HBM073: A Trial Ghost Hunt

27:36 | Feb 15th, 2017

For the last nine years, Ken Arnold and his wife Donna have operated an all-volunteer group called the Puget Sound Ghost Hunters. They put an ad up on their website and on their Facebook group inviting hunters to join their team. But before Ken...
HBM072: Ant God [EXPLICIT]

19:00 | Feb 1st, 2017

Jacob is the owner of AntLife, a company that makes large ant farms. And during a cave-in, one of his ants became trapped in a small underground cavern, just inches from the surface. Despite his omniscience, he feels unequipped to deal with the...
HBM071: The Evangelists of Nudism

22:57 | Jan 18th, 2017

Growing up Mormon in Montana, Bethany Denton had a phrase drilled into her mind from an early age: “modest is hottest.” But by the time Bethany moved to Washington State for college, she had rejected the church and that’s when she met Helen....
wet-slop-plop.wav (Among Other Sounds)

15:04 | Jan 4th, 2017

There are about 10,000 files in the Here Be Monsters sound library. On this interstitial episode, Jeff plays back some of these heavily-used sounds and asks whether they occur because of an inherent goodness, a force of habit, or some kind of weird.....Show More
HBM070: The Way The Blood Flows

10:14 | Dec 21st, 2016

The Way The Blood Flows is a short story written and read by Evan Williamson, who currently makes videos and music with his wife Sidra as they travel the world.
HBM069: Redwoods of the In-World [EXPLICIT]

37:15 | Dec 7th, 2016

Ariadne, Jacqueline, North, and others unnamed are all part of the same system. They share a single body. They take turns “fronting” the body, controlling it. And when they’re not fronting, the system members are free to roam an infinite...
HBM068: The Wake Up Stick [EXPLICIT]

14:04 | Nov 23rd, 2016

When Dylan Wright placed his first Craigslist ad back in 2006, he called himself a “nice and genuine person with waking up problems.”  He was looking for someone to help him in the mornings.  First it was phone calls, but those didn’t work,...
HBM067: Dispatches From PestWorld 2016

31:01 | Nov 9th, 2016

Feeling anxiety about the American presidential election, HBM host Jeff Emtman took a trip to a place he hoped to be insulated from politics: PestWorld 2016, the largest American gathering of pest management professionals.
HBM066: What Jacob Heard [EXPLICIT]

24:50 | Oct 26th, 2016

In his freshman year of high school, Jacob was feeling helpless against his gay attractions. Exasperated, he asked aloud for a demon to come into his body. He figured he was already evil, so he might as well “get something out of it”.
HBM065: We Pay Them In Meat

18:42 | Oct 12th, 2016

Preparing an animal’s skeleton for display is incredibly labor intensive for human hands.  So curators have turned to a family of beetles with millenia of experience.
HBM064: A Shrinking Shadow [EXPLICIT]

27:21 | Sep 28th, 2016

Erin was fat as a kid. Since middle school, she tried all different methods to lose weight. From a young age she developed the idea that the most important thing she could do with her life was lose weight.
HBM063: The Art of the Scam, by Malibu Ron [EXPLICIT]

21:21 | Sep 14th, 2016

Presumably, any given mystic falls into one of two groups: true believers and scam artists. But it's near impossible to know which they are unless they tell you outright.
HBM062: The Near Death of Sir Deja Doog [EXPLICIT]

23:02 | Aug 31st, 2016

When he was twelve, Eric Alexander started writing songs as a way to make sense of the confusing world around him. Faced with the prospect of an early death later in his life, he ignored the doctors’ orders fearing the surgery would affect his...
HBM061: The Natural State of Hitchhiking [EXPLICIT]

30:14 | Aug 17th, 2016

Jeff Emtman left home in the summer of 2011 to hitchhike the United States, to see if strangers would chop him up and put him in their trunks, if he gave them the option to.
Season 5 Soon!

1:00:00 | Aug 8th, 2016

We're coming back! We're producing another 20 episodes of Here Be Monsters next year. Season 5 starts Wednesday, August 17.
HBM060: The Predators of McNeil Island [EXPLICIT]

40:16 | Apr 20th, 2016

McNeil Island sits in Washington State's Puget Sound, just three miles northwest of Steilacoom. For the last 150-odd years, McNeil Island has been a place to house society's undesirables. Eventually the island prison closed, but by then McNeil...
Your Last Memory Of Being Free

1:00:00 | Apr 13th, 2016

This is a preview of our 60th episode and season 4 finale. In this preview, a defense lawyer asks a man to recall the last time he remembers being free.
HBM058: Kelly is Cold

17:06 | Mar 2nd, 2016

It was early in the morning of New Years Day and Kelly had just bought a purse-load of psychedelic mushrooms from Laramie Wyoming's local "druggist." Kelly handed them out to the assembled company and took some himself. He felt a bit apathetic about....Show More
HBM057: Impostor in a Pink Pinstripe Suit [EXPLICIT]

24:42 | Feb 17th, 2016

Growing up in small-town Montana, Bethany Denton's parents and teachers told her what she knew already: she was brilliant. Bethany couldn't help but feel destined for something big, even though she often skipped her school readings and phoned it in.....Show More
HBM056: It Works Better in Movies [EXPLICIT]

24:00 | Feb 3rd, 2016

When Lina Misitzis was a teenager, she told people she was dying. She wasn't. But, an entire genre of "dying girl gets the guy" movies taught her that landing a boyfriend required a certain brevity on this planet. She only lied to men, men she...
HBM055: Ghost Tape Number Ten

13:28 | Jan 20th, 2016

All is fair in love and war... even mind games. The United States military employs psychological warfare in nearly every war it's part of. The US Military calls these tactics "Psychological Operations", or "PSYOP".
HBM054: Flaming Sword of Truth

27:08 | Jan 6th, 2016

Patti Negri is a witch who lives in a house buried deep in the Hollywood Hills. Here Be Monsters producer Jeff Emtman and performance artist Lenae Day went to visit her one day in October 2015, audio recorder in-hand, in an attempt to better...
HBM053: Eleven Trips to Dreamworld

15:49 | Dec 23rd, 2015

In 2014, Jeff Emtman mailed tape recorders to people around the world. He asked them to keep the recorders by their beds and flip them on early in the morning as their dreams were still fresh in their minds. Once the tape was full, they mailed it...
HBM052: Call 601-2-SATAN-2 [EXPLICIT]

18:15 | Dec 9th, 2015

Christian prayer hotlines are common in the United States. Less common are prayer hotlines for the other guy. Since 2012 the Satanic Missionary Society in Olympia, Washington manages a Satanic prayer line on their blog and receive prayer requests...
HBM051: Sister Bethany, Proxy for the Dead

22:28 | Nov 25th, 2015

Bethany Denton was about five years old when she learned that she was a Mormon. When she was eight, she learned that she was an eternal spirit destined for an eternal afterlife. The idea of eternity terrified her, and made her afraid to stargaze...
HBM050: The Scientist is Not the Angel of Death

25:51 | Nov 11th, 2015

In this episode of Here Be Monsters, Jeff Emtman joins "The Scientist," an unnamed cancer researcher, for an after-hours trip to his lab, where they visit the hundreds of lab mice that he tends to. The Scientist's job is to inject his mice with...
HBM049: Sam's Japan Tapes

22:58 | Oct 28th, 2015

On this episode, Sam Parker and Jeff Emtman discuss the merits of deep listening and whether it's possible for a sound to be truly ugly. Sam also shares three of his audio postcards.
HBM048: Barrie's Mental Tempest [EXPLICIT]

25:21 | Oct 14th, 2015

Barrie Wylie has heard voices for as long as he can remember. Growing up on a small island in Scotland, the voices in his head were like secret best friends that he could play with. When he left school to become a fisherman at 15, his voices told...
HBM047: Peacocks Without Tails [EXPLICIT]

31:29 | Sep 30th, 2015

When Hippocrates noticed that the hair on the top of his head was falling out, he fought it by applying various ointments of opium to his scalp. But none of them worked. So he called it a disease and named it "Alopecia" (translated to "disease of...
HBM046: Crooked Skirts

16:45 | Sep 16th, 2015

Growing up in Queens, NY, Karen Smith had no reason to suspect anything was wrong with her. Even when it hurt to sit for too long, or when her clothes didn't fit right, everything seemed fine. That's because Karen's mother did everything she could...
HBM045: Deep Stealth Mode (How to Be a Girl)

20:46 | Sep 2nd, 2015

Marlo Mack gave birth to a son. At least, she thought she did. But her son crawled towards dresses, wanted to be a princess, and asked to grow long blonde hair. At age 3, Marlo's son asked to go back into mommy's tummy, so he could come back out as.....Show More
HBM044: Distant Warfare

31:15 | Aug 19th, 2015

Bridget Burnquist was backpacking around Southeast Asia. After weeks of drinking cheap liquor on beautiful beaches, she was beginning to feel as though her experiences were merely superficial. She heard rumors that the small country of Myanmar...
Lying in a Stranger's Grave

1:00:00 | Aug 5th, 2015

Carlos Gemora loved the feeling of the dirt at the cemetary where he used to dig graves. One day he climbed down into the loamy, silty soil and looked up at the sky. It felt like a womb...a death womb.
HBM043: Last Chance To Evacuate Earth

39:34 | Jul 22nd, 2015

Marshall Applewhite met Bonnie Nettles in 1972, and together they built a religion. It was called Heaven's Gate, and it drew heavily from the bible, astrology, and Star Trek. Applewhite and Nettles believed they were placed on Earth to deliver a...
HBM042: Deers

14:05 | Jul 8th, 2015

Andy Wilson and Ryan Graves are best friends, despite having very different opinions on the hierarchy of human and animal life. The two come face-to-face with those differences after a fatal encounter on a frigid winter day in northeastern Idaho...
HBM041: Crossing The River, Being Watched

18:57 | Jun 24th, 2015

In his junior year of high school, Here Be Monsters host Jeff Emtman left his home and everything he knew to study in a tiny village nestled in the Cascade Mountain Range of Washington state. As an outsider among outsiders, Jeff soon began to feel...
Fear of Silence

1:00:00 | May 20th, 2015

On this episode, Jeff calls back crow researcher Kaeli Swift and asks her what it was like to sit in silence with a stranger. Bethany explains the differences in the anxieties that she and Jeff have towards silence.
Terrible Resonance: Live Show Announcement

1:00:00 | Feb 20th, 2015

A live podcast from Here Be Monsters about subversive sound, earthquakes, ghosts, outer space, sonic weaponry, and whales.
Forty Monster Bites

1:00:00 | Dec 31st, 2014

A look back at our first 40 episodes.
Nearly Opposite Reactions

1:00:00 | Dec 10th, 2014

This episode is a follow-up to Here Be Monsters Episode 40, in which producer Emile B Klein talks to the pastor of The Reformation Puritan Bible Church, an anti-papal and white supremacist organization.
HBM040: The Reformation Bible Puritan Baptist Church [EXPLICIT]

1:00:00 | Oct 29th, 2014

In this episode, Emile visits the church to investigate the story of Eric's rise and fall in the bizarre, radical, niche world of anti-papal internet talk radio and finds out how Eric's upbringing in the Civil Rights Era informed his views on white.....Show More
HBM039: A Goddamn Missionary

1:00:00 | Oct 1st, 2014

In this episode of Here Be Monsters, Terry often refers to Manic Depression, a condition that, per the DSM 5 has been reclassified as Bipolar Disorder.
HBM038: Do Crows Mourn Their Dead?

1:00:00 | Sep 10th, 2014

On this episode of Here Be Monsters, we look at the strange behaviors of crows and how they might be able to teach humanity about the origins of funerals and emotions.
Potential Energy (Live) [EXPLICIT]

1:00:00 | Aug 13th, 2014

This episode is a recording from a live storySLAM organized by The Moth. However, this is *not* from The Moth's podcast.
HBM037: Uncertain Death

1:00:00 | Jul 30th, 2014

On this episode David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg talk about the exact opposite--immortality, living forever.
HBM036: Throw It In The Ocean [EXPLICIT]

16:57 | Jul 9th, 2014

In this episode of Here Be Monsters, Eric describes his experience inside the turret, putting organic material into garbage bags, wading through the destruction. He describes how it awakened a contradiction between his sense of duty and his sense of....Show More
HBM035: Spirits Of The Past

1:00:00 | Jun 26th, 2014

In this episode of Here Be Monsters, freelance producer Mickey Capper attends a modern seance, conducted by 20-somethings under an udder-like canopy in a living room in Chicago.
HBM034: The Grandmother And The Vine Of The Dead

1:00:00 | Jun 4th, 2014

In this episode, producer Lauren Stelling visits her old boss Cherub, who was facing a lot of grief after her best friend's daughter, Zippy, was killed in a freak accident of nature.
HBM033: What One Does [EXPLICIT]

1:00:00 | May 21st, 2014

In this extended interview, Ryan Beltz talks about German Romanticism, jouissance, Stoicism and the nature of anger, and how The World Speed Project is a rebellion against the "what one does" that society shoves our throats.
HBM032: Fugitives Of The Blue Laguna

1:00:00 | May 7th, 2014

This week's episode is about a nerdy Oklahoman teenager named David who runs away with the love of his life to what started as an adventure, turned into something really serious, really fast.
HBM031: The Roman Slug Death Orgy

1:00:00 | Apr 23rd, 2014

In a strange, small, moss-covered forest in Bellingham, Washington, Jeff stumbled on to the most gruesome scene of hedonism he's ever seen.
HBM030: Crickets, Cadavers And Conventional Wisdom

1:00:00 | Nov 27th, 2013

This episode is a Grab-bag, it contains three segments that serve as follow-ups to the three most recent episodes of Here Be Monsters: Do Crickets Sing Hymns, Balancing Act, Johnathan's Cadaver Paintings.
HBM029: Do Crickets Sing Hymns?

1:00:00 | Nov 15th, 2013

In this episode, audio engineer Toby Reif takes us down the rabbit hole of audio theory to help us understand how sound-stretching works, and the reasons why the long loop of cricket noises have touched so many.
HBM028: Jonathan's Cadaver Paintings

1:00:00 | Oct 30th, 2013

In this episode, Jonathan Happ is an artist who takes a recorder into the University of Washington's cadaver lab and reports on what he sees, and why he draws and paints images of the dead bodies in display.
HBM027: Balancing Act

1:00:00 | Oct 17th, 2013

In recent history, vaccines, sterilization, and other modern treatments have pushed Humorism out of the picture. But traditions ingrained in culture, science, and religion for thousands of years don’t just vanish.
HBM026: John Comes Down The Birth Canal

1:00:00 | Oct 2nd, 2013

In this episode, John describes the first trauma that he experienced in life—something we all share. And he explains how he overcame that trauma to become the person he is today.
HBM025: The Sasquatch Of Pumpkintown vs Motley Crue Jon Bon Jovi

1:00:00 | Sep 18th, 2013

In the episode, Ben Becker tells the story of a disgusting hound dog named “Motley Crue John Bon Jovi”, a tobacco-juice soaked Sasquatch suit, and the world’s worst hot sauce.
HBM024: The Friendliest Town In Texas [Explicit]

1:00:00 | Sep 4th, 2013

Shoppingspree Clark showed up on the side of the road outside the “Friendliest Town in Texas” with nothing more than a sketchpad and the burnt-out ruin of the RV he’d just bought.
HBM023: The Near Destruction Of Rey Jaguar [Extended Cut]

1:00:00 | Aug 21st, 2013

In this episode, we travel to Seattle’s South Park neighborhood for Lucha Libre In The Park, a free wrestling event put on by Lucha Libre Volcanica.
HBM022: The Holy Ghost Fixes David's Brain

1:00:00 | Aug 7th, 2013

David Blackshire Key had brain cancer and one of his side-effects was a strange sensitivity to light called "photophobia". After doctors removed the tumor, his painful sensitivity continued. So he turned to his faith, looking for healing from a...
HBM021: Potential Energy

1:00:00 | Jul 24th, 2013

The story involves electronic dance music, a laundromat, a bunch of sweaty teenagers pretending like it’s the eighties and one of the loudest amplifiers I’ve ever heard.
HBM020: Without Name

0:00 | Mar 6th, 2013

In this episode, Lina goes back to her old neighborhood looking for nothing in particular. She's greeted by familiar faces, new tenants, and a series of stories that tell a modern ghost story of a building in the bad part of Brooklyn.
HBM019: The Other One Percent

0:00 | Feb 14th, 2013

This week’s show is about Pete Brook’s 2011 journey across America to interview photographers, criminologists, and, most of all, the prisoners of New York’s Sing Sing Correctional Facility.
HBM018: How I Learned to Love Rejection (Pt. 2)

0:00 | Feb 2nd, 2013

This episode looks at the lessons Jeff Emtman learned in his trip, joining a carnival, sleeping in a cemetery, and camping with a train rider named Puke.
HBM017: How I Learned to Love Rejection (Pt. 1)

0:00 | Jan 23rd, 2013

This episode looks at the lessons Jeff Emtman learned in his trip, including meeting a pastor, finding a strange cave, admiring the bizarre beauty of Yellowstone, and witnessing a fatal shooting.
HBM016: 10,000 Juggalos [EXPLICIT]

0:00 | Dec 12th, 2012

On this episode of the Here Be Monsters Podcast, Director Sean Dunne speaks of the bizzare culture of The Gathering where he found a system of mutual respect and "practicing what you preach" in every aspect from religious tolerance to settling bad dr...Show More
HBM015: Jacob Visits Saturn

0:00 | Nov 29th, 2012

An aspiring sophisticate drinks liquid MDMA and experiences a rollercoaster of self esteem and significance. This episode looks at what it means to live a meaningful life through the eyes of Jacob on his journey across the solar system. He's writing ...Show More
HBM014: Andrea Quits NPR

0:00 | Nov 21st, 2012

On this episode, Andrea Seabrook talks about why she was quit her job as NPR's Congressional Reporter and about the true nature of Washington DC as she explains in her new podcast she's producing called DecodeDC.
The Operating System of Dictators

0:00 | Nov 14th, 2012

In this Brief, we're going to take a look at the Red Star operating system--meant for use in what many consider to be the most isolated country on this planet.
HBM013: Bridget Finds Loss

0:00 | Nov 8th, 2012

Writer Bridget Burnquist went to vacation on the eve of her 27th birthday. She felt dead. On this episode, she tells a story from the colorful slums of Lima, Peru where she had an experience that made her alive again.
HBM012: How to Live and Die Until You're 80

0:00 | Oct 31st, 2012

A college professor (who prefers to remain nameless) collapses in class and becomes one of the few people to survive his own death. On this episode, he tells his story of death and resurrection.
Fellowship Wrap Up

0:00 | Oct 25th, 2012

Closing thoughts on the Soundcloud Community Fellowship. Production will continue in coming months, though at a decreased pace.
HBM011: Puke Quits Trainriding [EXPLICIT]

0:00 | Oct 24th, 2012

I met Puke when I was walking down the street on a trans-America hitchhiking trip in 2011. We camped together in the park, and before we fell asleep, I pulled out my recorder and had him tell some stories about his impending transition from trainridi...Show More
The Golden Age of Piracy

0:00 | Oct 20th, 2012

A brief followup to Episode 10: The Time Traveler's Convention. Ben "New Roommate" Becker tells us about his favorite historical period.
HBM010: The Time Travelers Convention

0:00 | Oct 17th, 2012

On this episode, Andrew Nissenbaum tells his story and explains some of the achievements and hurdles yet to overcome before the 2013 Time Travelers Convention.
What the $&@# is that Bug?

0:00 | Oct 14th, 2012

Help me identify this many-legged friend and you could win a neat prize that will make you the coolest kid on the block by a long shot.
HBM009: Captain Staudinger Flees Myanmar

0:00 | Oct 10th, 2012

On this episode, Chris Staudinger tells his story of escaping Myanmar (Burma) after he and his friends saw something that they should not have seen.
HBM008: Chuck Gets Circumcised [EXPLICIT]

0:00 | Oct 3rd, 2012

Chuck was twelve when he went to a health clinic in the Philippines to rid himself of his "tip" and become a man. Of course, little went according to plan.
HBM007: Placentophagy

0:00 | Sep 26th, 2012

Humans are one of just four land-dwelling mammals who don't regularly eat their placentas after childbirth. But that's changing as, each year, more and more mothers are electing to save their placenta to eat.
HBM006: Clever Hans

0:00 | Sep 19th, 2012

On this episode, Kathy Johnson of the Medicine Horse Project explains the nature of equine intelligence in regards to Clever Hans.
HBM005: The Team Says "Hello"

0:00 | Sep 12th, 2012

Here Be Monster's five producers (Bethany Denton, Gina Cole, Lindsay Myron, Kyle Gootkin, and Mark Nowak) introduce themselves to you.
HBM003: John Dips Below

0:00 | Aug 29th, 2012

On this episode takes place on a night when John goes down to visit a friend, under a dock.
HBM002: Of Maps and Monsters

0:00 | Aug 27th, 2012

This episode is a discussion of historical reactions to the unknown--from the monsters living in margins of the Nuremberg Chronicle to the a apocryphal predictions of a "future" map of the world.
HBM001: Prisoner's Cinema

0:00 | Aug 22nd, 2012

Prisoner's Cinema is a phenomena experienced by those who spend prolonged amounts of time in the dark. The "Cinema" refers to the series of images that the mind creates, often emotionally intense or terrifying.
Jeff Emtman is a 2012 SoundCloud Fellow

0:00 | Aug 17th, 2012

Here Be Monsters is a new radio project supported by the 2012 SoundCloud Community Fellowship.
HBM000: Hello There!

02:15 | Jul 24th, 2012

Here Be Monsters is a podcast about fear and the unknown.