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31:06 | Jun 11th

Wednesday the California Public Utilities Commission ruled that it considers Uber drivers to be employees. Uber, Lyft and any other transportation networking companies must provide workers compensatio...Show More

30:00 | Jun 10th

Can a small startup accomplish what $2 billion dollar Quibi could not? Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Scott Johnson, Roger Chang, Joe. Link to the Show Notes.  See for privac...Show More
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31:09 | Jun 9th

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman's sources say that at WWDC on June 22, Apple may announce that it will replace Intel chips in Macs with its own ARM-based processors. IBM wrote a letter to members of the US Co...Show More

30:27 | Jun 8th

Despite the predicted doom and gloom over Airbnb's future due to COVID-19 the latest numbers from the company suggest a resurgent interest in the company's services. Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane...Show More

33:57 | Jun 5th

Correct speaker placement can go a long way towards enjoying your home audio setup. Simple things that often require little to no money. Patrick shares his insights on what to do. Starring Tom Merri...Show More
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