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31:08 | Feb 3rd

Tech companies are feeling the impact of the coronavirus with Foxconn declaring a "big" production impact, while Airbnb has activated its extenuating circumstances policy to help deal with the issue. ...Show More

33:15 | Jan 31st

Apple's has proposed a standardize format for one-time passcodes sent over SMS, used in two factor authentication, while Google launched OpenSK, an open source Rust-based firmware to turn Nordic chip ...Show More
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28:58 | Jan 30th

Facebook's Zuckerberg wants his company to be understood not liked, Microsoft wants to spend $40 million for AI on health research, and what does Canalys smartphone metrics for 2019 mean for the indus...Show More

30:50 | Jan 29th

Apple's valued net worth is greater than Germany DAX's. We sift through Apple's earning results and see what's working and what isn't. Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Scott Johnson, Roger Chang F...Show More

32:09 | Jan 28th

Ars Technica's Lee Hutchinson describes how the site functions without a physical office. How does it work and what types of things are needed for it work for the company. Starring Tom Merritt, Sara...Show More
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